Marbella Spain 19th May

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I made it 5 days post !! Blood sweat tears

This review I'm gunna tell you my real experience . I had my bbl on Tuesday just gone by Dr aslani in Marbella . I really onley started looking serious into bbl this year and kinda booked my apointment through jenny at cirumed .. I came to marbelka in Saturday 3 days prior to my operation so I could enjoy some sun with my Boyfreind . Girls the hotel san christobel is cheap clean and very close to beach town resturant , hospital ,clinic . It defo isn't luxury accommodation but is cool what we're here for . I arrived at the hospital quiron at 8am tues morning .. 7 euros taxi away . Booked in reception got taken up to my room . The hospital looks clean staff speak very lil English but enough to understand . The room is small over looking a port with boats . Bathroom smells like a drain something do with outside and there's nothin they can do about it . So I'm nervous like hell and my operation isn't until after 1 . They come fit the plastic tube in my arm .. Ouch that hurt gave me some cheap gown were you have to wear nothing underneath and the gown is see through ... Took some bloods . So time passing nearly talked my self out of this operation about 1 million times . My Boyfreind was like u better not of bought me all the way out here for nothing . To he honest he wernt really for this opp in the first place . Cos he likes my body the way it is . He don't mind the love handles and the belly that I basically got from being comfortable with him . To be honest my body is ok. I got an ok body under the fat on my belly . Always had a biggish bum not huge but a bit there. Kinda looks good from the side like curvy and sticks out but from the back looks like it's part of my Back were my love handles have melted into it . Lool .. Do Dr aslani walks in to meet me . He's really cool actually was happy with the fat I got to give him said might need to take some from my thighs ... I begged him no but he explained he might need it if there's not enough .. Really don't want this but he knows best so tells me I'll be ok that the worse thing to get used is not sitting and lieing on your front this point I really though that would b easy but hell was I wrong . So 2 hours to go . Then I'm being pushed in my bed to the theatre . Kissing my Boyfreind scared like crazy can't back out now . So I'm taken in the lift down stairs to the theatre my bed packed up underneath a light .. This is some scary stuff . So many people walking around in theatres clothes speaking Spanish to each other .. I feel like I'm in another world . Tears start now . So the the anetestst comes to see me so Insisted on a general i wanna be knocked out and not no anything .. So im waiting about ten minutes get put in a wheelchair then pushed into the operating room . Then had to take off my see through gown . Was practically nude anyway . Had to stand and get sprayed with some freezing cold spray . Was like a spray tan . Had some pictures taken then Dr aslani came and drew the places to get lipoed. I've never been so cold in my life standing der shivering in the nude Infront of a bunch of strangers . Then had to lay on the operating couch was kinda like a dentist chair . So the next thing they said they was gunna give me something to relax then I was gone .....

6days post

Waking up after operation

So u woke up semi with them pulling on the garment all I know was I was still half asleep freezing cold and was in a lot of pain and wasn't in my room yet . The rest was a blur till i woke up on my front in my room and could hear the nurse talking to my boy Freind . I was so thirsty and feeling like I been hit by a train . And u asked for the drink and they told me I have to wait 1 hour. So I asked my Boyfreind and nurse to get me out the bed so u could go toilet . Which after running the tap for a few seconds was running like tap work . I used my shee wee was a great buy , because otherwise there would have defo been a wet floor .. Any way I slept on an off and was given my first drink which was warm pineapple juice .. Gross every drink the nurses bought was warm . So my hubs was up n downstairs getting me bottles if cold water . So they brang me dinner . A peice of sea bass fish with veg tasted ok but I was forcing to eat . And a minestrone soup which I drank and through up the whole of my stomach about 5 minutes after .. Yukkkkk . I remember being sick felt like it was ripping my stitches appart . Sick every were. My poor Boyfreind had to clean it off my foot my leg everywere I went bed woke up every bloddy 30-40 mins got up went pee walked along corridor asked for moor pain killers in my drip . Also anti sickness went sleep woke up repeat . So in the morning the nurse brang me break fast a bannana and toast. Ate that and held it down ... Slept a lil more and then woke up to a needle in my hand of them taking blood . Ouch they coulda worned me . So the doctor comes to see me it's not Dr aslani it the other Dr that assisted him with my opp explained a few things and gave me a bag of medication to take . I was gonna come home on Sunday but they insisted for me to stay till Tuesday at least to get stitched out . So I get discharged get in a cab and is impossible to lay down . I'm 5ft 9 to tall so I place my bobby pillow down and basically hovered my bum above it .put most my weight on my hubby and the car door . Esssh so uncomfortable . So now I'm so happy when I get to the hotel room I actually manage to pass out for a whole hour .......

Pics of 6 days post

Bum feels hard and firm . Wish I could sit on it lol

Back home 8 days post

Ok so after 11 days In marbella I'm home sweet home . The journey was awful if I'm honest . The cab from Marbella to malaga airport consist of me kneeling on the back seat over the back for 45 minutes .. Then my plane delayed 1 hour great . Lots of walking round the airport finally get on the plane and try and sit on this bbl pillow I bought on Line . Not sure how good this or if I was using it properley but sat uncomfortably for around an hour then stood up the rest . My feet and ankles have merged into one so bad . The grannies on the flight enjoyed them as the topic of convo for inflight entertainment lol . Any way I made it . Never been so happy to see my house . I had the stitches taken out yesterday and saw Dr aslani he was happy so far with results .said I was recovering well considering what he did to me .... I hate to think of what happens in these operations ., he also added he had fun with me and still had fat left over which was spilling out of my butt .. Essssshhh soooo gross . I asked him how many c c snd he said he can't be exact but was over 1000 in each cheek .. Let's hoe it stays cos I like my swollen butt and it dont look that much bigger than it was b4 but it looks more round and a better shape . The Dr said it will go down but not that much . And a point he made when the swellings goes down is that it might not be as big as it was but always remember how we looked befour because I lot of us forget and we always look a lot better than b4 ....

Nearly 3 weeks on Tuesday !!

Time has flown so fast gets easier every day . Stil swollen but I have hardly any bruising . My back feels a bit tingly and numbish but there is no pain . Jus feels really strange . Kinda getting used to not sitting aswell although sleeping on my front gives me puffy eyes and back ache ....will be glad when I reach 4 weeks so I can sleep propperley and drive again . So far I'm very happy Dr aslani is good at his job . I hoping I jus have swelling because I wish my belly was a bit more flat and waist a lil smaller but anything could change its to soon to tell . I wear my compression garment and binders 24-7 so they should help jus swelling in my feet and legs getting annoying but there so much better than before... Think every thing jus takes time .

4 months update

Very happy ... Totally worth it

5 months post

Bum still looks good . Wish my tummy and waist was smaller . But my bum is great .

Breathing in

9 months later

9 months hips and bum update pics . Still all good

I survived round 2 dr aslani Jan 3rd 2017

I will update with full details soon..
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Dr A is a really good Dr . Very nice funny guy made me feel 100 persent confident and safe with him . jenny was excellent at the beginning I spoke to her and she answered every question regarding my fears and concerns befour the operation . As for after the opp she communicated up until I got home to England . She messaged me after 1 month to ask how I was and I told her my conserns and that I might want to come back for a future treatment and she completely ignored me !!!! It's a shame the Dr couldn't answer himself because I'm sure he appreciates are money and what we been through . !!

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