Dr.Aslani Marbella BBL. Spain, ES

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I have put my deposit down with Cirumed two weeks...

I have put my deposit down with Cirumed two weeks ago.I have already started shopping for things and getting myself geared up. I just want to take what is absolutely necessary, but also not miss out on anything. I am already more than just confused with garments and supplements so much different info, and partly contradictory. As if my body mission was cursed, I got an irresistible job offer just after closing my deal. It is not totally clear whether I get the job, but it looks very much like it.
If positive I will have to start in January…..so I would love to exchange my appointment.PC only gave me dates very close to Christmas because Dr.Aslani seems pretty much booked up before. Would anybody with an appointment for late October /November want to switch ?


it is very difficult to respond to gaps opening when you live abroad. Jenny advised me about a cancellation for the 13.10 on the 9th so how can I reasonably organize in such a short timeframe ? I appreciate she is doing her best but for somebody out of spain this is not realistic

new butt just two weeks away !

so after I had already given up all hope .....I can now have my surgery in two weeks, I presume there has been a cancellation.i now have to look into flights and hotel ! has anybody got feedback on the cristobal hotel ? I am also thankful for other pointers thanks girls

on the road to bootyland.....

So with just very little time left last minute doubts are creeping into my mind. What if my body breaks down the fat ? I have full confidence in my surgeon but I am sure that there are some things he can't control. I just try to be positive

two more days !!

just two more days to go !

first garment

I have some trouble with the first phase garment it seems too tight in the leg area what is the effect if I just do not wear it and wait for the second one ?


posting my first shots now the worst bruising has settled.the volume is perfect for me right now hope it won't go down too much more


I am feeling very swollen still although I think not as much as I really am. there is no pain. I am feeling stiff, if that makes sense.

massage of tummy ?

Before surgery I was very concerned about irregularities on my tummy. I had been told in various places that the thinner yoou are before surgery, the higher the risk of that happening. I have been told to start massaging the zone about two weeks but all is still very tender.All looks good so far but Is there anything else one can do ?


liking it


I would say I am more or less back to normal now. There still is some swelling on my feet and my back is numb. I walk normal though and I am desperate to sit on it. But comparing to what I have read from others I think I was lucky and had a relatively easy recovery. did any of you do further massages after returning form spain ? They told me that it was not necessary but I could if I wanted

before pic

just noticed that I have not really posted any pics of my miserable butt before. omg I can't even look at that and if I do I am even happier that i found the guts to do this . Bah !

butt surviving christmas.....

I am trying to keep my body in shape during the festive season which is not always easy.

I have done my bbl 6 months ago

I am still quite happy with my shape it is so much better than I was before volume is ok we all get a bit greedy with time but I am thankful for what I got.

More pics

Six month post bbl.I think it still looks pretty good and I like my curvy shape
Spain Plastic Surgeon

My surgery is 6 months back dr.aslani has done good work and I am happy with my outcome. I would have appreciated to hear more from them in the aftercare but overall very pleased

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