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Hello I'm looking forward to getting rid of this...

Hello I'm looking forward to getting rid of this ugly bum I'm waiting on my consultation with Dr aslani. After seeing all his pictures and great reviews I think he's the guy for me. I was talking with Dr hamza today he works with Linda Briggs and I could have it done so cheap with him in Tunisia but the lack of reviews worries me. Anyone been to Tunisia?


It's official I'm obsessed with looking at bootys... When I first decided on having the Bbl I originally thought I'd like something small but some protection... But now I'm thinking I want a good big one... I mean if your going to spend this kind of money your better getting more bang for your buck.... Lol.. I've my consultation on Wednesday with aslani.. Feeling nervous

Wish pics

Consultation went great

Aslani very nice man and very informative I'm feeling sooooo happy...

Fed up waiting

So depressed having to wait ages to get this done... Been stalking these reviews feeling so envious of all your new butt's. Wish it was July I really can't stop thinking and talking about it... I'm going to buy in a Brazalian butt lift workout dvd soon.. So I can tell people it's all natural...

Chin liposuction

Seeing that some girls have also had chin lipo I wouldn't mind killing two birds with one stone... Must find out tomorrow how much extra that would cost :) oh and fat injected into my lips... That also sounds very interesting :p


Because I'm just having lipo on tummy and back would this be suitable?

Mrs flatty

Ugh could this be any uglier

This is disgusting I dipise my body... Makes me feel ill

So this is why I need the bbl.. This is very embarrassing so I hope you appreciate my courage posting

And from the back



Sorry forgot to attach the picture yeah this is the back shot :/

Having fun with this

Plastic surgery app lol.. Obviously I will look nothing like this thank god

Ass fund

Hey girls... I've secured my date Wooohooooo. Well I've started saving every penny now. I've asked for money for Christmas and my birthday and I've been selling stuff in the house. I'm can't stop thinking about it. Going to get my passport sorted now so it's less expense nearer the time. Also I'm 5foot 3 and 10.5 stone... I would ideally like to be lighter but also want to keep the fat for my butt. Dr aslani never mentioned that I needed to loose weight so I'm guessing if it was an issue he would have said in consultation. I really just cannot wait to have this done it has consumed me lol

Feeling guilty

I have four gorgeous little kids and I'm arranging with mum about her minding them when I've gone. My mum doesn't know that I'm going to have this done so I feel so guilty lieing but I know if I tell the truth she would probably hit the roof. I'm not planning on telling anyone but how on earth will they not notice loool. I'm going to be walking round like an old woman... Aaaaaaa help me. I'm also feeling guilty on the kids.. What if something goes wrong....

8lb down

Lost some weight.. Hate dieting :/

Bringing date forward

Well looks like I should be able to travel in may instead.. It will be alot cheaper off peak to which is good.. So 6 months to wait isn't so bad... Damit money is a bitch... Wish I never bought that car now lol


Mmmm things aren't adding up.. I smell a rat in here

Broken dreams

I actually cannot believe how anyone could be so deceitful.. my plans are dead in the water for now... Time to look for new options .. I don't know what Im To do... USA is too far for me.. Icouldn't leave my kids for that long.... France possibly... Who knows...

Quick update

Spain is happening...
Going may now instead of July.. Feeling content with the above issues...been chatting with a lovely lady who's been there and got the tshirt and she's been so helpful..

Dr aslanis work

I would be delighted with any of these results :)


This is a truly amazing ass.... Probably need two rounds right enuf to achieve this

My new buy

Well it would be rude not too.... Can't wait to buy some nice underware for a change

5 months away from bootay heaven

Hey all.. This day 5 months I will be just touching down in sunny malaga for a very exciting and life changing surgery.. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and my biggest concern is leaving the kids more so because they have to be split up as nobody will keep 4 kid's lol.... I still have no concrete plans but I'm sure family will just have to help out.

I'm not nervous about the surgery itself because I'm having a local anthestic I wouldn't fancy risking a general if it's not necessary.. Just hoping I don't wake up as I've heard this happens but I'm sure I will be too sedated to even remember.

Good luck to you all xx


This is me currently... Have put on a few extra pounds over Christmas... Dieitng hard atm... Hoping to be 10 stone 3 for surgery in may... I think when I get rid of these flanks there will be a great improvement... Hate how I carry my weight.. I'm real square pants :(

My surgery app

So this is what I'm looking for :)

2nd attempt of simulator


Hiya I'm wondering what you recommend is best for bruising the Arnica cream or gel? Also do you take the Arnica tablets before surgery and when is the best time to start using them if so X. Just seen that lidl are doing Boppy pillows well there more like large neck pillows for only £5 so I will buy that as I'm not spending £40 on a Boppy pillow I will hardly use....

Other pics I really like

What's the point

Don't see any point in continuing to write anything else I don't get any support or feedback good luck to you all.. Anybody want to know how things go sure inbox me but I won't hold my breath lol


Well after a slight hissy fit I'm back again feeling excited I've flights booked deposit down and weight off... These are a few pics of my weight loss i don't plan on loosing anything else. Do you think I've enough fat or should I put on extra...?..

Hoping I can look similar

I like this waist to hip ratio... Not looking for a tiny tiny waist

Ordered my arnica

Hey there so I ordered my arnica today I got the 30c tablets plus arnica cream and I also got arnica cooling gel. Can anyone tell me how long before surgery they started taking iron supplement? I'm thinking on starting on spatone it's a liquid iron you mix it with orange juice I find it easier to take than the tablets xx 2nd consultation next week Woohoo can't wait... I've been dreaming alot about having this done I guess it's always on my mind.. Find it hard to imagine myself with a nice womanly body.. Can't wait bring it on :)

This is the ultimate wish pic

This is exactly what I want... Or as similar as possible

Got hibi Antibacterial wash

Paid £6 in boots UK :)


Oops forgot pic


Please can anyone tell me which of these is best? I'm thinking on the one with straps as it comes up higher on the back.... Also I have the added drama of not knowing whether or not to buy a size bigger as I will be swollen or buy a size smaller because I need the extra compression.. Hellllllp a girl out

10 weeks

Wooo the final countdown girls I'm nearly into single figures here. Had 2nd consultation yest all went fine hoping to get 1000 ccs baby... Can't wait :) Dr aslani said that should be possible so I am leaving myself in his hands Aslong as I don't end up like a duck or a square bum I'll be a happy camper. Going to book into the ibis hotel for the night before surgery as it's cheap as chips and close to hospital.. Then for remainder of stay I will stay at turn guadalmar lovely sea views and nice walks so the hubby doesn't get too bored if I'm unable to do much :)

Tryp guadalmar

Sorry just seen the typo there stupid predicted text

Arnica arrived

Things are coming together now although Dr aslani said he doesn't think they make much difference I'm willing to give arnica a try sure it can't hurt


This is the shape I want the upside down heart

6 weeks 6 days

Not long to go I have nothing more sorted because I'm a last minute kind of girl haha . So glad i joined the Facebook group of UK girls because I'd be totally lost without there support. There are a few girls on here that are having there surgery very soon I just want to wish you all well and can't wait to see your results :)

6 weeks today

This day 6 weeks I will be touching down in sunny malaga yeehaa... Loving the new reviews on Dr aslanis latest patients great job just what I'm looking for. Was readingthat ssome of you girls are staying in the vincci, I looked into it but I think the tryp has more of a holiday feel about it. Plus it's cheaper. I'm not sure whether to book half board because obviously I'm not going to be able to sit in the restaurant for dinner and I also know that some hotels don't let you take food up to the room. I tried to email the hotel about this but I've had no response. Girls who stayed in vincci could you tell me if there are shops nearby? Like supermarket /cafe? See the only problem with the tryp is there are no shops around that area it's very rural.

How to add doctor to your review?

Hi girls was wondering why my review wasn't appearing under my doctors name then saw that I've the clinic name instead. Is there anyway to change the that? Anyway 5 weeks today I will be on the operating table starting my journey. Been waiting for this for what seems like forever so 5 weeks feels like ages ! I'm planning to spend the next few weeks preparing myself for surgery, starting iron and loosing a few extra lbs... Toning up my bingo wings lol... Bring it on I'm so ready to do this.... It's such a good time to have it done (just in time for summer) can't wait :) xxxxx

4 weeks

This day 4 weeks I will be sitting in malaga... Today I ordered my compression stockings for the flight home they cost £8.99 and are made by t.e.d.... I will be booking hotel vincci tonight also (cheaper with than to use cirumed discount they seem to charge more booking direct with hotel) I shall also be checking in online with my flight this week. So it's all systems go. I've bought myself some nice loose long dresses for after surgery and plan on getting everything in this week I need.. Nightie /toiletries/allergy pills etc etc shout out to my girl Jennifer who's going next week I'm so excited for her xxx

4 daysss

Well that's everything finalised... Case packed... Paper work signed... Checked on flight... Travel insurance sorted.... I'm flying Sunday morning for surgery on Monday will update with pics when I get a chance Tuesday... Wish me luck :)

I've made it (day 2)

Hi all well I'm now 2 days post op and everything has gone well. I have been treated so well by all the cirumed staff and the lovely nurses at hospital quiron malaga. I got 1300cc which is more than I ever imagined haha. I did freak out abit when I first saw myself but even one day post I can say I look amazing. I can't believe it's me in the mirror! Dr aslani has been the best and most caring surgeon he came to check on me several times during my stay very nice man. Also jenny has been a amazing organised all my travel to and from hospital and has been great support. I have to say the night before surgery I was very scared I was going to book a flight home haha but I'm so glad I didn't back out now. All and all very good experience and I'm healing well


Realself playing up with updates

Day 3

Today I'm swollen bruised and very tired feeling abit down at night time missing my babies and worried how I will cope but I plan to motor on as I usually do. :)

Day 3

Very tired today haven't done much went a walk but had to come back felt weak and legs swollen. Going home tomorrow can't wait :) just wish I had of been able to enjoy sunny malaga more. Stitches and drain coming out tomorrow hopfully that won't hurt!

Day 5

Omg realself is pissing me off wrote an update and it dissapeared here's a pic x

Day 6

White weak tired ugh :( trying to get myself back to normal isn't as easy as I thought boohoo

Day 7

So had a good night's sleep tonight I woke with the usual back /neck pain, I haven't been feeling as weak as I have been either. I'm looking into extra compression for my lower abdomen as my binder keeps sliding up so might need boards to sort this as I need to get the fluid out of there. Also told my parents and mum asked "does he do face lifts" and my sister is looking to have a bbl now lmao, I'm feeling so happy I can freely visit my parents now without the lies yey :)



Realself seriously sort your site out its so glitchy


1 week

Still not feeling great need to get the iron in me I have highs and lows. Swelling on legs alot better bruising alot better. Can't stand long though or my legs swell up. I went to hospital because a wee incision wound had opened and got a strong antibiotic hoping this week is a better week :)

Day 8

Feeling good today my body is healing well loving the new me :) garment making tracks on lower bum hoping this dissapears

10 days

Feeling tired alot bruising nearly faded cut holes in garment to take pressure off bum. Feeling the post surgery blues but happy with my body :)

Day 11

Enjoying the sunshine

Day 14

Well I can now officially sit but I sat for dinner only 5 mins on my boppy pillow.

Very swollen and have my first lymphatic massage tomorrow looking forward to it.

Been sleeping great and feeling alot more myself though still tired alot.

Ordered a new garment from mariae I needed one to fit my bum better as my old one was making me look square weird

Day 14

Day 18

Still swollen especially aroundmy bbelly and thighs. Had my first lymphatic massage Tuesday past and that hurt but I felt so much looser afterwards.

In the process of trying to get a new garment to fit me proper! Girls in UK mariae garments are great and u can get them from body line line clothing find them on eBay the lady who's dealing with me has been so good.

Will start some light walking next week if I feel up to it.

Recovery is definitely a long process I was so niave thinking this would be easy! But I've definitely turned a corner this week, I'm able to do all my usual mother /housewife chores lol.


Just thought I'd mention how bloody brilliant it is to sleep on my side good bye back pain I won't miss you one little bit!

Loving my big butt

Dr aslani is the man!

Love my new shape

Loving it

Round two where are you ;)

3 weeks

Pretty much feeling back to normal now still some swelling, im sleeping great, wearing my new garment it's a 9334 by mariae garments if you are buying then go by your hip measurement and then go the size up from that as they are TINY fitting!

5 weeks post

Had first night out, didn't wear garment felt so uncomfortable without it, my sides still very tender and sore to touch. I've started on a diet need to shift some upper body fat that's annoying me! Here's a pic without garment I find my garment gives my bum more volume also

7 weeks post

Feeling good, still tender /numb around the sides. Planning to have a top up early next year, and so the cycle starts again I'm a real glutten for punishment! Hoping that round 2 won't be as hard drive for recovery as I'll obviously be having less far removed


Getting ready for dinner and cocktails with hubby






Without garment

Nearly two months post op... Going round 2 early next year, need to arrange babysitters again and get myself better first. Still numb and tender around sides and ribcage area. Still wearing my mariae garment and searching for a good binder... I've been totally skint and these garment /binders ain't cheap! I've been trying to eat healthy but it's been a struggle having kids but I exercise everyday and don't snack between meals... I'm writing this as I'm sat starving lol! I may get up and get me some breakfast! But yeah I'm very excited for round two I want those cheeks fatter and fuller and also want my hips taken in some!

Before and afters

Well I just saw my before and afters I'm horrified by how awful looking I was before and delighted with my new body! Dr aslani really did an amazing job it was hard for me to realise the true transformation until I seen for myself I'm sooo happy! And I get the whole amnesia thing it really is hard to remember how you looked before... Having babies really f***** my body up!

8 weeks

10 weeks po


A few more pics, going to keep this belly fat for round two :p

Round 2 April

So going for my top up in April, possibly sooner if possible but will see how things go! Been busy losing weight getting myself skinny, can't wait to get this all over with and start to move on to the next chapter in life, exciting and scary going through it all again! It's abit like child birth, first time you are completely niave and oblivious, second time you know what your in for lol! Here's a pic of the shape I'm hoping for :)

Feeling good

12 weeks

So I've been planning to visit sunny malaga once again! Checking out flights and they are nice and cheap! Looking forward to getting this done, this time I think I will just take hand luggage as I didn't use HALF of what I brought first time around! Definitely will be more prepared this time around as I hadn't a clue the first time what I was in for! I'm very nervous about the whole anesthetic aspect of the procedure aaaaaa hate the thought of it! I'll be having nightmares about that!

12 weeks

Exactly 3 months post op!

So I'm looking my hips taken in and more fat around bottom and sides of bum, that is my hopes for round 2

Simulator app

Hi all, this is what I hope to look like after round 2! I'm very excited about it actually can't wait!

date change

hi so im now going early feburary for round 2! im hoping to stay in vincci hotel malaga again, its a great location just beside the beach and the lovely nature reserve, hopfully i will get a great view again this time, it really helped the healing looking at the beautiful views ,cant believe im doing this all over again, beauty really is pain OUCH! so ive 5 months now to prepare! ages away yet but im sure it will fly by!! :)



Just over 4 months

I'm still very tender around the sides from round one I guess I'm still healing. Time is passing so quickly and I'm so excited for February! I will have the finished product for valentines day yey :) I'm loving a fellow realselfers round 2 results.... I hope so much that it's possible for me to look similar... I do understand that we are all different, I do hope my skin has stretched so I can have the maximum amount of grafts put in! Exciting times ahead! :)


Feeling good

Realself playing up again


Realself deleting profiles

I don't know what is going on here but I'm not happy that fellow dr aslani patient has had her review deleted? She had put alot of effort into her review and I think she needs an explanation... Sort it out ADMIN

Nearly 5 months post

Where has the time gone! 4 months ((17)) weeks until round 2... Things are settling well my stomach looks great well as good as it can after pregnancy the laser did wonders for it! Still haven't booked flights as I've had to pay a fortune out on other things recently but that's no biggy I guess, here's a few shots from today

16 weeks until round 2

Hey gorgeous girlz! Well I'm really looking forward to round 2 I've been seeing some greatttttt work from the master himself looking forward for some fine tuning in February..... Not much more to say really as I'm yesterdays news now! I feel like an old timer it actually feels like alot longer than 5+months since I've had my bbl! I'm still getting great compliments so all is good! I was saying to hubby today that I used to spend my days yanking my trousers up! Now I spend them yanking my tops down hahahaha... Over and out :)

7months post round 1 & 7 weeks pre round 2

happy new year

4 week's until round 2 times ticking. ......

1 day post

Hi all quick update I'm doing ok I've been very nauseous and extremely uncomfortable I actually forgot how bad the first day is, I'm still at the hospital pacing the floor while the other half sleeps! You wouldn't believe how much I just want to roll over on my back right now..... Id probably sleep good if so..i haven't looked at my results yet just what I can see over Garment I've padding in my bum but from what u can tell it looks massive about 800cc Dr aslani as told , all the guys at cirumed have been really nice to me so all I have to do now is get better that's all for now as I'm feeling sick again anesthetic joys

Pic didn't attach


Few pics of hips

Hi back at the hotel and feel like a new woman after a freshen up. I'm delighted with how I look I'll send full bum pic when I get washed up properly as I'm covered in bandages still

Day 2 (stupid O clock)

Nearly 6am can't believe I slept at all, kept wakening every damn hour zzzz terrible nights sleep, ... Can't get comfortable at all, but most of all my husbands snoring Is driving me up the walls, helppppppp last night I put a pillow under the bottom of my spine and lay on my back with my bum off the bed, it was bliss for the few minutes I could hold myself up, just be careful flipping back though hehe


Goodbye malaga

Im home I can safely say never again! I feel awful I think the plane journey sets me back! I've my compression stockings on and my good mariae Garment tucked up in my bed... Hoping tomorrow I'm feeling a bit better! X

Day 6

Excuse the ugly looking dressings I was just going for a wash, I'm swollen bruised buy damn I'm happy I love what Dr Aslani has Done amazing stuff


1 week update

So round 2 has been MUCH easier! Physically I'm not as sore or swollen although the back pain is quite bad, I wake up once or twice through the night for a walk and pop a tramadol! The no sitting part has been fine too I turn the chair back to front and kneel up to watch TV or whatever, I eat mostly standing which is annoying but I'll live, I need to get a better waist binder that covers my entire abdomen so any recommendations would be great I'm fed up fighting with my current waist binder. I'm really really happy with my results I asked Dr Aslani to take in my sides which was so important to me and he done a brilliant job, I love my shape I'm well rounded out with fantastic projection, my only negative would be a dent in right cheek and the cannula incisions on my legs weren't sutured to allow for drainage so I will likely have bad scarring but overall I'm very happy only time will tell


Waist trainer I ordered

I ordered UK size 8/10 for a snug fit very cheap and great reviews hope it arrives fast so I can get proper compression

2 week update /pics

So I'm two weeks post round 2 today I weighed myself this morning and I'm nearly back to pre surgery weight which is great as I've lost all my swelling very fast this time I can't believe it as when I weighed myself on Friday I was 9lb heavier so thank you pineapple juice you actually worked! I've been feeling ok took my first walk yesterday and it felt good to exercise a little, ive yet to get the diet on track though! Here's a few pics of how I'm looking so far, bum still swollen and the left butt cheek hurts! Which was the one that had the majority of bruising, I'm trying to keep compression on the flank area as best as I can with these ridiculous binders whilst I wait on my new one to arrive! Just praying I hold on to the fat on hips better this time! I know I need a tt (joys of pregnancy) but I'll see right now I don't want to go through or spend any more money on my body!

3 weeks update

So alls well the cannula incisions that I worried about are just tiny cuts now which is a big relief I think the swelling made it look worse than it was (to me) , im still not sitting well only for eating and always on pillow, still very tender especially around the ribs and waist! Ouch oh yeah I forgot the corset came it's a great job but it's sore to wear so ill just make do with the original binder for now,


Not much to report slowly beginning to feel myself having a girls night out this weekend I'm absolutely looking forward to some red wine and good company! Tried on my dresses and they are all huge on my waist so looks like I'll be needed to go shopping soon!

Beware not for the faint hearted

Dr aslani has created a monster!


1 month post back in my jeans

Tiny waist massive bum makes me a happy girl

Posing as usual

6 weeks

Pretty much back to normal keeping sitting to a minimal still very tender around shoulder blades /sides, just been getting on with life, went shopping yesterday and loving how I look in clothes! And have been getting lots of compliments, happy :) wouldn't mind more protection though I'm so greedy!

Khloe kardashian

Loving this! Looks great when you zoom in! I have surgery urges, somehow I don't hubby would be best pleased!

7 weeks


Some more pictures I'm hoping now that what I have is here to stay, ive put a few pounds on you can tell by my belly, ive been eating so bad since I got sick with tonsillitis I think because I cudn eat for days I decided to treat myself! And I haven't stopped, I'm one of these ppl that puts on weight way to easily, handy for fat transfer but that's about it haha



11 weeks post r2

So this is technically my last week of wearing the garment I have to say that I will continue to wear until I'm completely healed as I'm still tender but also healing fast, I can't believe that I've been referred to as case of the year by Dr Aslani I feel so privileged I guess it's the complete transformation itself that is crazy! I'm so happy with my choice to go for round 2 no regrets at all :)

And another


Dress pic

Don't think I've taken a pic of my new body In a dress so here it is and the last pic I will post for some time as I'm sure I've been over posting! Good luck to all and thanks for all your kind comments and support

4 months post round 2

Everything is settling well im still loving my results, ive lost from the hip a little I hope this will be my final outcome now :)

Exactly 4 months

This day 4 months ago I was in theatre time has gone so fast I've been wearing my Garment /binder at night again as I've noticed weight coming on my waist nothing major but I'd like to keep my waist line! I'm going to invest in a good waist trainer as I find the corset I bought is abit long and pushes into my bum at the back! The hip has definitely lost the fullness but that's the joys of fat transfer you win some you loose some!

Nearly 6 months post

Round 2, life has just been back to normal really things are holding up apart from some loss on hips, I miss that roundness from the back but it's probably only noticeable to myself, I will say that any weight I put on goes into my arms /upper body which I hateeeeee! So my goal is to tone my upper body and to loose 1 stone as I feel self conscious about it, but I do plan on enjoying the rest of summer :)

Dress pic

Love the hips in this


8 month post round 2

So it's been some time since I updated thought I'd let you all know how things are going, well I've started running and I really think it's improved my shape and has made my bum increase in size it seems to be having a positive effect, ive put some weight on the tiny waist that I was given but hey Ho that's what happens and I won't beat myself up about It, I feel content and life is good thanks for reading

9 months post op round 2

10 months later

2 years +

Can't believe how quickly time has passed from I started my journey to a happier me, I have to say looking back I can't believe I had the courage to do this surgery it just proves to me how unhappy I was and this tells me I made the right choice because this has been life changing for me like you wouldn't believe! I still have times when I'd like to have a 3rd go trying to seek perfection but I know when enough is enough, I've put my time and energy into getting fit & healthy many thanks for the comments and support over the years



Spain Plastic Surgeon

Thought I would update my review, since I am now post 2nd bbl. Firstly I'd like to thank DR ASLANI for being a fantastic surgeon his hands are blessed, I never thought I could achieve what I have its unbelievable, thanks to all the cirumed staff for arranging dates /consultations / bloods/paperwork / TAXIS lol the list is endless, your service is very professional and reliable I would totally recommended to anyone

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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