Silicone Butt Implants with Aslani Feb 2017 - Spain, ES

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Hi everyone I am not new to the site but this is...

Hi everyone I am not new to the site but this is my first review. I will be having butt implants and fat transfer with dr.aslani at cirumed hospital in marbella in february 2017.Originally I had been hoping to get away with BBL. When I first contacted the clinic they said I could only get a great result with implants as well.
I was not too happy about the information and started shopping around.but I don't want to through all this and then not get the result I want. I am scared to be one of those who never find happiness and wander from surgeon to surgeon simply because they don't want to accept that their possibilities may not be what they think.
Makes sense ?
I know that butt implants can cause many problems but I have seen that aslani seemingly is one of the doctors really good with this I have seen videos of him lecturing to surgeons and doctors go to his clinic to learn the procedure.
So I think this is as safe as it can get.
My main concern is exercise. I am really active and I don't want to cut down on that. I am hoping to get feedback from experienced girls about what to expect.
Also,I am really concerned regarding the pain. It is not that I would expect to get that killer booty without any pain but I want to know how to prepare best.
Will post some of my pics soon.

Good sign

Look what I found.....encouraging isn't it ?

How to prepare

Sisters I am reaching out to all who have been through this I am trying to perfectionize my preparation can I go alone or do I need to bring someone there seem to be mixed views on that
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Excellent before and afters

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