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I have been researchung and reading reviews for...

I have been researchung and reading reviews for more than two yearsnow .

Chosen a doctor, discarded him,chosen him again,discarded him again.
Stared at other peoples transformation and desired this soooo much.
When you want to have your breasts done there is abundant offer virtually around every corner but it is incredibly difficult to find a good butt surgeon.
I am great admirer of dr salama's work which was my first choice. I also love dr.aslanis resulrs and he has the great benefit of being reasonably close.
So far so that was the start of my dilemma.
I was very concerned about the stories about burns from salama patients. Fair enough,but i accept things can occur anywhere and hey,we are talking just some very few cases as compared to many,many really great bums.
With dr. Aslani i had some concerns that he might be conservative since he is european and bbl is not that common here.
Here again,there is another view on things.....because with some here i was tempted to think that this may be rather prejudice than actual fact.
It seems that a lot of users here have some issues with their outcomes or want second rounds.with dr.aslani, more than with other surgeon,are very forthcoming to accuse him of a lack of radicality.
My suspicion is would he work in the states he would likely not have that problem.
So far my thoughts,and summing it all up,and hoping to do the right thing for me i have put my deposit down for marbella.
I know i am doing the right thing !


so I did have my online consultation with the doctor and as I had expected he said that for my dream result I would need to include butt implants. I really don't want this but I also don't want to go through all this and not have a great result in the end. I will just try to gain as much fat as possible before sx. Posting my wish do you guys think I could achieve something like this with 800/900cc ?

my online consultation.....I have very mixed feelings.....

I had my consultation with the doctor yesterday. So now I am more confused than ever. Good: I was very impressed with the doctor, he was really very nice and he came across very competent. I really liked him. Negative: As I had feared, he recommended implants if I want the desired result. Oh god I had been hoping so much he wouldnt say this !
To his opinion I don't have enough donor fat to achieve my goal. He said "you can try to gain weight although gained weight but I think you would be happier with implants".
I really need a few days to digest this. Oh god why is all this so difficultt girls please help !

Can I have implants after BBL?

I was wondering whether anyone implants after having a BBL ? The clinic mentioned the possibility og doing fat transfer and if I considered the result as not big enough they could later add implants. Has anyone done that ?

okay so....

I will ask Jenny for a second consultation. I am just completely confused right now. perhaps I can clarify things in a second chat
my concern is that Dr.Aslani may fear that I confront him with ridiculous expectations afterwards even when he has done his best (looking at his reviews he seems to have that from time to time) but I really won't do that. If he is unwilling to do the BBl then I will reconsider Salama


Sorry for ranting but really I am a bit upset. I have been following another irl here,eleanorqsq, and she posted her before and after last night, she looks brutal, real massive, and her befores are not different to mine.SO WHY DOES HE RECOMMEND FAT FOR ONE AND IMPLANTS FOR THE OTHER ??
I really think I will have to go salama. he does not leave me any other choice

Second consultation

So I had my second online consultation yesterday. The doctor was nice, but he repeated his reluctance to do fat transfer only.I don't want to come across stubborn, but he has done many girls with my frame and they came out with good results. I confronted him with that, as he says I compare my case to others that are different. I really don't think that is true.
I feel I have more than enough fat. And I can't understand why he is so into implants in my case.
I am thankful for a surgeon giving me his opinion but I don't understand why he cannot respect a patient's desires. He says that he thinks that I will not be happy with the result. How does he want to know that ?so I will look ahead, I will go dr salama, who is also brilliant, and perhaps he seems more prepared to respect my preferences.

weight gain

okay so in light of dr.aslani's reluctance to perform fatgrafting and his slightly stubborn insisting on silicone I have now set my mind on miami and dr.salama, I would be grateful for rapid weight gain advice, thank you for any pointers


am I doing the right thing ? I don't know I am so desperate. I think I have looked at evey single one of dr.salama's reviews.....this man is a gifted artist, no doubt, but looking closely his really great results are with chubby girls. he is gofted , no shadow of a doubt, but maybe BBL is really not for me help I just don't know what to do !


There are days when I think I will just give the whole thing a miss.I am turning in circles. I had made up my mind to go miami with salama. I think he is great but one impression has cemented in my mind. the amount of fat maybe equally important as thee craft of the surgeon. I have followed quite a few girls here and so many who are thin are somewhat disappointed with their results ?
Some are full of shit and just blame the surgeon for their lack of resources which is crazy I think, and some just accept it, but perhaps I should really do silicone ? I don't wanna end up unsatisfied !

This is killing me

my buttock surgery is an important step in my life and I am really about to give that whole thing a miss I am so frustrated and desorientated. I appreciate that dr a just recommends what he thinks is best I am not questioning that but should he not leave the choice up to his patients ? I think it is great that he does both things implant and fat no doubt but should he not let patients choose in the end ?

what is this ?

I have received a message urging me not to go to dr omuplu ?? I am also asked to wwarn others ?? I am not sure how I would do that ?? I don't know the man so how could I warn anybody for heaven's sake ?

Mind made up....

before this is really driving me crazy I have decided to go for oval implants and fatgrafting I am just too scared that I won't get the desired result with fat only. If I get an infection or some other horrible thing that can happen with implants so it be I just can't stand the thought of coming back unsatisfied. support urgently requested please tell me all I am doing the right thing !

my heart goes out to "nonmannotrouble"

we are taking such difficult decisions and we do not need in such difficult moments for others to shit on us regards to rose92 if you are unhappy witth yourself don't harrass others this by itself is difficult enough I cannot believe how people can be so nasty to post negative stuff on other blogs trying to create insecurity

any suggestions for insurance

I am totally frustrated trying to find a reasonable does not seem to be a question of price they just don't offer. My travel insurance does not cover medical tourism travel. I cannot get any other any suggestions ?

Fat ?

With my weight gain going well i might change the plan again I have already gained 8 kg and feel like a whale !the asked me to gain 10kg so I think that they should be happy to offer me fat transfer now.weight gain is so hard

This is becoming reality

I have two more weeks to go.seems surreal.still cannot believe I am doing this

Sitting after implants

The clinic have told me that I could use a bbl pillow after surgery.I have read you could not use such because of the tension in the muscle ?????can anybody advise on that please ?


Do I need any certificate for the flight back ? It is just a short flight but a friend told me they might not let me on board without certificate ?true or false ?

That is it

Now there is no way back ! pray for me i will pray for all of you !

After surgery

I had an epidural so woke up without pain.butt feels hard and tight and looks high that epidural has worn off I start to feel discomfort.I have prolonged my hospital stay for two days.

Drains ?

My left drain seems to have an air leak does anybody no what that means I phoned the clinic they said I should come in immediately. What can happen ?


Thank you all for your concern,just to update everyone it was nothing,just the valve of the bottle the assistant just changed the bottle and all works now thank god !

Drains out

Massive relief feeling so much better

Things seem to be going the right way

I think everything looks pretty good don't you guys think ?

Before after

I hope you all can see better with that,the implants still sit a bit high I think but I like the projection. I still do not know exactly how much I had I have not seen dr.aslani since surgery which I think is a bit odd. Apart from that all well will keep everybody updated

Difference in hardness ?

I am pleased with how the look I am only a bit concerned with the fact that one side feels much harder than the other I am not sure if that is something to worry about or not.

Happy butt !

Thanks to everyone for your kind messages and your concern ! Overwhelming ! All settled in,both sides soft and equal and I think now it is fair to say that it was a good decision to do the implants i would not definitely not ve happy with less volume than that !

Three months after

Side view I think projection is quite good
Spain Plastic Surgeon

I was a bit upset in the beginning because dr.aslani insisted on implants while I felt I could have gone for a bbl but if nothing major happens from now on I think it was a good decision I am quite satisfied with my result so far

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