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My motivation for coming here is that I am a...

My motivation for coming here is that I am a musician, and we can't have bald musicians can we, they're not role models, they're pests.

I started losing my hair a few years ago, six to be precise and although it was far from drastic, and expensive haircuts could cover it up, it became an obsession.

I had developed a small bald spot, and the longer my hair grew, the worse it looked, I was also receding, not dramatically but enough to annoy and go to bed at night praying for the hair I had when I was thirty.

So, I chose Dr MARAL and his MARAL Klinik.

I send the Dr MARAL five of six revealing pictures and the price based on the pictures was €1900, as I had stage 3 baldness I think, I forget the levels but midly bald.

This was for unlimited grafts.

I booked my flight to Ataturk airport, flying from Edinburgh, Scotland. I was advised to book and send the details and space would be made, so I did and it was.

I flew out on Friday. I was picked up at the airport, taken to my hotel and told I would be picked up the next morning at nine thirty, which I was.

I arrived and met Dr MARAL, we went through a few details about my hairline and agreed that a natural one would be best.

i went in to the surgery, was given injections, follicles were taken which amounted to 3500.

1200 were placed in my bald spot, and the rest distributed to my receding hairline as well as a lower hairline, not too low, but back to the way it would have been in my prime.

It took six hours with an amazing lunch in the middle, I watched television via a remote control making sure to avoid Turkish Pop Music, and three technicians went to work, one on each side of the receding hairline and the other dealing with the bald spot. Dr MARAL would come in here and then to oversee things then when it was done I was given three boxes of medicine, an inflatable neck brace thing and instructions on convalescing

I didn't sleep at all, I can't sleep in an upright, semi seated manner, I can't sleep on planes or trains and in cars, but I knew this so I just watched television, browsed the Internet and before I knew it, it was breakfast time, I managed two hours sleep after breakfast for some strange reason then the desk guy called to say my man from the Klinik was there to take me to see Dr MARAL as agreed the day before.

I went to the clinic, was given shampoos and lotions, had my dressing removed, and I was on my way to the airport via the man with the car. The flight left at half twelve, I was back a few hours ago and that's as they say is that, easy.

So, if you're bald or like me, slightly bald, get to Dr Maral.

I pleased with the results, it'll work out well, it's quick and easy, and there's no hassle at all.

Thank you all at thenclinic and thank you for reading.


I flew out on Friday via Turkish Airways, which are excellent, was picked

Day two

As one can see, the hair transplant has gone very well thus far and at the very worst, I won't look any worse.

I have not touched the hair as yet and will wait a few days before I wash it.

Exactly three weeks since surgery.

I'm still quite red, and it's probably noticeable that I've had some sort of transplant but I'm wearing a hat most days when I'm out.

I don't really know what's going on.m I've had some shock loss but still have quite a lot of the transplanted hairs in place. They may be invisible to see but I can certainly feel them.

My hair is very uneven which is normal I suppose. The part above the diner area is much thicker that the donor area for obvious reasons so it's a bit disjointed but that's cool.

It feels like three months rather than three weeks, dur to excitement and expectation, it's a long wait but time passes regardless of what you do with your time and my hair growth is going forwards instead of backwards.

I do t and won't use any medicines such as Regaine as its a bit hit and miss as well as a lifelong habit which you can't stop, so I'm alright with that.

I use Banana Boat Aloe Vera to take away some of the redness, it's a slow process.

At the end of the day, my hair won't be any worse so fuck it, who knows what the next year will bring. hair one would hope, and fucking lots of it.

Day 30

Right hairline day 30

Week five

It's a slow process, but I've managed to hold on to quite a lot of transplanted hairs. I've heard that this is a good sign....apparentley.

The redness slowly subsidies week to week and I'm looking forward to the growth which will happen within a month or two, maybe sooner.

Week Six

Week seven

No new hair yet, but still have loads of implanted hairs from the treatment. I'm at week seven, still a long way to go.

Week eight.

Week 14

Starting to feel some stubble on the crown. I think I was one if the fortunate ones to have loads of transplanted hair grow around the temples without shedding.

Week 14

Still a long way to go but the sides are filling in and I expect much more. I've not had a haircut yet and to be honest, I probably won't get one until sometime next year or round about the six month mark. I started using Kirkland shit on my head morning and night. I started this last month. The way it's going I'll have a head of hair like a young Warren Beatty before Christmas.


Week 16

The hair seems to be getting thicker. I'm unsure if the hair I have now is all the hair I'll get or will more grow in? Im sure there is more to come, I think I have some small hairs. Who knows how it works, each hair is different I suppose.

Week 16

I've still yet to have a haircut and doubt I'll get one until next year. I notice new hairs, and can now see the hairline emerge and it should become more dense and thick as time goes on.

Week 16

Hoping for more hair at the crown, I'm a little disappointed but hopefully new hair will emerge and this isn't my whack.

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19.

Week 23

Average growth, hoping for more. The hairline is back though but the back is still a little sparse.

Week 24

Twenty seven weeks.

Seems to be filling in by each passing week. I've still not had a haircut as of yet.

Front photos

Week 29

Just a very small bald patch now but it's closing in. New hair could still come and fill it and it's looking like there is.

Nine months post op, and I've still not had a haircut.

I had it done on the 24th July last year, now I have too much hair. I want to donate some back I have so much, haha. I'm just going to keep growing it, it's getting wild. I use minoxidil, the Kirkland shit which is good and cheap. I just thrash on a double dose a few hours before bed, each night. Fuck doing that morning and night. I hear people say they can't keep up with it and forget to put it on. I have it at the side of my bed, it's easy, I just rub it all over the crown then the rest goes on to the hairline. I'm still a touch thin but nothing to moan about, the results are excellent.
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