Brazilian butt lift Aslani,1000cc each - Marbella, Spain

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I have been checking out reviews for nearly one...

I have been checking out reviews for nearly one year now.
I am not totally unhappy with my body but I want more shapes and some curves. I am not fat but have some really bothering problem zones.
Many girls here want crazy booties , which is okay, everybody at their own liking, but I do not want any bf is into butts and definitely a fan but he also does not want a huge butt.
When I mailed the clinic they said I would need implants because my BMI was low. I appreciate that they are used to people asking them for monstrous butts and it was a bit of hard work to make clear that that was not my preference.
Dr.Aslani does some brilliant work and I love it, but really some of the butts are too much for my taste, I want something subtle but sexy.
I just had my online consultation with the doctor, who was very nice and he definitely knows his stuff. I will trust him with everything but I made clear that I would not want more than 1000cc under any circumstances.I also want a heart shape, not round.Let the games begin !

Hi from th other side !

So it has been a while since I have been online on RS....forgive me, I was always so upset about people here vampiring on the photos of others and then not posting anything themselves. Just to find theat I am not any better.
So in summary: I have been very inspired by all your comments so on teh day of surgery I asked the surgeon to simply put as much as he could. I was concerned that I wake up with a kim kardashian butt (which i did) but I have been taking in advice that I would possibly quite like that (which was also true).
He gave me 1000cc each and he told me afterwards he could not have put anymore anyway, so all the fear for nothing.
I was in pain the first couple of days but the worst was the constant feeling of being bloated and swollen, to be honest that lated a full two weeks.walking around was hard but the hardest was going to the toilet which was a real challenge at least for me.
The first days with the garment wa hell but now I have come to terms with it.Dr.Aslani has given me a brilliant surgery and his team is 10 out of 10 but ideally I would have liked to see a bit more of him. In fact, I saw him 3 minutes before surgery and another two when he came checking on me a week after. My BF said he was also in the room after sx but I cannot even remember that.
Never mind, what counts is that I have a good result and this was important.

apologies dolls !

It seems that I still have some lessons to learn in life and one of them is the correct upload of pics on RS lol !
Here go my first pics will keep updating you lot promise !

good day community

pictures without garment as requested....

have been asked to update with more angles here we go

evolution of my new body

As you can see I still have some bruising on the sides. I hope this will go quickly the nurse in the clinic told me that this may be becuase of the celulaze ??? Other than that, very happy

how it goes

dr aslani did my bbl two months ago.I am happy with both my shape and my size.My incisions have gone dark, that is a problem I always have with any surgery, I hope for that to fade I wanted to use a skin bleacher but the clinic avised against it they say it can cause irritations.So will just wait for the time being. I am getting a lot of compliments for my new body !

Sorry dolls have been lazy.......

RS is kind of your life before this but afterwards we all just move on.but all going well I gave good results

Half a year already

I still have a numb back..but still a good butt I would say

Haven't logged in some time

So take the chance to do an update although not really much is changing still very pleased with shape and size.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

I just had my consultation and I found Dr.Aslani very nice, professional and competent . His results are awesome and I feel he gives the highest probability to come back safe and with a great result. In the end I had 1000 of fat each side. I am pleased with my look, now will wait to see how it develops, 6 months after it is looking very good

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