Dr Aslani Marbella BBL done in august 2014, Spain

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Nerves kicking in the day has finally come, I...

Nerves kicking in the day has finally come, I managed to get a surgery date at the end of August. I had preferred late October because i miss part of the beach season, but there was no avilability.
My bum is not too bad but I and looking for more roundness and projection. This place was very helpful because I found cirumed just here......I was expecting to have to go to U.S. for this because I did not know such surgery was available in Spain (I live in Ibiza).
I really like their results and definitely prefer to do it a bit closer to home (I have to fly anyway, but it makes a difference if it is one or six hours.
As a nice side effect, it is more cost effective.The costs for surgery are similar to miami (I got three quotes from high-end bbl surgeons there), but the larger costs for flights and accomo would have made the final costs rocket through the roof.
I feel with cirumed I get the same surgical standard and possibly even better results.
I have not found any other place here with comparable results so close to home, so I am really excited.

my butt

I don't think my butt is so bad, but I would want it to be more perky and projecting.I am not very fat but I think the doctor is quite good with skinny patients, so hopefully the fat should suffice

Wish pic

i have picked this wish from the Cirumed web gallery. great result, I am hoping for that !


I have been wondering a lot about the question of size, most pictures I have seen on dr aslani's gallery and most I have seen here seem to have a lot of fat, 1000cc or more into each buttock.
he says i have not got enough fat for such a big graft, but he says it does not matter since i am tiny built and i have some butt already. Makes sense ,no ?
I have nearly no fat on my tummy but some on my legs and he says this is where he is going to get it

more befores

What is really bothering me is less the size but it looks saggy and there is no roundness. I DO NOT WANT A RIDICULOUS BUTT. Some here seem to like absurd looks, I just want it nice round and sexy, I know I have little fat but I hope it will be enough. I have seen many of cirumed patients and what I liked best is they seem to make a lot out of very little fat so I am excited !!!

side views

I add a ew side views to show better what I am hoping for, my volume is okay but i hate the saggy look. I also have a lot of cellulite, the doctor will do cellulaze to the skin before grafting but he says he cannot guarantee how much better it will get.

first day

So it is done.There is not much pain, the doctor took most of the fat from my legs and from my back because there was nearly no fat on my tummy. He also did Celulaze for the skin because had some celulite dimples.
They gave me compression tights against swelling of my legs.
Happy it is over !

uuuups uploaded to quickly

I add captures from the back......

day 2

third day

surprisingly there is very little pain. I had reaally exppected this to be worse. Sleeping on my tummy is hell, my face is swelling. i will leave the tights off today. if my legs swell, I just let them swell but just too hot for tights !

day 4

swelling in the legs is going down !

day 5

6th day

day 7

I am getting used to sleeping on my tummy. I did sit for 5 minutes on my pillow yesterday, just to eat,which was wonderful, i will nevr again forget how nice it is to sit, will see doctor today

day 8

the bruising is fading.

nine days after surgery

not sitting drives me insane !!! the compression garment is starting to come loosee on legs and waist as the swelling especially on my legs is going down. I had my massage with physiotherapist peter yesterday (he is wonderful). I don't know if that makes the swelling go down faster or if it just something in my mind

Ten days done......

my bruising is changing colour, it is fading. Back feels very tender today. Think I have a urinary infection, peeing is very painful. I have contacted the clinic because I have finished antibiotics but they said for the moment just to drink a lot and not take antibiotics again. They say they would give me other antibiotics if it is not better by tomorrow. also I will have another massage on Monday, looking forward to that. bye for now !

update day twelve

sorry I did not update yesterday. I didn't feel well. my urinary infection got worse, I phoned the clinic again. Noelia checked with the doctor and they decided to put me on antibiotics. Noelia is so sweet.Nothing is too much for her, and she is so incedibly patient even on a Sunday. Feelong much better today. will be gooing to quiron hospital this afternoon for my check up and post more pics

sorry one missing !

It keeps happening to me that it uploads before i have finished putting the pics I want to put. silly me !


all is fine. I have a seroma but it is not too big and they say it is not worth to drain it. They have given me a foam borad for better compression and they say that should help to absorb it. They are happy with my legs going down, although I still tink they are monstrous , but maybe that is just me

happy birthday my new butt is already two weeks old !!!

just hope he does not grow muh smaller with age , I love him so much

legs today

I wish I would have had more fat on my tummy honestly. it is a but the swelling on my legs is still awkward. i don't complain the doctor said that this would happen, and that is the price I have to pay for my nice bum. Just wish the swellinng would go quicker, with my new rearside I am really in miniskirt mode :-)

okay enough compression garment time to enjoy

well you see a bit of brusing is left but I will wait no longer. I have waited so long for this.......

new pics

Really feeling good now ! I have been asked a couple of times what result the Celulaze has had.I think it has given me some improvement, something like 30-40% butt the doctor says it is too early to say: i will keep everyone updated

well worth it !!!!

That is what i had been waiting for !!!

new ones-black dress time !!

my legs are ow fully back to normal. everything has settled nicely, I just have a tender and hard spot just above the bum, they have injected something there to prevent seroma and dr.aslani asys it is normal that this is tender afterwards. It does not bother me too much, its is the only thing left evrything else great, I certainly enjoy my result (and not only me....)

Hi all

I had a few messages from others who were asking how much fat I had. I have said this before I had 850cc. But in fairness I have to say that I started with an okay size for me it was about shape. I had some messages who made me think that every butt will simply look like mine if you just put 800cc. I am sooooooo happy for all the nice comments and it is so charming but reaidng my messages I am afraid I may fuel unrealistic ideas????

doing well

for anybody who has not done this, I think it costs to imagine how nice it is to sit down !!

two months


Hi all

I think I can now say that the celulite has imporved about 50%, which is great for me, the surgeon said that this is about the best possible. He says I should still wear the tummy binder at night because he says that the skin will retract even more ? I am nearly three months now and i cannot imagine how it would retract more but if he says so, that is absolutely cool with me. Posting new pics......I can now say it is the best thing I have ever done !


Happy !!!!!!

pics not updated....

Just noticed that my last pic updates have ot uploaded. here the come again.....

booty update

I had so many nice messages thanks to everyone,thought I update, love my bod+butt- tuning is so addictive.I am off to Marbella in two weeks to greet the party season and then I will need to speak to dr.aslani about my tits. you cannot have a gold butt and tin tits haha.....guess my hubby will have a heart attack when I tell him but will be after summer any way this beach season is mine !

uuh update didn't upload

just noticed that my update didn't upload here trying again thanks everyone for the great feedback !

one more

for the road.....

anniversary pics

posting some anniversary pics on eyear after. happy birthday beloved butt hahaha

new pics time

our monthly update give us today !!

hi peeps....

I have thought I would update once a month since I get many messages, which I enjoy !

holiday greetings

hi sending some holiday greetings out to the ccommunity

dear fellow butt aficionados

I am overwhelmed, still, by the great comments I receive here.I also receive a lot of messages which I am happy to answer.I want to give back to you, but at the same time may I ask for something ? I ask for your understanding that I really cannot keep repeating info that is given within my review. Read my story, if you feel that there is something you would like to know that I have not said..............no problem feel free to ask. But please don't ask me things which I have answered in my review, sometimes even multiple times, liek the volume I hace received and so on. Thank you all for understanding this !

Reset password ??

May I ask you if everybody else has been asked to reset their password ? I am very worried about my privacy in places like this did they just ask me or did anybody else receive this ?

pics after x-mas

I have survived the festive season reasonably well. I love to indulge myseld but I managed to resist the devil more or less okay I think. pics for you to judge

BBL done August 2014

I have been on and off about doing my breasts this year butt I think I will give it a miss, this stuff is so addictive, but very satisfied with what i have

May 2016

Updating happy may everyone !

June 2016

I plan to update until next month.

Still enjoying my lil' booty.....


Two and a half years

I was not going to update more but I still keep receiving messages which is nice! But two and a half years after surgery I think the review is long enough good luck on your booty transformations!

I am over two years post op and still over the moon with my results.

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