Butt Augmentation with implants and fatgrafting by Aslani - Marbella, Spain

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I have just turned 34 and decided that it is far...

I have just turned 34 and decided that it is far too early to say bye-bye to sexiness.I am kinda happy with my body overall but what I miss most is my great butt (oh sweet memories….).
I have spent most of my spare time in gym in the last years, I wouldn’t say without success but not what I had hoped for !
I started researching over a year ago and looked into different surgeons, Dr.Aslani was my favourite in the beginning but when I inquired I was told that it would have to be butt implants with fat.
I discarded that initially but I feel I need to take this step to get the results I want.
Honestly I was hoping that he would say it would be with fat only but hey, he seems really the best with such things.
My husband is totally tired of myself staring at photos on the web so we agreed on a deadline to decide so tomorrow first thing I will put down my deposit as my start into a new life.


This is the look I hope for......how big will the implants need to be ?

One more week

short update for everybody.I am all set there were some last minute troubles with getting of work. I am on a limited contract so this was a bit hairy since i did not wanna loose my date.....but got it all fixed just seven more sleeps !

back injection phantastic

You cannot imagine my relief to have that over and done ! I was in wild panic because of the pain, but the anesthesist gave me an injection into my back, not an epidural but something similar so I could move my legs and it is really good there is nearly no pain ( I am afraid it may come later though:-( but so far all good butt looks great I leave you guys for now more details later.

5 days post

as mentioned above the epidural is great but....only until they remove it ! I don't wanna mourn really. But jess that shit is tender, not as bad as I thought it would be but don't even wanna imagine to go through this without epidural. now it is okay but in the beginning holy mofo ! but the main thing is my rearside now lokks the way it should !

drains out !

finally got drains out gish I hated them the left drained more than the right not painful but so uncomfortable but butt looks great for now


Making slow but steady process. The pain is totally gone now but the butt feels a bit weird. It looks good but yes it feels weird. Things are going the right way i expect to be back to normal in 1-2 weeks

Had a very good experience so far.the recovery was hard but the results are rewarding

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