Booty Time Dr.Aslani at one year after Spain ES

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I have read about 1000 reviews and seen I don’t...

I have read about 1000 reviews and seen I don’t count how many pics of some very good surgeries. I live in germany and it became clear at an early stage that would I need to travel for BBL. There is not really any surgeon in Germany doing really cracking BBl’s.
This forum has helped me and at the same time confused me. I found a great surgeon every week and then a few days later something that would really put me off. My next step was to accept that a surgeon with only and universally good press would just stay an illusion that in modern times of internet just wouldn’t happen.
I did then encircle based on my favourite results and the best possible feedback of god versus back feedback. The last two / three months or so I had really tailored it down to two : Dr.Aslani in Marbella and Dr.Salama in Miami. I opine that both surgeons do really beautiful jobs and artistic butts, they have a different style but I like both.
Dr.Salama really seems to be a BBL superstar in the states. I have seen breathtaking results of his work. I have read some things about people getting burned in surgery but let’s face it any surgery has got risks and it seem to have been very isolated cases. Dr.Aslani comes with the additional benefit of being much closer to Germany but he also has a great style and does very “expressive” butts.
I should think that my research has been complete. I have put my deposit down and I have had an online consultation with dr a which has made me 1000% sure that I am doing the right thing. My only concern was that he would recommend silicone which I did not want. I think it is great that he can do both but others have been critical about him recommending implants in case that you are not really fat. But thank god my concern was not justified he said he was very happy with my fat. He does not even want me to gain which I had expected as a minimum ! So satisfied for now we will see how it goes.

My nightmare befores.....

It was not easy for me to post these.can't wait to get rid of this !

Brains going wild

It is crazy I want this so bad but right now I cannot help to worry about all that could happen? Whenever I close my eyes I see myself in pain and blood? I know this is probably very stupid......I have never found anything seriously negative on dr aslani and I fully trust him but just so many things could happen my head is in a mess rigbt now !

Fat thrombus danger ?

Anybody heard about this ?it says in my informed consent this can happen? What if ?any experiences ?

On the road

So on my way now........wish me luck

Good morning from the other side

I would not say I feel phantastic but I feel ok. Pleasant surprise:little pain. Only the back. Unpleasant My whole body feels very swollen and to be flat on my tummy makes you feel a bit claustrophobic. The doctor came and showed me a picture which looked massive I had no chance to copy it since he was gone within seconds. It us rough stuff no doubt but I had been fearing something far worse.I have 1400cc each butt. Will keep all you angels informed pics to follow


The night was rough it is like if someone was compressing my chest. Sleeping flat on my chest is just not for me.still not too much pain,luckily
I think my butt would be perfect would it shrink some 20% or so.

So much better today

I think you come to a point when you are so tired that your body will just force itself to sleep regardless of how awkward the position ????. So I had around 8 hous of wonderful and relaxing sleep and I feel like newborn

My first new booty pic

Day five

Goong better by the day !

Day six

Happy so far

Seven days bbl.....

I need to get bew clothes nothing fits right now lol

Day 10

11 days.....

Have taken the garment of for a cheeky moment. It is a relief to be without for a few moments but no longer than half an hour max then you really want to put it back on !

Day 12

I would say I am about 70%back to normal. There is no more pain,only when I use the bbl pillow for longer than 30 minutes it starts to be tender but that is enough to eat. Still feeling lots of water retention

Day 13

Woke up in shock today because I was on my left side just hope it has not done any damage !Other than that today is first day when I would really say I do not want it to go down further dr.aslani said it would take 3-4 weeks for the volume to be will see how it goes

Hi sweeties

As requested pic without garment most bruising gone.floating into a state of true happiness.......

Sorry my sisters in crime !!!

Seems like I pressed the right button at the wrong time apologies !

Side shot

I add one shot from the side so you can see what I mean. It is still a little bit too big you can see better from that view

18 days post bbl

I think I am doing pretty well. Pretty much back to normal

23 days

This is starting to be nice I am getting a lot of compliments for my new shape and it does not feel surgery anymore. Sometimes also feels as if people were staring two sides two all coins I guess

Photos updated

4 weeks done

I will need to get new jeans I think.

Lower back triangle

I really hated this most so uncomfortable but decided to keep wearing it beyond 4 weeks it is a massive nuisance but seems to do the trick

5 weeks after bbl




Shot in underwear

Have been asked for this......everybody please accept that I am not comfortable to post totally naked pics. Please understand it is just not my thing

Body identity

A little bit over two months after my surgery the butt now really feels"mine" the first week you kind of look at it and it feels like something stuck on you. I have not noticed much volume change since my last update not sure if there is any more to come

All settled in

Apart from a bit of numbness around the back I am feeling pretty much back to normal.

Results looking pretty stable

I don't think much more will change from now on but anyway will keep updating. I was still wearing my abdominal binder during the night but I think I will stop doing that from now on I can really feel the bone under my skin so don't think things can retract further to this.


I don't feel butt greed at present was afraid of that because I read so many stories from girls who had great butts and still went for more no urge at present my partner even feels the butt is going bigger but I think that is just for the waist being snatched or it is just me

4 months !

I am my heaviest weight ever ! And the best thing is I don't mind because I don't worry about a number but a shape and with my waist being like it is now I really don't care about the weight nunber. Funny how your view on things change !

Time flies

Nearly five months-hard to believe.....



Booty made it to 7 months

Overall booty is holding up nicely. I recommend to anybody planning to do this:include the need for new clothes into you budget nothing won't fit afterwards. Comes with the dream booty

Hello there everybody

I haven't logged in for some time but I am good ! Just need to look at my befores from time to time to remind myself how I looked before lol,but still really happy

Sorry people

I have not connected for some time. Will do better from now ! Still thrilled with my shape receiving a lot of compliments and greedy glances !

Things after 1 year

It is actually more than a year.time flies!
You get used to the good things,and sometimes I really need to look at my old befores to remember !
Spain Plastic Surgeon

My experience was a good one. He has given me a nice shape and a bubble butt one year after I am very happy

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