Switching Love Handles for a Curvy Butt ! - Marbella, Spain

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I am scheduled with Dr Alexander Aslani on May...

I am scheduled with Dr Alexander Aslani on May second 2016 for BBL with waterjetlipo and fatgrafting to hips.. I am so excited. I have seen how he shaped bodies and think it is just amazing!
I want him to do very aggressive lipo on my tummy but just hope my skin will not hang and be soooo ugly later ?
I have sent my pics for assessment and Jenny confirmed that the doc is happy with my case, I have a lot of back rolls that I want to get rid of can’t wait !


I know that the doc can't sort the tummy muscles with the lipo but I want my tummy to go as flat as possible, also I am thinking if I should not add implants. I want to be sure to keep all the volume he gives me I know there a greater risks with implants but I have seen the results and the look really good.


i am posting here to find support and infos. to all frustrated users out there please spread you negativity somewhere else. i am not intertested in this shit. any top surgeon has haters-there is no top surgeon without haters, let's face it.and obviously dr aslani has his haters.....i am cool with that. but what makes me sick is negative people who are disappointed with their lives and try to change that with a surgery. no surgeon can covert an frustrated cow into a happy princess. dr.aslani's frustrated cows always come up with the same line, and their pidgeon brains seem to tell them that they would naturally have been happier in miami ? a frustrated cow will always be a frustrated cow no matter where she has her surgery it has taken me ages to research and decide if you have anything constructive to say i am very thankful but if you want to dddrown me with frustration and negativity please f*** off !


i have not created this blog to fight bitch-wars here. I would love to hear frpm girls with qualified experiennce what i can do to get a better result, cool supplies and staff ike that, no frustrated bitches please but also no need for defending me i can quite well do this myself. please

It is scary to go aborad for such a big procedure. But I am cofident to have made the right choice based on the surgeons credentials and the great work I have seen done by him and his team

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