BBL Dr.Aslani eleven months update

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I have been researching the procedure for over two...

I have been researching the procedure for over two years: I have been torn between different doctors, my first choice was dr.aslani in Marbella but I was not totally convinced then looked into,and I also considered mexico.
On every single surgeon I researched I found good and bad things and finally then threw all over board again.
I started looking again a couple of months ago and I will not quit again.Finally , I have gone back to my first choice dr.aslani I feel he will give me best result.
I have secured my surgery date with cirumed for November. I’m planning to go down to marbs with my bf so he can have a holiday and perhaps even look after me a bit.
This is a great thing for me and I am super excited. I have the money together and I am more than just ready. I am tired of my spongebob look !

News coming soon !

anticonceptive ?

did anybody going with aslani receive instructions to discontinue their anticonceptive ?


it is embarassing to post this. my butt looks like a desaster, now shape saggy. I don't look like a coca cola bottle, I look like a coca cola can. I am so looking forward.

the waiting game

I keep reading through reviews from other, I am really worried about how to cope with not sitting and all that stuff. pretty scaring. but can't wait for this to be over. looking forward overall to my new waist

lipo for double chin ?

I have been thinking about smartlipo to my chin anybody done that ? I heard you can do it at the same surgery

gain weight or no ?

When I spoke to my coordinator she did not tell me to gain any weight nor did the doctor.I don't want anything absurd but definitely a noticable I think I will try to pack on some pounds last minute. is it advisable to get a second set of compression fajas beforehand ? I want all those things sorted, so i can fully concentrate on my recovery afterwards

this is getting so real

I have indeed gained two pounds. As my day is moving in so close this whole thing is so intimidating. This will likely change my life.I have also decided to do the arm lipo as well.

fat protection

Is there any way to preserve the transplanted fat ? This forum is full of great experiences and advice but I have not filtered out any trick to maintain your result. I know I shouldn't sit and I shouldn't smoe buut is there anything else I can do ?

made it

ok my first post after surgery will be brief forgive me girls. I feel very tiired , overall happy it is over. I am very swollen an bloated just spoke to doc very briefly. I was still rather drugged so I hope I understood him well but I believe he said I have 1100 cc each butt which would be phenomenal. anyway need to confirm that with him but so far all good

sleeping pills

would anyboy no off good over-the-counter sleeping pill that I can get in spain ?

first photos

It is hard to imagine for anyone how much I have been looking forward to posting my pics.I have got no clue where this trip is going, what part of the fat I will lose and what I will keep. Wherever it goes it looks, and makes me look, great !

day 8

10 days

day 11

day 17

my body feels like if it was working constantly. On one side i am still feeling very bloated (very likely sleeping on my tummy does not help too much with that), on the other hand it feels like I could see the skin retracting feels quite hard at some spots and you can merely feel the tension.I have no pain.

at three weeks

posting pics since I was so thankful for others to post before my procedure. I am happy and well.

one month after

my butt seems very stable in size and shape now. I am still wearing all my garments. Will do so for three months I have read that people have better results if they do. i have started to sit down for smaller intervals, like 10 minutes or so

so glad this is back

I was starting to fear that the site had disappeared no log-in for a more than two days. Scary how we addicted we get to this stuff. Great to have RS back though !

Hi all

posting the first update in 2016. I have already become so used to this, I cannot remember how it was like to live with my old butt !

where can I get butt out panties ?

Hi I wanna get butt out panties I read you can get them ready done don't wanna cut anything out ?

two months-my summary so far

I will still wait another months before I do my rating, but till the present day I am satisfied. The butt has nicely settled over the weeks and has a bit of a more natural shape and it is the volume I wanted. My suurgeon told me that usually most volume adjustment takes place in the first three months if it stays like this I am pleased

update 3 months after surgery


I post my summer update 8 month after. I am still very happy with my shape there are of course days when I think uhhh more volume would be nice.........but probably everybody will have such thoughts such a long time after bbl but overall I am very pleased for a very good job has surely been worth it
Spain Plastic Surgeon

the butt man. he CHANGED me from a cola can in into a coca cola bottle !!pleased with his work

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