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Entering the road to the new happier me.It is...

Entering the road to the new happier me.It is great to find so many here who feel the same way as I do.Most important to me is to get a better shape with hips .
I do not want an overly huge booty, just something nice
I have already started to put on a bit more weight, I feel fat but the clinic assistant said that dr.aslani reckons that some more pounds would be good to get what I want.
If all goes well I will be going together with my friend who wants to have the same procedure.
I hope that Dr.Aslani will give me exactly what I am looking for.
I love the jobs I have seen done by him.Looks like he really was the best around.
I am having my online consultation scheduled for next Tuesday. I am a bit nervous about it, some girls said that he can be extremely direct. I am not sure if I am prepared for this.
No matter, he produces great hourglass shapes and that is the important thing.
Would love to hear advice and opinions, will be posting some pics soon !

Consultation....a nice guy !

So I had my consultation with him which went quite well. It was late and night and he looked extremely tired but he was very friendly and kind, he seems a bit moody because i have heard that he can be extremely direct. As I had expected he suggested that I consider implants I have to say that I think his butt implant work is absolutely great but I favour the fatgrafting option even if the effect may not be that drastic. We agreed that I will keep in touch with my PC jenny regarding my weight gain progress. tata for now !

made it to the other side

sorry girls there is an error in my surgery day I just noticed I have had my surgery monday I am still quite off track but I thought I drop a very short line all went very well I have seen it very well yet but by rearside looks truly monster, I don't know on the spot how much the assistant told me but I forgot but it sounded a lot !

first photos

I will keep my updates short all is still painful and sore. I feel endlessly tired and I walk like a duck !

day four after

day five......infection ?

I had very high fever last night. Extremely worried I might have an infection ? I would say that everything looks okay....and also feels.....but it is not normal to have fever so long after ? i will see the doctor this afternoon I just hope it is not infected !

six days after

It seems that I have a bladder infection-I have seen the assistant yesterday. Makes sense it hurts when I whee so they have given me a set of different antibiotics and I am asked to drink plenty of water.but it is a relief to know it is not a surgical infection !

day seven

feeling much better today, that antibiotic thing is working, my legs are still quite swollen will wait another 1-2 days before changing to phase 2 garment. Extremely pleased with my butt size !

eight days

I have been doing so much walking along the beach yesterday. I am feeling nearly good now.i am really starting to get used to the bbl pillow, that makes things so much easier.start to feel at ease with my new body

hi community

as you can see things have fallen into place nicely I am really happy that the swelling of my legs has gonde down feeling very happy with body so far

Howdy everybody

I haven't been in touch for some time but just to let you know I am doing well I have kept most of my volume and what was most important to me.....my shape.
Everything is nice and soft so I think I was one of the lucky ones will keep in touch sistas !
Spain Plastic Surgeon

I like the results that I have seen of his work and he is the only surgeon that I could find in Europe with real credentials for Brazilian butt lift surgery. My outcome is good

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