Buttock Augmentation with Implants and Lipofilling my Experience - Spain, ES

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I am posting my first review on my surgery, my...

I am posting my first review on my surgery, my assessment may change with time. I have had 300cc oval butt implants and fatgrafting. Not sure how much the fatgrafting was exactly but I remember the surgeon said something like 400cc. I will confirm and update at a later stage.
Initially the procedure was pain free because I had a spinal…..something that I totally recommend to anyone looking into butt implants. The spinal wears of one day after and it is painful then, not nice but one can live with that.
I am very excited with how my but looks now but I will revise my review later when everything has settled.
I am still very scared to get an infection or something equally nasty. This is what I dreaded before but I just wan’t fat enough for bbl.
Just had my drains removed which is such a relief !Will keep posting to share with you guys, I will rate at a later stage.

10 days


sorry I kind of forgot to uploads some shots from before surgery


sorry clumsy.....an attempt to label the before resulted in deletion maybe realself just over my head trying again....

back view

Butt implants after 2 months

I have waited for everything to settle which has taken some time. Looking back it has taken me about 4 weeks to fully come round. The right butt took longer to go soft then the left one but now both have a good feel.bending over or stretching the butt muscle was painful for more than a month. Overall intense but I feel ut was worth it......opinions invited

Four months after

It is feeling nice now a bit firm but overall very nice. I am still very pleased wit my look has definitely changed my body. I think it is very unlikely to have problems after four months,so I should be on the safe side

At seven months

As you can see it is not really changing that much anymore it may have fluffed a bit I am hitting gym to keep my results

Looking back it is definitely not a surgery for softies but it has given me the results I wanted. I have not seen as much of Dr.Aslani as I would have wanted,but he has done his job very well and that us what counts.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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