Brazillian Butt Lift with Dr Aslani in Marbella - Spain, ES

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So its been more than a month since i had the...

So its been more than a month since i had the Brazilian butt lift done by Dr Aslani in Spain Marbella. I actually live in France. So first of all i wanna talk about is the "before procedure date" its important because i had so many fears and questions. The person i was in touch everytime before the procedure was Jenny! She is an amazing person and its so clear that she loves her job and gives even more. She is Dr Aslani personal asistant and everytime i had questions or anything she answered so quickly! We exchanged ours watsap so i could even talk to her late at night so the communication was very very easy. So the first good point is easy and fast communication. Before i had my consultation with Dr Aslani she already answered many of my questions. So i had a skype consultation with Dr Aslani, i sent my pictures before, he seemed nice to me but what really relieved me was the fact that i felt like he knew what he was talking about and understood my needs. The skype consultation lasted an hour and what i also appreciated was the fact that he told me what was possible to do or not and didnt promise me something i couldnt get which is better to me. I had lipojet and laser lipo to my back, flanks, abdomen and thighs then the fat has been injected to my butt and hips too. Laser lipo is supposed to accentuate the hourglass shape that i wanted to achieve. So even after consultation i felt confident about the procedure but still afraid of the pain sooo afraid of that! So i had the procedure done maybe 10 days after the consultation and i had a taxi that picked me up and also brought me back to the airport included in the price. The price also included one night at the clinic which is perfect! Very modern and my room at the clinic looked like a mini suite i had a sofa a tv the bathroom was very clean and cute everything was perfect. Included in the price the garment and the belt and i also had 2 lymphatic massages. So i stayed at NH marbella hotel i changed my hotel twice! The first hotel i wanted wasnt nice at all i forgot the name but i saw reviews on tripadvisor and it was a mess so when i arrived in the malaga airport i went to the ibis hotel but the clinic was in marbella and its like 45min away so it wasnt very easy. Honestyl NH marbella was perfect its a very beautiful and clean hotel and the price is affordable to me its in marbella not far from the clinic so it was perfect to me. The food is great and i had breakfast included in the price anyway good hotel if youre in marbella. So i asked the taxi to pick me and bring me to the clinic the morning of the procedure very nice guy. So of course i was stressed up i just sat and wait somebody to come. The person who came for me was Carolina! OMG i cant tell you how grateful im am she was my support before the surgery. She is a very nice person i went there by myself no family member no friends so i was so afraid and sad. She was my support before the surgery she even let me call to france from her phone because i needed to talk to somebody close to me. She reassured me she took my hand she did her best to make me feel good and it worked because even though i still was afraid i felt better. So i went on a room to change and layed on the bed carolina was always with me then a nurse came and took some blood for tests. After that the anestesist came Dr Bass i think, very funny he made me feel comfortable too! By the way i had sedation not general anestesia. After that it all went very quickly i had somebody who came to bring me in another room and while on the bed dr Bass came and injected the sedation it went so fast in few seconds i felt so weiiirdddd like i was in a dream i was very relax!!! Barely could stand on my feet! I couldnt stop laughing and stuff weird sensation. So i enter in the surgery room and i see Dr Aslani and nurses and an other Dr. My only regret is that i wished i could talk with dr aslani before i got the sedation because i wasnt really aware at the time. So i had a " betadine shower" dr aslani drew things on my body as a plan and then i layed on the bed and i dont remember anything just remember when i woke up. So i slept a whole lot i really woke up at 7pm and i got the surgery around10am i guess or maybe 11am. I opened my eyes few times but i was sooooo tired! I felt some pain but everytime i told the nurse she gave me pain killer through infusion and then i felt good. That first day was tough i even threw up and i could barely walk but everybody was very nice with me one person i didnt mention is Blanca she works at the clinic and she is one of the other person that has been really good to me i felt well surrounded by the hospital staff. As for the results straight after surgery i could see the difference especially the waist way more tiny and this hourglass shape was already there! This review is getting very long so i only gonna mention the important things. The first week isnt easy but its not like a real pain its more like a big discomfort you wont cry like for a tooth pain which is way worse! But your body becomes so heavy and sleeping on the belly, not being able to sit stuff like that is difficult too i needed 2 weeks to get used to it. Nevertheless i stayed for a week and when i got back home i already felt way better. 5 days After surgery i went to Dr Aslani's private clinc and i had a consultation and a lymphatic massage, plus another massage the day after. All of that was included in the price. Im at 5 weeks today and i can see the difference the skin retraction is doing great and its very important to always wear the garment and the belt very tight. My thighs are a little thiner i dont know if it will be even more in few weeks but i wish so. The more impressive results are the waist the hips the hourglass shape for the butt i think its bigger but i wish it was even bigger i dont know if im so used to it that i dont see the big difference anymore but i can say its bigger but i wish i had it even bigger honestly with bigger projection but you know what. The before and after is there my body had changed in a way better way so im happy with the results. And even after these 5 weeks i still am in regular contact with dr Aslani's staff Jenny in particular and this is very relieving. This is my honest review on my personnal experience with Dr Aslani in Marbella My remarks are:
1- the communication, informations and awareness before the procedure is great.
2- the clinic is modern clean and technology is on point
3- the staff of the clinic was a real support to me while i didnt have any family member or friend
4- Dr Aslani is professionnal and knows his job but you wont be in touch with him very much just for consultations or the day of surgery other than that his personnal assistants are great and helpful!
5- the price is correct and includes transportation from and to the airport, one night at the clinic, one garment, lymphatic massages
6- the first results are visible straight after surgery
7- i wish i add more butt and thinner thighs BUT your body will look way better anyway so i didnt do that for nothing!
8- Aslo i wish i could talk to Dr aslani before being on sedation
9- its been 5 weeks and i still am in contact with Jenny Dr aslani's personnal assistant and she is the sweetest person so its not like after the surgery they forget you and dont wanna know how your recovery is doing! I think its important for a Dr to care about his patients and thats the way i feel about Dr Aslanis and his staff.

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