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Hi everyone, Just paid my deposit for my...

Hi everyone,

Just paid my deposit for my brazilian butt lift with implants the 27th this month. I'm already super nervous, not about the surgery or anaesthesia but about the healing and aftercare. I'm going by myself because my friend bailed on me last minute. I am freaking out because I know I'm going to be in so much pain and I'm just praying that I will be able to at least get out of bed to go to the bathroom and things like that the first couple of days after. If the pain will be worse than when I had my breast augmentation I am screwed. I couldn't sit up in bed by myself. I trust Dr. Aslani tho, I know he's a top surgeon, and I'm going to do everything I can to make the healing procedure as good as possible by taking arnica and other vitamins. Anyone else who will be in Marbella by this time?

I keep fainting 1 day after my surgery.. Anyone else?

Hi dolls, I had my surgery last night (30 hrs ago) and I'm struggling a bit. I'm staying at the hospital for one extra night because every time I stand up I faint. On the floor, in the bathroom, everywhere. I feel fine when Im laying down on my stomach but as soon as I stand up I pass out. They say this is normal, but it still freaks me out because I have never fainted before ever. I think it is because I've lost some blood and Ive been laying down for such a long time as well. Has anyone else experienced this? Besides that, the pain is ok. I was prepared for the worst so I think that helped a lot. The drains are a bit scary and annoying but its ok. The cirumed staff crew is amazing though. I'll try to update you tomorrow :)


Hiii erryone

So its day nr 4 and I feel better. Still no pain just a little bit uncomfortable. I'm already over the moon with my result and I can't wait to get the drains out. If you consider doing a BBL go to Aslani. He is a magician. So everything good except for the painkillers and other meds are making me throw up. Im so sensitive lol. I spent the night at the bathroom floor haha. Theres another before photo now so you can compare. Xx
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