Making my Dream Come True - Spain, ES

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Today is my big day and I put down my deposit I...

Today is my big day and I put down my deposit I want to get  my body back into shape ! I am so tired of my pancake ass
I did not get too much support from my loved ones in the beginning but my journey got a really unexpected twist.
My whole family was totally against me having surgery abroad at first ! The got even angry with me I was primarily looking DR but whilst rates are affordable there are so many travel expenses and I also think it is scary to be so far away.
I fell madly in live with dr.aslani's work in spain but he was totally outside my bugdet.
No mourning...... I respect that such surgeries are expensive in europe and america if you want to go to a real hospital......but if you can't afford it you can't afford it so my focus moved to turkey. I think they do good work there it is reasonably priced and in case of any emergency I would somehow be able to go back.
But I have just not seen the kind of result I am looking for.
It still sounds too good to be true but my dad will help me out.came totally out of the blue......he said that he accepts that I will do it anyway and of se he wants me to go to a good and safe place. I just love him !
Sharing my joy with all of you !


These are two results of dr.aslani's page that I just love I feel that both girls look similar to me but I don't want to be unrealistic I have seen so many reviews and stories of girls who were unhappy mostly because of completely overblown expectations. If I could just get something similar I would be so happy !

Ultimate wish pic


Arm lipo

Yes, no ?i am unsure who has had it who can recommend it ?


My weight gain is going really well much easier than I expected! Downside is will be running around with fat rolls all summer urrgh

Massage at home

Any girls with jetlipo knowing if I need to do any extra massages back home and if yes how many ?

Weight gain

I am starting to feel like a really fat cow I cannot wear my jeans anymore it is horrible

Fat versus water ?

I keep gaining weight steadily but is there a way to make sure I am really gaining fat and not just water ?

Facing the unavoidable

Let me share my misery party people. I think you will all agree I need to get this sorted ASAP.

All coming faster now

I had originally asked the clinic to advise me for an earlier date in case the have a cancellation well what I had in mind was one or two months earlier now my PC says I could go one week before because they have someone who has to potspone not sure if it is worth it to change all my bookings for one week ???

It's happening today !

I am at the quiron hospital and hyperventilating girls pray for me !

Looks like a success

I will update in a couple of days I am really exhausted but it looks great.stayed an extra night in hospital

At day 3

So dar all has been reasonably ok. I mean hey,this is major surgery so what would you expect. So I give you a short summary of my story when they brought me down I was nearly gaving a heart attack so they left me there around an hour waiting which was not great. One of Dr.Aslani's assistants came to take pictures she seemed nice but hardly spoke any English. A short while after dr.aslani himself showed up and omg he was so nice he definitely knows how to calm you down. A short chat with yhe anesthesist and off we go next thing is I wake up and shake like an electric eel I was freezing and they kept me in recovery for ages dr.aslani came to see me in my room to tell me how it all went but I don't remember very well what he explained. I have not seen him since which upsets me a bit but his staff is very nice and hey.....the butt looks good. Will keep you people updated

Just to let everybody know

I have 1400cc each butt. Was told today.yeah !

Survived the first week

Everything looking pretty much alright I saw dr.aslani's collegue today and he seemed pleased would have liked to see aslani himself but they said he has gone to US

Foam triangle

The thing is driving me insane how long did other aslani girls use it ?


Has anybody of you girls advice what helps against itching ? Feels like a million ants all over me !

One week

Feeling like a whale

Side view

The itching is still there but much better. I have started to leave the faja of one or two hours a day I know I shouldn't but there is no way I can keep it full time. Other than that the whole shit us looking pretty good don't you think ?


Itching is driving me crazy the things we do to be beautiful

Six weeks after bbl in spain

Good:my butt has kept a good size there was a moment when I was panicking to loose more volume but things stabilzed.I am pleased with my waist which was even more important.
Issues: the skin on my back is still completely numb.I was told that this was normal so will have to be biggest issue is pain when I sit underneath my left butt.anybody had this ?
Spain Plastic Surgeon

My favourite surgeon !

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