BBL & Implants UK to Marbella with Dr Aslani - Spain

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I have booked for BBL with implants with Cirumed...

I have booked for BBL with implants with Cirumed 5th Sept 2016. I am so excited. I'm finding it hard to plan the trip from the UK. Torn between staying in apartment with privacy or hotel with service. NEED ADVICE. I am 8 stone and slimish build but bigger on top and boyish shaped. My bum is so flat and I've always found it hard wearing certain clothes and feel I have to disguise this area when I go out

Had my skype consultation last night

So they told me my appointment would be at 5.30 but asked that I was online at 5.15. They told me they were running 30-40 minutes behind schedule. I ended up waiting 3.5 hours! Dr Aslani told me I was the last person so I had all his attention. I assume they tell everyone 5.30 then put you all in a queue. Anyways, after waiting and getting very impatient, Dr Aslani was so friendly and put my mind at ease. Unlike before, it now all seems real. Don't go into your consultation expecting to get info flown at you.. make sure you have questions written down! He used my pictures, so I didn't have to stand up or anything. He also told me that you get given a cushion that is similar to the Boppy/BBL pillow! Thank god I didn't buy an expensive one! I did however (before the consultation), find out the measurements and dimensions of the bbl pillow and had a foam company make this for me- it was only £12.00 and although I won't be using this it could be a great alternative to the BBL pillow which is around $100. Dr Aslani told me I did't have much fat and it would have been better if I put on weight, however I have been reluctant to do this as most of my fat goes to my arms and he doesn't use arm fat for BBL as it doesn't take to the buttocks. I fly on Saturday and my surgery is on Monday- so excited! I'll be staying with my boyfriend in Malaga then moving to Marbella on the Tuesday but if anyone is out there at the same time as me message me.
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