My Brazilian butt lift journey with Aslani- Marbella

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So in the end I am going for the big ride now…....

So in the end I am going for the big ride now…..I have been working in the cosmetic surgery industry for four years. I think I have learnt many valuable things about this stuff but in 4 years in the profession I have never seen any buttock surgery done. I have seen about everything else but not that.
So before my body goes completely flat and saggy I am gearing up now.
I have looked into this for many years and felt that I could not get what I wanted without travelling to the states.
This was sort of okay one of the surgeons I worked with mentioned that there was a doctor in Spain doing a lot of butts, He did neither recall the name nor would he have precisely recommended him, he just said check it out I know there was someone.
When I started researching here I am nearly 100% sure that he was referring to dr.aslani unless I have missed anyone out ?
I really needed to get my head into the idea of doing it in Europe. Somehow it was something that really stopped me in the beginning, it just sounds strange to me.
But researching him here I have to see I really like his work and his way to do it.
The reviews I have seen about him are really good. No doubt in literally every post on him someone pops up alleging he was not radical enough but I share the opinion of some that this may just be a head thing.
So this as far as to where and with which doctor, now regarding the actual procedure from what I understand I am looking at well more than 1200-1300cc into each cheek to get more or less the result I want.
It would be awesome to get feedback from other European girls especially with view to get the necessary supplies here.


this is on dr.aslani's facebook page my absolute wish I love this transformation !


helps if I upload with actual pic...!

breast surgery in the same act ?

I would love to get my boobs done at the same time the clinic said NO. their reasoning is that they would not know how to position me after surgery now my question is anybody aware of boob protection pillow that i could use ?

So no boobs :-(

I have not spoken to dr.aslani yet but jenny said he definitely won't do breasts at the same time not even implant exchange. Never mind the butt is more important now breasts I will just do later! I am due to have my online consultation today I will at least ask him but if not that is also okay for me. Butt first !

Online chat with surgeon

So I spoke to the doctor tonight. He was really friendly and kind,with a good sense of humour. Great.
Don 't know why but I had not been expected him to be like that.he confirmed that he does recommend breast and bbl together,other than that jenny had told me most anyway so not much new. But nice first impression I have to say

My befores

I think my problem is clear no shape no hips just saddlebags so hope to get this sorted

Fat tissue necrosis

I have read about this happening in bbl what can I do to prevent this ?

Shall I do celulaze ?

Unsure....question out to all aslani patients with experience

Close up shot ?

Suggestions ?

Massages with waterjet

A question to anybody who has had bodyjet lipo is one or two massages really enough ?

Totally hooked

RS is so addictive can't help it I am so hooked ! Has anybody got useful advice on adominal boards for a flat tummy ?

Hubby coming along

So I had some extensive discussions with my better half who was not really supportive to start with he is very much against surgery am I but in the end it looks that he respects how much I want this and he acknowledges that I have picked a good and safe surgeon so he is coming with which means the world to me !

Gained 6 pounds !

Well some things seem to work without effort !

Travel with bbl pillow

Can I travel with the pillow ? Fact or fiction ?


So we are all set heading out for spain this weekend to get that BOOTAAAAAAY !


As you all know I have my fair share with all kind of plastic surgery but helll......I was so nervous !!!
My surgery was scheduled for 8am and I did not even go down till 11.
Later I found out that dr.aslani had 3 bbl's that day and all girls thought they were to be first. That was not nice.the doctor was very friendly and even made me laugh when he made all these drawings so I felt better. Next thing I woke up flat on my tummy,it was not so sore in the beginning but later on my back started to give me real troubles the doctor came to see me and showed me a picture of my bum which I thought was sweet because yes that did look nice !
It was hard to get up and going but I walked everything was so much better I think now I am over the worst.
I am full of bruises but not much pain anymore enough for today will keep reporting on my progress

Love the shape......

But the bruising sucks !

As requested.....

Side shot as asked for.


Is still stubborn and moving down my legs my butt has gone much softer

Bruising fading

So finally my bruising is clearing up.

Front view


Side view updated


Garment issues

As you can see the garment is getting a bit slack on my back. It is still nice and tight on the bum but I am worried I may not have enough compression on my back though.not sure what to do ?

Side before

As requested a side from before. I have asked the clinic for their pre ops but they have not went them yet. So I hope this one will do.

Side side

Maybe better to see in comparisin I hope that helps those who asked for it

Going back to excercise

Have started training again yesterday feels weird but good

Waist clincher

I want to continue waist training any recommendations for a great clincher ?

Getting dressed starts to be pleasure


My new look....


At three months


Four months pleasures

I feel great. There us a bit of tingling and numbness on lowermost part of the back where he has been most aggressive with the lipo. Keeping my diet healthy and hit gym 3 times a week !

Five month after my bbl

A pic says more than 1000 words

Christmas update

Happy x-mas to all !

My butt in 2017

Happy new year to everybody!


I am starting to think that my volume really won't change anymore. Still you worry because you love it so much but I think it is okay to stop worrying now

It is feeling good

Feeling great to be in my body !



First bikini shots

Might be a bit early in the year but I have been looking forward to this the whole winter can't wait for summertime to come !

Happy easter everybody!

This summer can't come fast enough !

Close to one year

......after Bbl

I like his work and I am very happy that I don't have to travel too far. I am feeling much happier with myself now

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