Aslani gived me a butt that fits my personality

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I'm 24 years old my butt is so ugly no volume Nada...

I'm 24 years old my butt is so ugly no volume Nada a lot of cellulite.... I spend a lot of time reading reviews of bbl girl of dr Aslani and I bielive that he can achieve the butt I dream about ... I try to be realistic I just want a small rounded butt that look nice in dresses jeans that I can show at the bitch that I can show to my boyfriend with no shame.....

With my first bbl i have had many irregularities and cheloides


I haven't done it yet but I'm gaining weight

I haven't done it yet but I'm gaining weight

I went to Cirumed

Well lady's i went to cirumed i have done a consultation with dr hammer
A really lovely doctor, he encouraged me for fat grafting only, I have done my deposit and know I'm waiting for an e-mail from Jenny to book for a date she already gave me one but I was not able to fly to marbella.

Wish picssssss!!!

Gaining fat

As u can see my left and my
Right side are not similar I have more projection on my
Left side so I think that my doctor should not inject the same amount of fat in each butt

So my bbl is for the 17th of April in 5 days I'm so stressed I'm scared about the pain that I may have

Im stressing ........

Today is the big day !!!!

I'm at Quiron hospital since 8am,
I ve slept a few minutes only
Last night I was not able to sleep peacefully
Well I bought something at the pharmacie that looked like Go girl for peeing and yesterday when I ve open it, it was something for periods .... well girls check before buying not like I did,
What is scaring me actually is the pain ... to throw up .... and of corse how to come back to my country ( need to take 2 flights ) after 9 days
And on day 10 I got an exam that i think I can't really prepare.... with all that stuff my family is bit really supportive my mom was like you have paid doesn't mean you have to do it and my dad I ve tried to tell him but he can't really understand those things so this morning i went out of the home at 7 without making any noise .... hopefully they didn't wake up ....
I need to relax and to stop overthinking

Some before pictures

I'm alive

So they took me down stairs they took some pictures than we went to the surgery room they ve sprayed, they were going to make An ecg ..... that's all what I remember, I ve told to everyone that I didn't want to wake up shaking .... so when I wake up I was shaking a liiiiiittle bit they use something like a hair dryer for the body so nice ???? and than I ve started feeling the pain aslani came to me show my picture he puts 1000cc in each cheek he asked me we still friend ??? ?? sorry I forgot I saw him for 2 minutes before the surgery ....that's something that I don't really like because I didn't have the time to ask him many things ..... well let's come back to the pain now the pain started ???????? getting bigger !!!! They gived me pain killer but I didn't really stoped .... and than the lady gives me a magic injection that take me from 8/10 pain to 4/10 ...... than a very charming mal nurse take me out of the bed In order to drink a little bit ...... but I wanted to throw up and became pale so i went back to my bed .... and thanks god i didn't throw up ???????????????????????????????????????? throwing up is something that I can't really handle ...... about the garment I'm hating this is not the garment that I wanted this one is like spanks in my head it's not going to keep me tight and lift my butt ..... I didn't see myself I'm kind of weak .... I just hope that I will have what I was wishing from age of 10 I know it's so young but my classmates was kind of having fun of me since that age ....


I can't sleep

The garment around my belly is so tight !!!!

Garment off before having shower

I feel like my right Abd left ???? are not similar left one more rounded than the right .... my hips so huge hope they will go down


Before weight gain

Day 2

The mal nurses are so Nice ???????? and kind , this morning a nurse came to my room he helped me to take off my garment he told that I can shower myself I was feeling enough good to shower by the way I'm with my brother he is tired of seeing me half naked ....???? when I first look to my hips I said to myself omg too big I can't handle them .... but aslani told me that they are a lot of water and they will go down, I know that he is a good surgeon he told me to don't lay on my hips (I was not going to lay on my hips I don't wanna ruin his work ) when he talks he seems to be super active super speed ???? he asked me also about the pain I said it was my belly and my back that were hurting and that's less awful that I had imagine .... I don't know it I'm the only one but I prefer to be like on this photo than laying on my tummy

Sleeping is not easy

Can someone give me any advice to reduce the pressure on my belly ..... it's awful

Day 3

I hope that my hips will loose some volume because they are so big and I ve seen many pictures in reviews of aslani no one got hips like mine .... I don't want big hips ps : my hands make me remember hansel and gretel

My hips

???? They are too big



Day 4

I ve slept more than the other night but when I wake up the pain was worst than the other day my back is so painful and I want to throw up. My face is swelling so bad

I have nt asked for those hips

I don't know why aslani gived me those hips I don't like them they can fit a woman that is 35 or more but not a 25 years girl .... I really don't like them I see them more like love handles than like hips I wanted a nice rounded butt a nice projection I ve gained 14 kg for this procedure I went from 57 kg to 71 kg for nothing it's not about the money it's about my body I have only one body and I live inside it I have choose the best surgeon in Europe but now i feel so bad all this I think is because I haven't done my consultation with him, I have seen him for only 2 minutes before the surgery .... i really don't know if with time I will like the results ... in in such a negative mood

Is it because of the poor quality of the garment

As u can see the first day my butt was quite round in the left side but today nothing I think that's it because of the bad quality of the garment I was having a look at Ibizabutt which is one of the best body transformation of aslani and I can notice that she had a good garment from the first week and she didn't get any fat on the hips .... i have no solution i have to lost all this weight and accept the fact that I don't have a nice booty and If I wanna have one maybe one day I have to workout for years

Some before

Some before

Is this what we call Seroma ?

Should I just clean it or press on it or ??? Help

Start loving my results !!!!!!!

Loving my new shape

From 57kg to 71kg

I need to start a diet, who can give me some advice I don't want to loose my booty

My bumbum sorry I'm having my period

RealSelf is to fast for me

Laying on my belly

Loving my waist

New garment

Loving my hips and butt

I spend my day taking pictures

Another one

It's a life changing

a bbl is something that's change ur life u can wear all the dress and the skirts super tight

Loving it


Can someone help me what I should do

This morning I ve took off the silicone patch that was given to me at cirumed the nurse told me to keep it for 4 days and now I see this huge ulcère what should I do

Some b-a

My investment again on pictures


And other

Trying my underwear and feeling sexy

Posting again




I have lost some volume but it's one thousand time better than before

Summer is here

I haven't seen him yet i will do a consultation with a doctor from cirumed first

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