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Have been thinking about BBL surgery for almost...

Have been thinking about BBL surgery for almost two years !Now I want it more than everf !
I was told I need to gain at least 10 to 15 pounds to be a good candidate. I want to have surgery done in early 2016. I have a lot of issues with my BF about this, but I am doing this FOR ME !
I have been looking for the right surgeon currently my plan is to go to Alexander Aslani in spain but I am yet to have my online consultation.
They asked me for a BMI of something like 28 which is very high for me but many of his butts are very big and I don’t necessarily want that.
I am very concerned about going alone, my partner is probably not going to be a great help he might not even come along even if I ask him. The hospital standard of care in Spain is very high, just as in UK or US, so perhaps I will just do it alone. Don’t know yet.
Any advice greatly welcome !

This is getting real !

Haven't logged on for a while....many things have happened. I look like a balloon and have 10 extra pounds on!! My surgery is on the 3 november !

no more rice

can't wait til this is over I promise never to have steamed rice in my life this has been so hard !


anxiety is killing me I want this procedure I am just so worried about complications.I am sure I will have the results I want just so scared something goes wrong omg this is wrecking !

am i getting a cold ?

panicking cos having a sore throat and a little temperature does that mean they can't do my surgery ? is there anything to make it go rapidly ?


my gp says there is no way i can have the surgery for bronchitis ???I am not feeling that bad and reorganizing the whole trip is no option ! Help ! How do i get fit quicky ???

It is happening !

hi girls just to update I finally got my clearence and today it is happening just arrived in spain it is pouring and cold...not what i had expected. Anyway, I am not here for leisure but I am a lady on a mission see you guys on the other side !

I am okay !

will post pictures soon !

postsurgery blues

I am feeling very swollen hope the butt will shrink a bit it is very very swollen , brusing up to my vagina.

hi ladies

loast post didn't load up.the nurse said I am healing fast, doesn't feel like it but guess she has more comparison. I am still using the black faja. don't feel much pain just soreness and the famous bloating

five days in my new body

Day five and I am quite good,he bruising is fading very fast, not draining any more. starting to have skin irritation from the garment.other than that fine, my bloaty tummy is not so bloaty any more.and I feel I am getting used to myself.

discharge from clinic

so I have had my discharge appointment with the doctor he seemed quite pleased with how thhings go. I keep adjusting my faja, which is difficult sometimes. people here have been very nice with me.The recovery process is a challenge and everybody has helped me a lot.worried about the plane ride but after going through all this I am sure that won't kill me. I am just happy that all went so smooth

three months news update and all those little things

i am more than three montsh after now. I think my butt looks great I would have liked it a bit bigger but my BF says i am crazy ! The left hip took much more time to come down as compared to the right but the look sort of balanced now. The only real issue I have is that my back is totally numb, I mean totally like TOTALLY. I don't know if this is normal......hey....... I don't NEED my back for feeling things but it is strange. I hope it comes back but even if not...hey look at that bum was worth it no ?


Hi dolls thought I post a little update. All is back to normal and feels how it should feel. I am really happy with my results the surgery has changed my body so much. I have caught myself thinking..
.....second round ????? I am very with dr.aslani's work perhaps I am just greedy my partner says I am crazy but butt greed is a disease !
Spain Plastic Surgeon

He has done some great surgery for me and I am happy.

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