Investing in Me! Brazilian Butt Lift and Arm Lipo W/Dr. Alexander Aslani, Marbella, Spain

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*Treatment results may vary

For those of you who are doing your research such...

For those of you who are doing your research such as I have, I know these reviews really help and I told myself I would make one as this process starts.

I decided to go with Dr. Aslani because he's the best in the business. I went with my gut. After reading countless reviews, he stood out to me so I set up a consultation all the way back in May 2016 (total guess but it was a while ago). The consultation was set up on Skype by his patient coordinator Aylen (who is a doll by the way). Before hand I was told to take photos at different angles and send them in prior to our scheduled date.

Dr. Alexander Aslani is appointed Chairman and Head of two different Plastic surgery units: the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quirón Malaga as well as the Plastic Surgery Department of Hospital Quirón Marbella. I only wanted the best, his techniques and expertise are impressive, he delivers long lasting results and this is an investment. I don't have time for revisions or second guesses.

Over Skype Dr. Aslani was genuine, warm and very honest. Told me I had a great case and fat stores. Who knew fat could be so valuable one day? Lol. He is very frank about results and if you're looking for a 62 inch booty and 21 inch waist, he will be make sure to bring you back to reality real quick! Even showing him dream photos, he really wants you to look at your body as we all have a different build which will lead to different esthetic results and he'll tell you what he can or cannot do, and will never go against his medical experience and expertise. Yes, he's a plastic surgeon and a very skilled one at that, but I respect the fact that he is a doctor first and follows strict protocol on which body parts he will tackle with liposuction.

Overall, my experience leading up to this very day has been pretty much seamless and straight forward. Aylen, my patient coordinator was has been very helpful answering all my questions throughout this process and has been a great support. She so sweet and on top of it to get you what you need. Savvy young lady.

I'll get more detailed as my journey continues, and share TIPS along the way.

Building up to my surgery today, nurses Laura and Ana came in and gave me my gown, cap for my hair and feet. Laura put in my IV (virtually painless) and Ana took my blood pressure and temperature through my ear. So far so good. Easy part is over. I only understand a bit of Spanish so they spoke in English.

The rooms: my room is nice and very very clean. Reminds me of the hospital rooms on the tv show House. In a glass box with frosted windows and a beautiful view of the Marbella harbor and beach. Pics posted

- I suggest coming 2 days prior to surgery. One for travel and one to explore the beautiful Marbella. I really wanted an in person consultation, it builds a rapport and you get to vibe out in person. He loves to meet his patients and really appreciates it. I know it solidified my choice in him.

- I'm all about doing hardcore research, I have been looking seriously for about 2 years for my perfect match - go with a specialist who has done thousands of surgeries, not one who is cheap or can give you a 48" booty. Dr. Aslani has been a surgeon over the span of 20 years with 12,000 surgeries. These are all facts. Check him out online, he's the real deal.

In the Theatre + Day 2 - of what I can actually recall

I was laying in my bed yesterday afternoon when a very Hot male nurse who spoke no English told me it was time for surgery. He wheeled me down the hallway, into to the elevator and down to the holding area where all I could think is "wtf am I doing?!" More excited than anything, but still a bundle of nerves. The head nursing already had my book of signed documents (yes, the OCD in me made a bound book, which they will surely appreciate) and double checked everything. I waited a bit. Saw my patient coordinator Aylen dressed in scrubs right before we went into the theatre. She was very comforting and there to take photos of before and after.

In the theatre, Dr. Aslani gave me a wink asked me if I was ready and came over to draw on all my donor sites. We chatted for a bit. Head nurse sprayed me down with very, very cold iodine solution after I took photos again. All I could think was *%#&@ that's cold!!!! Cringing thinking about it now. Almost worse than my surgery. Kidding.

I was then told to lay on my back with my arms out like a "T" and with a thin blue medical sheet for privacy. The anesthesiologist came with his magic potion over my mouth and that's the last thing I recall before waking up teeth chattering and ice cold in the recovery room. I HATE this part more than anything. Happened when I did my BA as well. Wonder why? They monitored my heart rate until they thought it was safe that I head back to my room. Which was a different one than before with a couch and chair.

The nurses seemed a bit rushed and I felt like I literally had to beg for water after it was the right time for it. I kept pressing the buzzer like an annoying pest. It was brilliant. It worked. Sometimes.

I was in a lot of pain. I knew there was going to be a considerable amount of pain, but I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Everyone has a similar but very different journey, so it's never going to be the same.

So in less than 24 hours, I've peed all over myself failing to go to the bathroom, thrown up (here in my hotel) and fainted after I took a shower in the hospital, ended up on the floor - waking up with a nurse trying to help. Only thing I could think of was frantically telling them to get me off my back and side!!!! I'm a hot mess. Ronaldo another very pretty male nurse of Dr. Aslani's changed my dressings, garments and was sweet enough to dry me off the rest of the way. He informed me Hugo the driver would pick me up at 11:45. Still had a few hours to go. He was very helpful with my bags and kept asking if I was ok.

What a whirlwind. I'll take photos once I'm not so bloody gross (literally). Enjoy these before photos and be wowed after. I caught a few peeks in the mirror and I have to say I'm impressed.

First follow up post surgery

Today I had my follow up at Circumed clinic. I'm staying at Vincci Selecctión Estrella Del Mar, which is about 10 mins or so from the clinic. Hugo came to pick me up, and was kind enough to take me to a gas station to stock up in some water following my appointment. He's really nice and such a gentlemen.

I met with one of the nurses that was with me in the hospital who took off my garments. She's a tough cookie, as I'm groaning about my compression garment she said "Hey, you want a good body?! This is what you must do!" Couldn't be more true. So I sucked it up as she helped me take it off.

Peter came in to do my massage and I really wasn't painful as I once thought. It's a lymphatic draining massage and he lightly massages your back and thighs. Not a deep tissue massage. I'm hearing lots of women after surgery complaining how painful their massages were but they really shouldn't be. As everyone had promised, it was amazing and such a relief. As light as it was I was doubting to feel any different, but the tightness in my back and body wasn't so unbearable and I immediately had to hit the bathroom after. They also let me shower since I cannot get my compression garment off by myself. My hips are way to big! I started sweating and becoming lightheaded this morning trying to remove it myself. Mission failed.

My next appointment is Thursday. I will meet with Dr.Aslani, have another massage and get some ultrasound therapy on my belly (his treat ??). I can't wait til I see myself in one month. The results are already tremendous. As I hear many women on here say, the camera doesn't do it justice!

2nd lymphatic drainage massage + ultra shock therapy.

Lovely Peter did my massage again today. Hands of magic. We had a nice chat while he massaged. Felt so good and lose after. I immediately had to rush to restroom after, which means it's working.

Dr. Aslani popped in and was so impressed with the outcome and wanted to make the results even better, faster recommended the ultrashock therapy and left. It was so great to see him. I'm happy he took the time to assess his art.

Yes, the ultra shock therapy is just as horrific feeling as it sounds. 16hz of pure terror on my swollen, tender abdomen and lower back. Absolutely dreadful. I thought I was going to die in that 10 mins. The nurse Pilar was serious and on a mission. She's pretty hardcore. Kind of like, you wanted deal kind of attitude. You won't get any sympathy from her. She's nice though after she cracks the whip. I will do more if these treatments and suck it up, what's a girl to do?! Can't quit now.

Today I was really looking forward to getting into my new compression garment, but my hips are way too wide even for a 2XL. The waist fit and was even a bit loose but these hips were impossible. Will try again next Thursday as I'm extending my stay a bit. Feeling much better after it all. I always get really thirsty after these massages. Weird.

Shock wave therapy - Day no.2

Second round of shockwave therapy + skin tightening at Cirumed clinic by Pilar. This time it was 14hz. Still painful due to my tender areas, but not as bad as yesterday.

How does it work?
1) Treatment produces an inflammatory response. The body responds by increasing metabolic activity around the site of pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process.

2) Shockwave breaks down scar tissue and possibly calcification as well

I'm experiencing a bit of discomfort. I'm sure it's from the liposuction still. Part of my back is still numb. When taking my compression garments on and off, around my waist and lower back it feels like little sharp bites all over combined with other thorns and other weird sensations. I can't wait until those feelings go away, but totally worth it with my tiny waist and curvy hips.

Shock wave Day no.3 - Feeling normal again

Yesterday, I had another follow up at the Cirumed clinic. This time Miriam did my shock wave therapy treatments. She took her time and did the treatments a bit longer than the other nurse did last week, Pilar. Nothing against Pilar, but she seemed to always be in a rush to do treatments, dress me quickly (my body was really sore last week and she just seemed a bit rough and rushed dressing me). She would seem a bit annoyed if you expressed pain, I get it, I signed up for this, but if it hurts, it hurts!!!

Anyway, treatments are only a few mins but they really have made a difference. Swelling my back especially. Shape is really starting to show as swelling diminishes.

The swelling in my legs have decreased dramatically as well. I attribute that to me altering my full body compression garment so it would fit over my hips. That fashion design degree did not go to waste. Few alterations here and there with a pair of scissors and it was complete! My other garments given by the clinic as substitution were only spanx which didn't even cover my full thigh and only went up to my belly button, what?! In addition with the extreme swelling cut into the middle of my thighs causing more discomfort and swells.

It was horrible. My waist is tiny so the binders scrunch up and become uncomfortable. I stared to get anxious, and I'm so glad I took matters into my own hands. I feel normal again this week.

Silhouette photos before + after

Final Shockwave appointment + Flight Home

Yesterday was my final shock wave therapy. Miriam the nurse, did it again and added my inner thighs this time. That was a nice surprise. Pain had diminished, on my back it was almost bearable but Dr.Aslani murdered my sides so it felt like burning, prickling sensation, still so tender.

My compression garment is already loose on me, so I bought another one from the clinic for only 90€. I can't be bothered searching the whole work wide web for this. It's $150.00 on the website they order from. Have to keep it simple!!

Flight Details

So going into my flight, it wasn't too bad. 1h35 mins from Malaga to Barcelona. I've read that some girls sit on their bum right away, which just blows my mind because even sitting on my pillow, I broke into a light sweat and my cheeks started aching. For the 15 mins I had to sit for landing and take off. I felt like someone's big booty granny walking off the plane into the airport. So slow and hobbling. My bum felt strained and uncomfortable. Thank goodness the first flight was short.

I decided to do Business Class so I can lay down and have space. People are so reckless with their luggage and bodies In such a tight space. Flinging everywhere and I will be highly upset it someone hits or bumps my booty. I was ducking and dodging people! My hips literally take up the entire isle way. I had to walk sideways in order to not knock someone out with my hip!!

I'm not about this stand up for 6h 35m malarkey back to Dubai either, I can't do it! The VIP lounge in the airport has a place you can lay, (perk of BC) which is perfect because my flight was delayed 2 hours. All that to say, ladies, keep it simple on yourselves. Pack light, pay a little extra for comfort and ease. You will thank yourself and have less anxiety. You have made an investment and no matter where you choose to do your surgery, make sure every step of the way you are comfortable. Gritting your teeth and baring it, is not my style. I will save that part for surgery and recovery only! Seriously, yes, you spend more, but have way more comfort and usually lounge and VIP access automatic.

Back home + follow up from my previous surgeon

I've been back home 4 days now from Spain and today had my last follow up appointment with my previous plastic surgeon Dr. Claudia Machado of CosmeSurge Clinic here in Dxb, as I'm 5 month post op of my BA. She is a brilliant surgeon who specializes in BA, and left me with no scars via periareolar incision. She also followed up on my latest fix - Dr. Aslani's BBL and was very impressed and pleased with my results.

She recommended to continue to work on my swelling and continue compression, and suggested LPG. Specifically for post op liposuction patients. I will do 6 treatments total, 2 a week for 3 weeks, on my tummy, back, flanks, back + inner thighs and inner knees. I don't mind the extra cost and want to maximize my results and speed up healing any way I can.

Having LPG Endermologie after liposuction does help tremendously. Endermologie is non-invasive and involves the use of motorized rollers which helps to reduce swollen tissue, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening. This procedure will help to eliminate excess fluid, and overall help to speed up recovery time from liposuction.

* I will post photos this weekend post my lipo massage *

- continue LPG -or- lymphatic massages (6)
- drinking lots of water. If you can 2-3+ liters a day
- juicing fresh fruits and veggies - clean eating, low sodium - NO PROCESSED FOODS! If it comes in a box and has a list of ingredients -- Don't touch it. I see some ladies on here saying they eat boxes of crackers and sweets. What?! (Now for the holidays, I indulged a bit for Thanksgiving and swelled up like nobodies business - food intolerance and sensitivity is cruel to me, very long list of what I can't eat!!).
- compression + lower back board (I only take them off to shower. I have cut the butt-out and crotch so I don't need to take off to use restroom and it stays clean).
- walk frequently and as often as possible.
- very small portions of food. With this compression it's important to not fill yourself. I find myself juicing a lot and nibbling here and there. If I'm not hungry, I don't force myself to eat.

I think it's very important to watch what you eat post lipo. Some foods, specifically processed, will keep inflammation in your tissues making it difficult to really track your healing process. Lifestyle changes are needed. For me, I really try to eat as close to natural as possible, avoiding all processed foods and inner isles in the grocery store. Invest in the new you!

Itchy + Scratchy

Healing has accelerated and I'm itching like crazy! Not sure what to take or put on my back, but it is driving me absolutely wild.

Recovery has been pretty seamless, and I'm thankful I've had no complications. The sleeping on the tummy, neck stiffness and soreness will not be forever!

It's important to mentally prepare yourself for the recovery and be strong to stick it out and not cave and drop all post op instructions. Like working out, seeing final results takes time, and I'm excited to reach the end of the road. Here are a few pics prior to my shower today. I had my garment off a little over an hour just to relieve the insane itching and rub myself.

Looking forward to my LPG lipo massage this weekend to release fluid and hopefully this itching!

Back to Work

First day back to work today, and I'm very swollen, have aching feet and legs and behind! I'm on my feet all day and have to drive a lot for work, sometimes up to 80-90 miles to my destination and back. Sitting on the BBL pillow was extremely uncomfortable. I'm already pretty tall at almost 5'8" and in my 4x4 my head was nearly to the ceiling and sitting was very awkward. My left leg kept on falling asleep after about 10-15 mins of driving, and my bum is so sore. I was in the car for only 20-30 mins at a time about 4 times and was counting the minutes until I could get out!!

I'm super swollen, feel as big as a house and just tired! Thankful that these are my only complications though. How long was it until you ladies saw swelling stop? Mind you, I have to stay active for work so resting is really a non option unless I want a 10 hour day. No thank you, lol.

While driving, I was afraid I would crash a moments trying to maintain balance, even with a bbl pillow, my own pillow and back support. Any of you ladies figure out a way to drive comfortably? I don't want to even try to sit on my bum with nothing or a boopy pillow, but i may have to if there's no other option.

Any advice is appreciated!!

1 month post op today

My body changes day by day. Some days I'm more swollen than others due to being on my feet all day and others I feel more like myself. I had my 3rd LPG session today. I have it done 2x per week, and it has been very helpful to mobilize the fluid.

I'm pretty prone to swelling in general. My body is pretty sensitive and I have quite a few allergy and food intolerance to a lot of basics (gluten, wheat, dairy, etc.) so I have to be extremely careful with what I eat or I have inflammation and a puffy look all over. Lipo sure didn't help either!

I've posted some photos of my cut up compression garment I've taken upon myself to design. Due to my excessive swelling I got one that's to the ankle and wear my compression socks over it. Following my 3rd LPG session, it helps a lot.

I'll keep posting photos when any noticeable changes occur. I don't know what it is about cameras, but they don't seem to capture what the naked eye sees.

Healing Process

The healing process post lipo is no joke! The burning, incessant itching on your numbness coming back to life. Trying to scratch it and satisfy the itch is like trying to get to an itchy spot in the middle of a hard cast! It feels impossible to satisfy.

I'm getting stronger by the day. I can tell by how I push myself up with ease from laying down sleeping in one position for 8 hours. Mind you, I also got arm lipo so my arms were weak even though I have pretty solid upper body strength. I can't wait for the day I can fling by body freely on the bed any position I please without the pressure and uncomfortable feeling. I attempted to lay on my side but quickly moved as I could feel the area he grafted fat to my hips. Too soon. How soon were you ladies able to sleep with ease?

Had my 5th LPG session today. Worked just as a lymphatic massage, had to tinkle right after. Continuing to eat a healthy lifestyle and stay gluten, dairy, sky, wheat and everything free, lol. Haven't even had alcohol. I think I'll refrain until Christmas and may indulge in 1 glass of wine I got from Spain. That's it. I don't want to retain water and swell up. Looking forward to the 2 and 3 month mark. Patience is key.

Posting some photos. My stomach is looking and feeling great. I don't really have and lumps, bumps or hard places. Just a small hardness on my lower abdomen.


Quick update with some clothed photos. I'm still very swollen and itchy on my back. I don't have a lot of itching in my tummy at all, but I'm definitely still swollen. Some days I look so huge and bloated, even bigger before surgery. I just keep fully covered and try my best not to look!

I'm having a really hard time finding compression garments that fit my big hips and still compress my waist and tummy. These waist cinchers don't seem to be doing the trick especially in the lower area. I need an amazing compression garment for the next few months. Any suggestions ladies, if anyone happens to read my review. I feel crickets on this review!

Time flies - 7 weeks

Major swelling seems to have subsided that I have experienced the past 2 weeks. Trying to find the source but I've come to the conclusion being on my feet all day, and lack of a good compression garment are the culprits. The compression has been frustrating from day one. The nurse at Circumed put me into a spanx like garment since what they provided wouldn't close due to my huge hips - 50". I had to cut the damn thing, but it left lack of compression on my torso and back. Anyway, happy to have found a solution for the time being. I had to cut it as well but my main focus was keeping compression on my lipo'd areas.

I don't add salt to my food and don't eat processed foods, keeping my eating habits as clean as possible cooking at home and eating veggies and lean meats.

Next week, I'll be taking a stab at starting back my exercise routine and working with my personal trainer again.

8 weeks

Swelling is really obvious on some days and really goes down on others. I think I'm one of those who takes some time to heal. I've seen other reviews on here where dolls recover faster and have minimal swelling following surgery looking so skinny and beautiful.

I think it may have had to do with the fact that I had A LOT of extra fat; making a lot of empty space when my fat was removed. Those who are slim probably have a better chance at not experiencing the swelling I had. These pictures are on a good day of swelling, otherwise, I look and feel enormous! Despite all of this, I love my curves and what Aslani has given me.

Uneven hips....
When I fainted the morning after surgery in the bathroom following a much needed shower, all I recall is waking up on my right side on the hard, cold tile!! Mortified that I had ruined my results it took me a moment to gain composure and get off the ground. I don't know how hard I hit the ground but in my before and after photos my right side was noticeably swollen. It looked bad. I asked the male nurse if he thought I'd ruined any grafts when I got up from my fall and he said no, but now, when I run my hands over my hips and side of my butt, I can feel a slight difference as it doesn't feel as full as my left.

The Circumed team didn't show me my before and after photos and I don't see them on the website or anywhere. I'm pretty sure it's because of my extreme swelling. It did look awful. :( I did not look cute at all, so I don't blame them for not posting. I'll have to touch base with my coordinator Aylen and see if they can provide so I can show the effects of falling. I guess that's what I get for traveling alone!

8 weeks Before + After Photos

Just adding some photos of Before - granted they are from 2012 when I competed in Golds Gym Weight loss Challenge (3 months) from January - April. Took AFTER photos beginning of May. I didn't win, as my abs never fully came through, but the difference is huge! 30lb weight loss shown here. BMI went from a 26% to a 18%.

I suffer from mild PCOS and a long list of food allergies and sensitivity, which is why I gain weight rapidly and in my abdominal area. I have to work out 3x as hard as the average woman and someone else who is 18% body fat, they look different than I did at 18%. So frustrating when you work your ass off and see little results

I didn't do this for a 'quick fix' as I know how to workout and really tone and get my BMI down through eating clean and working out regularly. I maintained this weight for a good 2 years but slowly started to gain after 2014 as my work load increased, which required a lot of international travel and long nights and poor eating habits. 2016 was when I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Got my BA in June and BBL in November.

The Before photos from 2012 are closest to what I was prior to surgery showing a full body picture. This is the biggest I get when I do gain weight. I really try to keep my weight in control but it's hard if I'm not in he gym 5-6 days a week and eating perfectly. Anyway, that's just a rundown of how my troubled body works. Those women who are naturally slender, be thankful you don't have issues that make your body go out of wack!

My measurements fluctuate due to swelling but my hips remain the same since week 4. 36-30-49".

I'm similar to my After aside from the fact that I was 18% BMI, and I'm probably still at 26% now. I have big thighs which only trim down after vigorous HIIT cardio + weight training which I plan to start focusing on Next week when I have a bit more time in my work schedule.

Hope this helps those who have similar issues as I have. We all have different body types and issues and it helps to know there is a solution out there and process for everyone.

9 weeks and itching

Not a whole lot has changed in the swelling and itching department. In my experience, the longer I'm on my feet and moving about during my day, I experience more swelling than on my off days at work. I also quite a bit of fat removed and in hindsight, I think it would've benefited me to lose at lease 15lbs prior to surgery, but Aslani advised against it as he said he needs all the fat he can get!!

I got a reply back from Aylen my coordinator with answers to all my questions and concerns and date for a Skype follow up with Dr. Aslani in February. It's always so nice to hear from her. She's so genuine and sweet. We clicked during my long stay and she is truly a beautiful soul. She said I can now work out now and only need to wear my waist cincher for 12 hours a day. Which is fine by me because this itching is so intense. I rip off everything once I'm home and massage and scratch for about 10 blissful minutes. Lol! I can't wait for the itching to end! The extreme numbness is about 85% resolved on my skin, but inside I can tell will for sure take 6 months to heal or more. I have no hard spots or lumps anywhere, thank goodness.

As I contemplate a round II if I feel it's necessary after the 6 month mark, I may not go that route as this itching drives mental!! I've seen Aslani results for his round II and it's amazing but I'm not sure if I want the itching and healing that goes with it. Maybe I'll just get back to the gym with a trainer and if I lose too much back there I'll see what options I have.

If I would have done anything differently it would be to have all the lipo done on my stomach and back. I had my arms done as well and I think that should be a separate surgery so it can really target my bulky arms. They're that way due to my genes. Even after weight loss that was the last place to go! I would have had a completely separate surgery for that. No itching in my arms what so ever, they were slightly sore for some weeks and I experienced a burning sensation when taking on and off my shirts at times but I definitely could have had more taken out.

Anyway! I'm happy and blessed that I had no complications and got to meet some real angels on here. Here's a pic of Week 9. Swelling was not being temperamental today so I decided to snap. My lower abdomen and love handles still feel mushy and soft as my body heals.

A little over 2 months ...still itching :(

Just a quick update. I say that every time then end up writing a novel - this is my only outlet so I guess I just let it spill all out here, lol.

I am still holding a solid 49.5" around my hips. Measurements 36-30-49.5 Haven't experienced much fat loss - the swelling has gone down a lot. Some days my booty looks more round than others, and still feels a bit firm to the touch.

I'm just experiencing excess skin and will need a bit of assistance to get it tightened back up. I think working out will help tremendously as well as maybe Thermage. Has anyone done it? I've been researching and it seems to be a popular option. I've requested a free consultation with a PS clinic here in Dubai so I hope they will have availability during the week as they're not open on weekends.

Sleeping + Sitting
I've started trying to sleep on my back and sides. I still ache a bit when I sit down for too long and still drive with a pillow folded under my thighs and my BBL pillow provided to me supporting my lower back. Works like a charm when driving. I also roll up a firm pillow for my back and thighs to keep pressure on my booty when I'm desperate to lay in another position. I now wake up with numb arms that prickle and are painful down to my fingers. I think laying on my stomach for two months straight has pinched some nerves? I have to get my GP and get checked out. Turning 30 recently really made all the hardwiring in my body go haywire!!

Follow Up
I got an email from Aylen my coordinator who is such a baby doll. I appreciate how genuine she is and always is so supportive and prompt with handling requests. I am supposed to speak with her tomorrow and discuss a possible Round II, and will only make a final decision once I've lost this excess weight, at least 15-20lbs and build muscle. I also want to ask if I should wait until after I have a child. I don't plan to blow up during pregnancy in the coming years, or have more than 1, so if I can get it all over with now, and just maintain a healthy and active gym lifestyle while pregnant, I'd rather get it all over with now. Just all thoughts at this point.

Still haven't started the gym and feel heavy and sluggish. Work has been brutal lately with deadlines and Year end reviews and I'm just exhausted and swollen when I get home. I promised myself to start this weekend. Maybe a run on the beach to get things started? Inshallah.

Before + After Comparison

Before vs 2 months post op.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alexander Aslani is both science and art merged into a beautiful talented Surgeon. He stands strong in his beliefs and can't be swayed based on what doesn't align with his medical expertise. That's the kind of plastic surgeon you need. He's about realistic results that last and not about sugar coating results or giving you unrealistic outlook. He will bring you back down to reality because at the end of the day, your health and overall outcome matter most to him. Wicked sense of humor with a strong positive presence and aura, I immediately knew I'm in the right hands after our in person consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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