Dr.Aslani Implants and fat transfer- Spain, ES

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In the game ! I have confirmed my surgery...

In the game ! I have confirmed my surgery appointment with Dr. Aslani in Marbella for august,I have been considering for a long time whether to do BBL or implants but I feel that BBL depends on so many things we can't control and so many do two rounds. I still want to have fag transfer together with if that is for sure. I don't want solid silicone implants but cohesive so I will be going to Marbella looks like the guys from Cirumed are best when it comes to combining both so I hope for Dr. Aslani to rock my body. Will be having ovals,he said around 350 cc but he cannot say for sure since this depends on the size of my muscle. Hope for another 500-600 cc of fatgrafting. I am bit scared of the recovery but no pain no gain........ See you guys on the other side!


This is the projection I want I guess implants will be the only option or not ?

Round implants giving better projection ?

My surgeon prefers ovals but I read that rounds give better projection any feedback girls ?


Did all you guys tell their families about this ? Facing a shitstorm here


The doctor recommends I shall have this bit I hate the thought of someone pinching my spine have you girls had that ?

What is the maximum

Implant size you can have put into your muscle does anybody know ?

Mind set

I have decided to go for the ovals I chose the man because I like his jobs so it would not make much sense not to go with his recommendations

Before surgery

Hoping that dr.aslani will give me that hourglass shape!

Made it and........I am alive !

It is not really painful so far although I am not sure if I still owe that to the spinal. I saw the doctor briefly last night and he showed me a photo of my butt. My legs are still numb.have decided to stay another night in the hospital. Feels better that way.bye for now

Pain still rather mild

The spinal is definitely out of my system now but luckily I am not in too much pain.My but feels hard and tense and it is uncomfortable but as long as it doesn't get worse I am okay with it

Side view

From today

Drain issues

I am back in my hotel the nurse helped me shower before discharging me. I am very worried regarding the drains which I am dragging around with me I am scared I might pull them out by accident

Implant size

Hi dolls just to confirm I have 300cc implants and 300 cc of fat

Horrible night

Had a shit crazy night you just don't know what to do with yourself how to turn and how to twist your body. Can't wait to go back to normal

Phase 2 garment

Changes garment ! It is a bit hard to get into that thing but I feel more comfortable once it is on

Post surgery blues

Hi girls thanks for all your kind words and support feelng a bit down today and don't even no why (I am very happy with the surgery for sure).perhaps just the blues......

Heading home

Just hope I won't have any problems at home very satisfied with how it looks

3 weeks post

The garmant is very uncomfortable on ny waist I have kind if sticky bones keeps rubbing but hell......what can I do ?I have some problems uploading my pics hope this one stays tuned

Officially back to normal

I have started to sit down normally a couple of days ago hell it feels so good !

Pic update

Both sides feel like normal now. I can shift the implants around with the muscle which I found a bit odd in the beginning but I asked the clinic and they said that was normal and ok as long as they don't flip......which they don't.I am very happy with the size I am tiny and wanted a sexy look,not a freak look.


I feel that my implants now have the shape I wanted in the first place.l have already been thinking about changing them for bigger ones....lol......but I am worried about an unfavourable change in shape. And to me shape is the important thing
Spain Plastic Surgeon

I have decided to do butt implants with fatgrafting rather than just doing BBL. BBl seems just to uncertain. I know butt implants are risky but my surgeon seems to be doing both a lot implants and fatgrafting so feeling in good hands I just desperately want that result !

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