1200CC Dr.Aslani Marbella Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Journey - Spain, ES

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Name is Jess, I am 24, with a sad looking flat...

Name is Jess, I am 24, with a sad looking flat butt from London, UK.

I read all of your posts everyday and want to be part of the process and also share my journey :)

I am due to have my BBL with Dr Aslani in Spain on the 11th Dec 2015 (far away, I know - but I wanted to make sure I was off work for long enough not to sit on my new derrière!)

I was certain of Aslani, I looked into this procedure 2 years ago and was certain of him even then, he has had plently of experience and I like Aslani's work - I am not into the nicki minaj/blac chyna/k michelle type look that the american surgeons go for, even Kim K's butt is too shelf like for me, like someone has just stuck it on with glue.. I prefer an A-Line/heart shaped butt that looks more natural and think Aslani is brilliant in providing a natural silhouette - and thats what I want.

For 5790,- €, I will be having:
1. Water Jetstream liposculpture of the abdomen, lower back, inner thighs, flanks and waist
2. Fat grafting to buttocks. This entails workup with the extracted fat with the Humanmed lipocollector technique and multiplane microinjection technique
3. Laser liposuction for skin retraction on the donor sites to tighten the skin and accentuate your waistline

Price includes: 1 garment (I will probs buy another from them when I am there), sedation fee, hospital fees + 1 night stay, surgery fees, materials, post op medication and post op reviews

I will have the procedure in Marbella, Aslani does BBL in Marbella on Thursdays & Fridays and I knew I wanted to be in that area as Malaga can be very boring and hotels are pricier! I will book Hotel Fuerte next month and I think I will stay in Marbs for 10 days before flying back to London. My BF will be coming with me and Hotel Fuerte has a gym and stuff to keep him occupied while he plays nurse for me haha

My consultation is 21st July so will keep everyone posted with how it goes - I will add some dreaded before pics nearer the time, I need to find out if I need to lose weight or whatever beforehand, I am currently:
10 Stone 2 (143lb)
161cm tall

I had vaser liposuction in the UK in 2010 - 2 rounds - and I was unhappy with the results, my main reason for this surgery is fix my unsightly tummy, to get a waist, flatter stomach and a nice natural dip in my back - a juicy booty is the added bonus!

Keep in contact and follow, I will post before pics, wish pics and my shopping list etc shortly around my consultation time :)

My surgery has moved to the 29th July - IN JUST OVER A WEEK!!

Hi All,

Okay so huge change of plan - surgery scheduled for Dec has moved to less than two weeks away on the 29th July!!!!! I havn't even had a consultation! but had to be done - I've been offered a new job, a dream job which I am likely to start 1st of Sept so had to get this op done before as I can't take much holiday during probation

So I am planning to do my bloods next week 22nd - i hope the results come back in time for when I fly out!! any suggestions to make sure I have thick blood? people say to eat raw apples and brown rice...

I just did a manic shop on Amazon and bought:
She wee
Massage foam roller (instead of BBL Pillow as it won't arrive in time)
Compression socks
Stool softener - dulcoease
Arnica gel & tablets
Vitamins - B-100 Complex, Vitamin C inc Bioflavonoid, iron tablets
Aloe Vera gel
Antiseptic cream
itch gel
firming lotion
Bed pads
Anti bac soap

I still need to go shopping at the weekend and buy some loose summer clothes as i assume Marbella is HOT, sports bras and some wipes.. I assume I can buy my own waist trainers/faja's when I get back? it is not urgent right? how soon after your procedure did you guys start wearing your own garments?

my biggest issue is finding a hotel so last minute - ALL ARE SOLD OUT! and if not, super expensive! my fault really but its just a right pain to fork out more money than necessary

I am doing this procedure all alone now as it is SO last minute and my BF is also starting a new job next week - does anyone have ANY advice for me? any help would be great I feel extremely stressed at the moment - i thought i had so much time!

Will post before pics this evening

Before pics

My horrid before pics - really want this surgery to improve my stomach first and foremost - the bad lipo in 2010 has left me with loads of fat left above my belly button - the surgeon at the time said the fat was like a brick wall there, I am hoping Aslani can fix this for me - I hate it and can't wear anything fitted - ever!! and then there is my sad excuse for a butt.. I really just want a feminine silhouette, i hope I am a good candidate for this surgery

Quick update - Hotel & Flights booked

Okay so I have booked my trip - very last minute so cost me a fortune! I am staying at Hilton Garden Inn Malaga for 1 night, then will stay at Malaga hospital for two nights (because I am doing this alone I am going to pay for an extra night at the hospital) and then I go to Marbella - Marbella Inn (not the nicest of hotels at all but everywhere was sold out! and this was the cheapest)

I am only staying for 1 week because of being alone, hope I am okay to fly home after 1 week - I have booked an isle seat towards the back of the plane so i can get up and move around

My current measurements:
under bust: 84cm
waist: 87cm
hips: 102cm
thigh: 59cm

still more nervous than excited at this point, worried I won't get my blood results back in time and also worried about sedation & local anaesthetic - I have been under local before for my lipo and felt EVERYTHING! I have my consultation on Tues so maybe I can ask about general. really concerned about looking after myself alone - simple things like getting food and buying water etc, i guess there is room service..

Consultation was fun :)

So my surgery date has changed again.. just by 1 day to Tuesday the 28th July - slight hiccup in dates with the clinic but all is resolved and they were very apologetic! This means I stay an extra day in Spain to recover before I fly back on the 5th Aug, but I have had to change all my hotels. My BF will try come out to stay with me over the weekend too.

Consultation went well! Aslani is a very funny man! He said I had to be realistic though, as apparently I do not have that much fat :O :O! I was like whhaaaaaaaat! but I trust him when he says he will make my figure 100 times better than it is. His focus will be to take fat from my back (around bra line especially), stomach and add quite a bit of fat back into my hips as well as butt.

I will be having general anesthetic - which I am pleased about considering my horror story with local, he agreed because of me having vaser before and the fat being hard to remove that it would be best. He also addressed my bulky stomach of which getting a flat stomach at the end of this will be hard to achieve but the results will be much better

He was shocked I didn't have any wish pics haha, I showed him a few during the consultation of his previous patient transformations which he appreciated rather than glamour models which is never going to happen - i'm not even that far fetched in my dreams!

Anyway I have pretty much bought everything & made my own BBL pillow by cutting a massage foam roller down the middle & adding some extra padding around it by wrapping it in a thick cushion cover - http://www.amazon.co.uk/PhysioWorld-Foam-Roller-45x15cm-90x15cm/dp/B009ABLSYW/ref=sr_1_3?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1437506470&sr=1-3&keywords=massage+foam+roller

Will start taking my arnica and iron tablets now too, and have started rubbing aloe vera gel around my stomach and firming cocoa butter to help with healing and tightening of the skin.

Wish me the best!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

On route to Malaga today! Tomorrow is the big day - Wish me luck everyone!!


Hi ladies, so here are my post op pics - i am amazed with my results!!! So pleased with what Aslani has achieved! Even he was pleasantly surprised with how i turned out despite my previous vaser and fibrous fat!
I am now in Marbella in my hotel, had a lovely cab driver take me from Malaga hospital called Antonio, jenny rang him for me and i was able to lie across his front seat - 75 euros though! But i will get him to take my back to the airport too

The surgery went so smoothly i was under general anesthetic so just woke up from what seemed like a short nap shivering like mad, my biggest annoyance was not being able to drink or stand up and because of being on my tummy so long initially my lips and eyes are now so swollen - bring sunglasses!

Not gonna lie, the first night was absolutely horrendous, i woke up every 30 mins without fail because of the pain in my lower back and had to get up and walk around to try ease the pain.. I asked for pain killers quite a lot too.

However it is so true when they say the first 24 hours are the worst, i feel alright now- bit of a heavy head and still cant lie on my stomach for too long but its just discomfort - the walking around does me so good anyway, i might even venture out into the sun later or tomorrow morning

To be honest im not fond of the shewee i tried using it and thought it was a faff and because of the large hole they cut out in the garment anyway i just had to squat a little haha

I have my first clinic appt in marbella tomorrow, where they will change my garments because i am still leaking quite a lot of fluid - i brought my own bed pads which have come in very handy! they have moved The marbella clinic so no longer walking distance but am told it is not far by cab

Words of advice, learn a bit of Spanish, what i knew was enough for me to get by especially when trying to find admission in the hosptial or talking to cab drivers - the nurses knew enough english - lovely ladies! 2 of the girls from the clinic came to see me too which was lovely, jenny is a star!
If you are travelling alone i would also recommend bringing a picker uper stick, i am dropping everything!! and cant bend far enough to pick things up

Let me know if you have any questions

Pics didnt load


Oh Aslani said he took out the limit of fat and put in 1200-1300cc each side, he said a little spilt out in the end but its around that amount

Post op day 4

I'm getting much more used to things now.. Sleeping more throughout the night and ventured to the seafront yesterday went for a nice long walk.. and finally ive been to the toilet! Was taking dulcoease 3 times a day to help me go, i feel so much better!

I had my first massage yesterday which was pure bliss! I am still leaking so i wont get my new garment until monday so had to come back to my hotel and wash my garment and have a short break from it.. The initial garment they give is actually from primark - a black spanx, if i knew i would have bought an extra as didn't expect to be leaking for this long.. Really hard to find something to wear out that wont show stains - i am leaking from an incision on my inner thigh and one on my tummy i hope they dry up soon like everywhere else

Arnica is working wonders i take the tablets 3 times a day and use the cream twice on bruises with aloe vera gel and they are clearing up slowly.. Will post some pics later
Not really feeling dizzy anymore just a really heavy head but i think ive been sleeping too much

New dress

Was feeling quite low today really wondering if this was worth all the pain and effort and money so i decided to go shopping and i bought myself something i would have never of even tried on before because of my rubbish body, and i think i look pretty good! Cheered me right up!


Okay so i lied before its not easier sleeping on my stomach and the bruising hasn't gotten better its gotten worse.. Its like i went two steps forward and 1 back, last night i just stood up crying most of the night because of how badly sleeping on my stomach was giving me a migraine, but i did some Googling and if you really elevate your stomach with pillows and keep your neck straight by putting your face into a boppy pillow (like you would on a massage table) it helps and i managed to get a few hours sleep this morning

Bruises have now appeared from nowhere! And most of my butt is now black and i now have bruises all down the back of my legs passed my knees too.. How long until these clear up? They are not painful though.. The swelling of my legs is baaaad im finding it hard to walk, jenny recommended a pineapple medication called fortilase that i can buy from the pharmacy, but everything is shut here on a sunday! I have compression socks up to my knees but my garment only reaches to halfway down my thigh so the part of my leg that is exposed is now massive!!!!! I will try buy something tomorrow

I get my proper garment and get my stitches taken out on tuesday now.. Im not leaking anymore

Back Home

Hi ladies, thought id update with a few more pics - i am back home now, flight went alright i was sooooo lucky the two seats next to me were empty!!! So i could lay down but the flight crew were so nice they would have moved people around for me - the clinic will give you a letter to take home with you

Stitches are out, didn't hurt one bit and i have the new garment on now - she wee is a must!!! You will always need it in this garment. I was told to wear it for 5 more weeks!!!!!!!!! With my binders too! I want to cry! But because it's such a long period of time i asked for the packet of the garment and ordered another one on ebay in the US so i can alternate - £60.

All in all im not in any pain just everything feels tight i like the size of my butt but my hips are faaaaar to huge i really hope they go down


Right i need all your advice, i cant sleep i havnt had more than 2 hours a night sleeping on my stomach and the back pain is so bad now - I've tried the recliner chair with a hole cut out and using pillows under my stomach etcetc and nothing works, its getting so bad i actually fell asleep standing up last night and i often sleep kneeling up but it's so painful and im so groggy during the day i cant be bothered to do anything! I always have a headache i have to sort this I'm back at work next week!

I want to sleep on my sides... I don't like how big my hips are now anyway and i know aslani said no its even better to sleep on my back, if i want my hips to go down do you think i can sleep on my sides?

Bruise update


Pre Op 27.07.15
Weight - 142 pounds
Under Bust - 84cm
Waist - 87cm
Hips - 102cm
Thigh - 59cm

1 week post op 04.08.15
(Very swollen and water retention)
Weight - 152 pounds!!!!
Under bust - 82cm
Waist - 80cm
Hips - 112cm!!!
Thigh - 55cm

2 weeks post op 11.08.15
(weight getting back to normal, swelling gone down on legs, bruising improving, losing hip volume)
Weight - 146 pounds
Under bust: 82cm
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 107.5cm
Thigh: 56cm


Thank god for the stretchiness of Topshop jeans! Most of my jeans still fit which will save me £££!!! Really like my shape now, would be more than happy if i stayed this way!

Nervous though as I have to go into work next week for a few days so will be sitting most of the day - i will bring a boppy pillow. I am gradually sitting for a few mins in preparation and put a lot of pressure on my legs so most of my butt doesn't touch the seat. Hope i dont lose any volume!


Wanted to make it clear when i sat down for the first time as many reviews havn't, yesterday (exactly 3 weeks post) was the first day i sat down properly for a lengthy period of time, it was tough.

I have an office job so had to sit down most of the day, i sat on a boppy pillow and leant forward so most of my weight was on the back of my legs (told everyone at work I had lower back pain) i got up every hour to move around because my legs kept getting pins and needles and my hips really started to hurt.

I had lunch with a colleague on super hard chairs and practically had to hover the whole time - nightmare!

I also wore my loser garment to work = the one cirumed gave me. i bought another one on ebay, exactly the same type and size but for some reason it is suppper tight so really compresses me well, i usually wear it during the day when at home but for work where i need to feel comfortable i wear it at night and the lose garment from cirumed during the day, you can see the marks on my stomach that the tighter garment leaves, but whenever i take it off my waist looks so much smaller than when i wear the loser garment - worth buying. Ill probs start waist training at 6 weeks my stomach and sides still feel so tender to touch.

Bruising has almost gone arnica cream is brilliant and my waist and hips are still getting smaller, you can see my scars around my pelvis and on my back but they are fading too, i love how i look! I dont wana get any smaller though but am worried sitting now will ruin things - but a girls gotta work!

1 month post

All going well, still very tender on my sides and back.
Bruising completely gone.
Dont feel swollen at all but i think i probs still am.
Weight and measurements same as week 3.
Hip volume gone down really nicely i look great in tight fitting clothes! I feel great about my shape now i felt my butt and hips were far too huge but now it looks natural :)

Still wearing my garment and binders, with a vest always to stop the binders riding up. I start my new job next week (week 5) and said i would get back to normal life of sitting etc and I would only wear my garment and binders at night from then on. ive bought an Ann Chery waist trainer to start wearing in the evenings for a few hours from next week too. I wont sleep on my back or sides till week 8.

Going shopping tomorrow for new jeans and trousers etc, cleared out my wardrobe yesterday - 3 rubbish bags i gave to charity! Mainly my boxy and loose dresses i used to wear to cover up my tummy i just look fat in now cos of my big hips so ive had to change the way i dress entirely! But not a bad thing!

1 month post pics

Waist Training

Ann Chery Clasica 3 Hook 2021 - Size M

6 weeks update

Still feeling really numb and tender on my sides and back, sometimes feels like carpet burn. Other than that the garment is off and i am back to normal life sitting at work etc - really happy with how everything has settled, sometimes i still think woah its huge but i love it! Been sitting almost two weeks now and havnt noticed a change in volume or shape so far which is good, a lot of how much stays has to do with the surgeons technique anyway so Aslani did good!


2 months

Coming up 3 months

(Btw soz about pics i was leaning on 1 leg so my hips look uneven - but they are perfectly symmetrical still!)

Feeling good! Volume has pretty much stayed the same since i took off my garment and started sitting down at 5/6 weeks
My hips have gone down more though and i have been turning on to my side at night so maybe thats why - Aslani did say he is almost certain the majority if not all the fat he put in my butt would remain but its the hips that are hard to keep as they don't have the tissue to hold onto the new fat..
But they are still there i still have a great silhouette and it looks very natural too so i havnt even had to make up excuses or lie to people about anything - they think ive been on a great diet and i just feel better in myself.
Sides and back still numb, sometimes my sides still burn or hurt if touched a certain way.. sitting for an hour in 1 position i get numb too so have to move around still - so not fully recovered but it doesn't bother or interfere with my daily life

6 months

Volume has reduced & issue with stomach

Hi all - thought I would post an update as it has been a while, as you can see the volume has gone down a bit more on my butt and hips but to be honest I am quite okay with this I look very natural as though I have not had surgery, (i have very small hardly noticeable scars) but the main giveaway is my stomach - its very uneven and lumpy and makes me feel pretty awful. I am realistic though and I see the improvement on my before pics but I have emailed Cirumed to see what dr aslani thinks and if he can help - will keep you all posted

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