butt fat transfer with dr.aslani marbs......Spain, ES

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So I ahve been wanting to do this as long as I can...

So I ahve been wanting to do this as long as I can think I wan't to wear the clothes I like and feel sexy again just before my beautiful child entered into my life. i am scared of surgery but after reading all these great reviews it seems to be a great experience for most.originally I wanted to have it done in miami and I have seen many results from doctors there but finally found cirumed on instagram and I just love their before and afters so now I am finally doing it I have put my deposit down and now I am about to undergo my transformation.
Will keep everybody posted prey for me !

made it to the other side

over and done.he has done some very aggressive lipo so black and blue, the doctor was really cool , reassuring. There is a lot of pain on my back, and I ooze big time.My ass is huge he said he put in 1200cc but it looks double that amount can't believe it is mine !
I have night sweats and the garment is really incomfortable.The doctor came in yesterday and says he was quite pleased with everything, yeah right but he is the surgeon....hahahahha....but jokes aside I cannot believe the way I look so happy totally clear it won't stay like that but I look like a completely different person.
Everybody nice and sweet with me will jus hang in there. I post a pic of my bruised ass !

to blunt for rs

didn't come up, first impression

faja pic

strange feeeling to have your butt exposed all over the web.....well, hope nobody minds but will post a pic with faja instead........

seven months updtae

I don't know if I have been just one of the lucky ones but i really feel that I have more or less maintained my volume. also I got some nasty messages claiming I was a "vampire" who looks for others but does not duly updtae their own experience eand I don't have any defence....people claimming this are right. I came out happy.....I had a great result-.......more than I expected....and then....I just moved on. like many here I guess.
My first message: don't get upset with girls not updating regularly. It is our nature we do and forget. nonody wants to hold back.
Second message: there is a wonderful BBL surgeon in Europe. I have had a truly amazing experience and I look forward to receive the usual stupid comments that he was not radical enough , too defensive and so on.
He is good at what he does, and as I think possibly the best. Good night for now !


I love this shit !

So here is butt greed......round 2 ?

Hello everyone I haven't been on RS for some time. I am still very happy with my result. My butt size hasn't changed over months so pretty much perfect. I have a tiny little lump on my left lower back ,nothing major and I think it is one of these things that come with such surgeries. I got in touch with the clinic and they offered me to pop in for a cortisone shot and since then I start catching myself thinking.....what if I do a second round ? I know it may sound a bit silly but this stuff is definitely addictive. I mean I know I would have to gain some weight cos ge really scratched me out completely and I have been training quite a bit so not sure if I am just being silly or not

To round two or not to ????

As most of you might know I have been thinking about round two for some time.My partner says I am crazy and that I should be happy with what I got which I am,I am more than just happy and thankful for my results but have been thinking about pushing it even more. On the other hand I appreciate that I have really good results and I should not push my luck. I spoke to Dr.Aslani last week and he says ifor I want round 2 to be worthwhile I would need to gain like 10kg and I don't really fancy that .I am also concerned that I might look ridiculous What do you dolls think ?
Spain Plastic Surgeon

pleased with my surgery and care received.Results are good

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