2700 cc each butt total Dr.Aslani Marbella

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Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and...

Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and recommendations from anyone who had bbl surgery with cirumed and Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I have to travel for my surgery so I need to organize my stay.
I am not keen to have surgery abroad but the lack of serious butt surgeons in UK leaves no choice. I have inquired with a couple of good places in miami but I really like the results I have seen from cirumed. There fees are not cheap but summing up all costs like travel and lodging it will still be a lot less than miami.

Has anybody experience with fuerte hotel in marbella?
How did you guys manage the flight back? I know it is only 2 hours but still I need to make a plan how to manage that.
I am scheduled for one lymphatic drainage is that sufficient?
Anybody travelled alone?

Really grateful for feedback!

Done !

I have been unable to post directly after surgery. just couldn't.
I am 5 days post now, and it has been really bad the first two days but now it is okay.
It is really something you need to get used to I had 1700cc each buttock and it rocks ! the swelling on my legs is still vicious, and my back is burning like hell, less trouble with the butt, suprisingly, that is pain-free. I will keep a diary of my changing body.

more pics

i feel very swollen but not sure what part is real or just my imagination


was a good day swelling on legs finally going down !

Itching-allergy ?

this is driving me insane, got that strange itchy feeling all over my body. I have the strange feeling this maybe allergy. The clinic has told me to stop all medication but I had finished my antibiotics anyway. Just hope this disappears soon will bee going mad have spent the whole night just scratching myself.



still swollen and a bit sore, but loving size and shape

uploading more

my butt still feels soemwhat swollen and hard but my waist is amazing.I am constantly fighting with my abdominal binder, it keeps rolling upwards is there anything that stays where it should stay ?

I am risking the first dress pics......

four weeks


more side view


my shape is becoming very real now. I am starting to get so tired of the garment, at first it made me feel comfortable but not any more, it is horribly itchy and awkward. but I determined to all i can for the best possible result, so I will hang in there, but will still allow myself an hour without garment a day.

pic without garment

My celulite has gone a lot better, I had it massive before surgery I think it is reduced by about 50%. Hope this continues

august 13th.....

thank god not a friday !!

side views

august 17

shape keeps going the way I want it !


the garment still makes my waistline look a bit "puffy" but other than that looks great

bye bye garment

so now the day has come when I can finally get rid of this nightmare compression garment i will still continue to wear the abdominal binder though since this obviously has effects up to 3 months. Is it still swollen ? I don't know because all is numb. Just want to do everything possible for the best result. the waist is definitely going the right way

5 weeks post

I have a bit of a down and I am unable to say why. I have read that many have that feeling after a surgery is over and the new look becomes a part of your daily routine and reality. But looking at my before pictures is definitely cheering me up.


feeling great !

new pics

jeans updated

keeps going the right way !!!

time flies

hard to believe it is going to be three months soon ! I am still numb on my back. Further I have decided to keep wearing the waist trainer at night. Somehow, it seems like it was still doing SOMETHING and at night that thing does not bother me so much.

26 september

the time of massive changing is definitely over. My bum does not change to change anymore in size (great !!) but also, it seems as if my waist does not go down any further (nooooo !!).
So perfect balance !


Back in the clincher game

I have returned to using the waist clincher after reading a couple of positive experices of girls reporting better long term results let's see what it brings. I am offically obsessed with my body now !

four months



week 22

5 months update-careful addiction !!

sorry girls have not updated lately so here I go again. Just a word of caution to all this stuff is addicitive I have even caught myself thinking about a second round......not overly serious and les since my hubby made clear that this is not gonna happen with him. He love my butt although he is clear that more owuld be too much.probably he is right...

merry christmas to all

i love you all thank you for sharing and caring everyone !

happy new year dolls !

Find and keep happiness !

6 months new pics

7 months

before surgery

Hi to everybody I apologize for not having posted befores any earlier I simply forgot about it no intention to ignore anyone since some have complained hahaha!

here they go.....

didn't download correctly at first attempt it seems

One year update

I have recently gained a bit of weight and a bit might have gone to my bum not sure maybe it is just me ?

I know.....

That this will sound crazy to some but I have decided. .....I will do it again !
I don't want to be misunderstood I am superhappy with my surgery and thankful. It is just that I gained some weight and my experience with that was so positive that I wanna repeat that I know some will say my butt maybe too big afterwards and they might be right but it is about what I like not others!

Second round?

Keeping it short for the time being had another 1000cc into each butt !

Just uploaded one


Seems I can only upload one at a time

Perhaps it is the speed of my connection?

Front view




Two weeks after extra 1000cc each side

This time round they have started to do shockwave treatments. I did not have this the first time round so it seems something you but so far it is really good the swelling is going down much faster

Three weeks after second round

I am not sure why but this round I feel like I am healing much faster I am not sure why if ut is because of the ultrashocks or because I had less volume this time round.

Little video

After round two 2700cc

More angles

Posting these to show better what impact round 2 has had on my shape.started waisttrainer again and hope to bring the waist down another inch or so. Have even could myself thinking round 3 but I think I am being really crazy now????

Posting here is addictive

But there are worse addictions to have I think


Round 2 was definitely worth it

As requested

I hope it shows in the video

Video format

When I am trying to upload my video it keeps saying to me that they are "unable to upload that file type" what do I have to do?

New try

Moving video
Perhaps it works better this time round!


Here we go. Realself makes you somewhat exhibistionistic

Love that shot


In love with my own butt

Having round 3 thoughts am I going crazy ?????

Uploaded with out pic


I just can'take get enough!


Jiggle it

Jiggle video
Short little video for all you booty-crazy vixens out there

Hello booty community


Looking back

I have to say that it was the right decision to do round 2. I was facing so much opposition from my family but now I say best thing ever

Hi booty queens

Sending a big kiss out to the community !

Haha now with pic

Loaded up too fast !

Third time lucky ?

Seems RS is reluctant to upload my pic haha

This is ridiculous

It just doesn't upload ????

I was more than happy with what Dr.Aslani achieved for me in the first round and many said I should not do a second but with 2700cc total each but I am very happy

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