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I'm 33 and rather thin.I want a nice curvy...

I'm 33 and rather thin.I want a nice curvy hourglass figure, and I especially need some hips. I have researched with 5 different surgeons and have been told I need to gain some weight. It is inconvenient for me to travel for the procedure but I cannot get BBL close to home. I had been looking into dr.aslani 3 years ago but there was much less info on him but it seems that now that he has focussed his practice very much on BBL and the results I have seen lately are really encouraging.
I am facing gaining weight don’t really know how since that part has always been very hard for me. The clinic have recommended me some supplements for weight gain which are awful. I want minimum 1000cc each cheek need to put on minimum of 5-10 kg to get there.the clinic have also recommended that I consider butt implants, but I really don’t want to go down that road. I admit that the implant work I have seen from cirumed looks very good but I would rather have fat transfer.
The communication with Dr.Aslani’s office has been good although I feel you notice that they have very little competetion close-by. Some things are handled on a „take it or leave it“ basis, I don’t want to be misunderstood , always professional and very polite, but I am wondering if they would handle some things the same way would they have a couple of doctors around who offer the same.
Just thoughts.....
On the good side, it seems that Dr.Aslani does really a lot of BBL surgeries, which is the most important point for me. That is what counts. I want a great result.
So if anyone can give useful tips on how to gain as much weight as possible in as short a time a possible, I am most thankful.

Tomorrow is the big day

This is surreal !As the days get closer I get more and more nervous! Wooo, this is crazy girls!
I'm stressing so hard
As the days get closer I get more and more nervous! ! Sleeping is so difficult at bedtime, and I get high anxiety and chest pain ! Wooo, this is crazy girls!
My labs came back okay I was worried about my hb because chronically anemic. Was a relief to have this within the green zone. See you guys on the other side !

omg done !

I will be brief...........since it is very, very awkward to write this. I am not in bad pain but very nauseous. Have been up for a minute or so, just a few steps and that made me even more nauseous. But I had a brief peek at my butt and it looks enormous !!!! everybody has been great will post pics shortly, when I feel more up to it.......


walking around, sleeping like a seasick turtle, I already miss the feeling of siting down but bum looks just great.


When I look at my first pics now it looks okay but the first time I saw it gave me a fright. we get used to everything quickly. it is a bit on the big side now but in a few weeks it will be perfect

Garment issues

I am a bit concerned that my garment may be too tight ? I need to take it if every x jours since the presuure is really unbearable. Just hope that the pressure doesn't affect the fat the doctor put on my hips

check up

saw the surgeon very briefly for my last checkup today he seemed very pleased. The bruising is fadinng already I still have a lot of water in the legs actually weigh 2kg plus compared to before surgery. Would think this is due to swelling. ?

my balance

it has been four months since I had BBL surgery. It was very hard to get rid if the weight I gained before. Luckliy, my weight loss efforts did not really affect the butt but it was very hard to get rid of that puffy look in my face. I am overall pretty pleased, the incisions have faded nicely there is just one that is still noticable

half year benchmark

hi all so I am approaching the 6 montsh landmark generally pleased with everything I still have very good volume and get a lot of compliments for my body. There are still three of the needle incisions that have not yet disappeared completely but the others are gone really it is not very visible so I hope for it to fully go in teh next month. so here is to my 6 months baby what do you dolls say hahaha ?

Very happy with results so far, great waist, good volume and no complications

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