Lipo and Bbl with Aslani DONE ! Spain

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Hello guys , I've really been thinking whether to...

Hello guys , I've really been thinking whether to actially get the bbl as I've had lipo before and don't want anyone to know.! I know it's sounds stupid . But I want a normal shaped bum nothing too dramatic. I'm nervous !! Dr Aslani is going to be doing it for me . The site has really helped me as I've seen his best results on here !! Please keep up with me guys my procedure is on Monday .l!!!! I got a early appointment so I haven't been able to sink in what's actually going to happen . I don't want people to know I'm getting it done do you think I can hide it ?

Done it on Monday !! It's Wednesday today !!

It has been sooooo uncomfortable shit. I toss and turn all night . I'm in pain but not too too much , it's just mostly frustrating not being able to sit down and lay on my back . I'm still leaking quite a lot . Surgery went well though but I did throw up on the first night , I think it was the pressure of laying on my belly . Please if you have any tips of how I can make this easier let me know !!

Some Advice

I definitely feel that you should let your scars heal naturally and give them air. I feel this makes the incisions heal quicker as the plaster prevent air from coming in and can potentially cause infection . So let the wounds leak and heal naturally . Some of my wounds are already scabbing and its basically day 4 !!

Swelling going down . Love my waist line yall

Swelling going down . Love my waist line y'all

Remember I didn't want it big at all !

Sorry sooo rubbish at pictures. I will try to get someone to take some for me ! Had a massage today !!

Hey guys , I had the first massage today. The clinic is lovely and very modern and clean . I did feel like I wanted to throw up this morning from the antibiotics but it eventually calmed down after some fizzy coke and a massage. Sometimes the pressure of the garment can make you quite sick so don't kill yourself trying to wear it too tight you will throw up . I Defo feel the massage helped and really reduced the swelling . Everyday gets better as they say. It's just the sleeping that Is really hard . I'm dying to just sit down . Sometimes you will wonder if it's worth all the hassle then I look at my waist lol.

Day 4/5

I will give the ratings aged guys and pictures !!

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