Mother of 3, No Butt, No Shape!!! - Marbella, ES

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Hi, I am new to this site and haven't had any...

I am new to this site and haven't had any surgery done yet. Recently contacted a doctor but have not heard from them yet so still waiting. Interested in a BBL but sceptical about what can be achieved for me! I am tall 5'11 with absolutely no butt at all! Not even sure if a doctor could make a significant difference on me LOL!!! I am still thinking about the procedure and are more geared towards Dr. Aslani because of his many positive reviews and also because his practice is closer to me than the USA . When I go for this surgery, I want to get a 'BIG' difference so I am trying to gain more fat to make my extract at least 1000cc each or even more:-). Not even sure if this is possible but hey! I still have to dream. Will upload photos of my little butt soon.

Soooo... embarrassing!!

Real pics of my flat ass! See...I wasn't joking about having absolutely no butt LOL!!!

Response From Aslani's assistant!!

Hey Guys! Just an update from Jenny, Aslani's assistant. I even got a call from them too, how Nice! Sent pics and got an assessment. All good but I'd like to put on a bit more weight. Still have not decided on when to go but hoping in a few months. The practice seems to be very professional and helpful. I am quite impressed!

Still Contemplating!

Just took 'better' picks but it's hard doing them by myself. Anyway I am trying to gain weight but it's really difficult! I am normally not a big eater and it's making me feel kinda stress:-(
Not sure when to go for my BBL but it has to be after a significant amount of weight gain so think in about four/five months.

Fat Necrosis from BBL???

I have been reading on his topic and got a bit worried about this possible consequence. Has anyone amongst Aslani's patience experienced Fat Necrosis? This is where the fat transferred becomes hard and lumpy. One solution is to have the hard fat aspirated but it doesn't always work according to what I've read here!! Apparently this can happen a while after BBL. Does anyone know about this problem and how it can be rectified??

Thinking of having a Tummy Tuck and BBL at the same time!!Any advice???

Hey beautiful ladies! I have been thinking of having both procedures but have not come across many experiences in this category. Thing is...
I have been gaining weight for my BBL plan but my stomach already looks really saggy from loose skin due to three pregnancies. I am worried that I after I have the BBL, I'd be left with extra saggy skin due the weight gain and that's just not what I want to wake up to, SO!! I have decided to enquire about doing both procedures and see what they say.
Good news is...I might have a consultation with Dr. Hamers as Dr. Aslani's on holiday, on 21 August. I am very excited to hear what advice he'll give!!!! Stay tuned pretty bells. Will let you know what is discussed:-)

OMG!!! Dr Hamers is just so fine!!!

Hia Ladies, Had a Skype consultation with Dr. Hamers about 10mins ago and must say...he's so nice!!! Gave me some really sound advice regarding both procedures and confirmed that he'd only do one at a time as this is safer, would yield much better results and be more bearable for me. I am going to have the BBL first and after three months I can have the TT. Wow!! I am so happy I can't wait!!!

Weight Gain Issues!!

Hi girls!!! Been trying so hard to gain weight from my previous pics and can't believe that with all my increased consumption, I only gained a few pounds from 161.00lbs to 164.6lbs. I really don't know how to improve on this faster! I am usually not a big eater and now I'm eating everything I get my hands on, anything with creams, sugar, lots of cabs and so on!
I have also uploaded recent pics of my bootyless butt:-( Not even sure I'll have enough fat by the time I go in.

Have an appointment with Dr. Gupta at the Private Clinic in Harley street!

I have been thinking about this procedure a lot and even tho I had opted for Dr.Aslani because his brilliant work, I am now considering having it done here/London due to costs and any associated risks. I will be only own as well and that terrifies me! On the 10th/Oct/2014 I have an appointment with Dr.Gupta at the Private clinic to discuss the procedure and what I can expect. I will update this review once I have seen him.
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