50 Year Old, Gastric Bypass,, Stomach Roll Left. Winnipeg, MB,, TUMMY TUCK HERE WE COME

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I was so anticipating seeing a PS I picked out to...

I was so anticipating seeing a PS I picked out to find out he is unavailable. I'm seeing another PS this Friday, March 4/16.. So very nervous. Not sure if I should be waiting for my first choice or not. All i can say is these rashes are getting worse.. so I'm seeing Dr Manfred Zeismann. He has performed a panniculectomy for 25 years.

Meeting the PS tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day i meet my PS. I'm very nervous, but excites and the same time. Will give update tomorrow.


So i met with the PS today, i was so nervous. He is an awesome man, so easy to talk to. I was very comfortable talking to him, and he answered every question I had, which was a lot. . It has been determined I need a tummy tuck not just a panniculectomy.. waiting to hear on coveragr and see what the amount is I need to pay. This is getting so real now. Finally all my hard of losing over 100 lbs, to get rid of the excess skin will be a dream come true. No more rashes, and hopefully more self esteem...


Waiting patiently on hearing back from medical insurance. I will be getting a full tummy tuck. After losing a total of 130 lbs now I am so ready for this. Scared and excited at the same time. Im worried about being sent home the same day. Having to also take care of my drainage tubes, which mine will be placed on my sides. Can anyone give me piece of mind with these issues plz?

Still waiting for Surgery Date!

Well my PS said he would call in 2-3 weeks. Waiting on approval for the Panniculectomy and I will pay the difference for the Tummy Tuck. It been just over 2 weeks, haven't heard anything. I find myself thinking about this surgery all the time, I'm not sleeping well. I don'tknow anyone whom has had this procedure and I am scared to say the least. I came to this site for support, I haven't heard from many. Hoping people will reach out..

Newest rash

Newest rash

Newest pic of rash . Pic didn't upload above.

finally I got surgery date

So today i finally got the call. My panni has been approved, i will pay the difference for the Tummy tuck. Surgery is booked for June 10/2016. I could of had it done any one of 4 dates she had in may but being a left employed I have to get the business all ready for my recovery time.
Hard to explain how I feel, I'm so excited to have it done, no more rashes. Let's face it 20 yrs of these horrible things, it's time to say bye bye. I'm scared as in my town it's day surgery. Really say surgery for a tummy tuck. Im worried about the drainage tubes, infections. Gosh I hope I don't worry myself sick. Anyone have words of wisdom for me?

At clinic today

So today i met with my PS assistant, Sarah..she is wonderful, so comfortable talking to her. Definitely knows what's she is talking about I felt more comfortable when I left. Got my pre-op papers, wasted no time called my dr to make appt before I left the PS parking lot. Lol.. Sarah showed me the binder, trying to figure out how I will fit into it after surgery. She said no worries you will, lol. Went over complications that could arise, that honestly now has me more worried... the next 7 weeks waiting for surgery is gonna have thinking and thinking.

Pre op was done today

So it's getting closer. Had my pre op done today, guess i will hear next weekend if something isn't right. I've started to sleep better the past few nights. I just have to shut my mind off, I'm so worried about the after math of pain, and those darn drainage tubes scare the crap out of me. Last few days I've been worrying more about getting infections, seroma... here's hoping i have no problems.

shopping for me...38 days to go

Getting prepared. I've stocked up on senokot stool softener, non acid fruit juices, soups, baby wipes, etc. Have toilet riser already and walker. Bought summer stretch nighties. Just need to find a bed wedge pillow. I really don't think I can sleep in my recliner for a couple of weeks.


Paid the rest of the surgery off this morning!! I seem much calmer when I'm at the clinic. Thank you Sarah you always know what to say to me and help me relax! 35 days to go!!!

countdown is on

The TT date is getting closer, June 10.. I ordered my wedge pillow, with an additional 2 " memory foam for comfort. I am pretty much set except my nerves, lol. I'm having problems sleeping still. I can't seem to shut my brain off. I'm so worried about the pain, and chances of complications. How do you ladies deal with it? 26 days to go....

14 days to tummy tuck

Well time has flown by. 2 weeks left to the big day. I'm elated to get rid of the rashes but scared about what is to come days after surgery. Can any of you ladies message me about what it's like the first few days after. Oh by the way I'm sent home the same day as surgery..

countdown on

9 days away from TT. Trying my best not to have a rash at surgery time. I must say so far so good. I'm having some anxiety, not as bad as what I thought. Maybe next week will be different? Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies...

8 hrs till surgery

8 hours to go till surgery. At the point I want this over with. I'm not nervous or anxious tonight, surprised myself lol. Will let you all know how I'm doing as soon as I can. Think of me tomorrow girls please???

surgery done, Yay.

Well I made it through surgery yesterday. The pain level was about a 6/10. Nurses were shocked how well I was doing. Nurses were telling me how amazing I looked and I had a nice muscular body.
Today is a different story lol. I was warned pain would be start to get worse today, and it has. My fatty area in the pubic hair area is swollen, i called the PS he told me not to worry it can last for a week or two. Yes abdominal pain is worse about an 7-8 when moving aroj

day 2 post op

Well I woukd love to say the pain is better, but I'd be lying. It's a lil worse then yesterday which the PS warned me about. I'm using my walker to get to bathroom and bed. Yes I slept in bed with my pillow wedge. Ladies you need to buy one if your having tt. No bm yet so I know how that will play out. Senokot not working yet.. I can undo my binder tomorrow for a few mins which I think I will to air it out. I thought my vertical gastric bypass scar would be lower but I don't think it is as I can see it on the breast bone. Thoughts on that ladies? I thought it would of been pulled all the way down. Pubic hair area is swollen and bruised. It's a bit uncomfortable.

2 weeks out from TT

Well it's been an interesting road. My pain has gone away just discomfort is what I have now. Pain killers made me talk funny, hallucinate so I stopped those on day 6. I've been taking liquid Advil and everything is going well . Except today I notice I have a belly button infection. I took pics and sent to my surgeon at his request . He asked me to try polysporin for today/tonight and let him know tomorrow if there is any change. Gosh I hope it works? Will post before and after pics very soon. So exciting, the change is unbelievable!

post op complications

Sorry I've been off for a few weeks. I've had all complications and my spirits aare very low. Once the drains came out and staples 10 days post op I felt great. 2 days later it all started. My new belly button had an awful infection. I thought I'd lose it, that's all cleared up now. Whew.... then 4 days post op I had fluid leaking out of my incision. I had developed a tiny seroma, but things got worse. My incision opened up 6 inches long and 4 cm wide. Home ccare has been coming daily to pack the incision. They are using iodosorb . I will tell you it smells so bad. Dead fat (necrosis) is awful. I still have a section of dead fat left to come out, it is slowly. Incision is now 4.3 inches long and 3 cm wide. That is in 6 weeks it has shrunk. But just shows you how long it can take for the dead fat to go away. I've been down in the dumps, and the nerve pain is real. Mine started 2 weeks post op. Now I have swell hell. That is awful. Come night I have a spare tire, i just hate it. The only time I feel good is in the a.m. as when I awake I'm flat as a board. Swelling starts in the afternoon. How long does this last? Hoping I can enjoy part of summer soon...

More surgery

So my ps wants me to go back into surgery and see up my open incision. Home care is working great at closing it, yes it is slow but I'm ok with that. I don't want more surgery. Anyone else had their incision open up 2 weeks after tummy tuck? If so did you let it close on its own or go back into surgery?

back into surgery

So 2 weeks ago i developed a bad infection in open part of incision. Honestly I felt awful. Cold, chills, upset tummy. Husband took me to see surgeon, thank god surgeon saw me last minute, it was a bad infection. Surgeon explained that it was in my best benefit to let him clean out the wound and sew me up. So last Monday I had surgery again. Omg was I feeling tight. Not any real pain, just really uncomfortable, it's been just over a week now tightness is letting up a little bit. Incision is staying closed this time, yay me. I went into the second surgery with some swelling and tightness from the tummy tuck in June. When i sneeze Iit's still pretty sore, how long does this last? Also I still swell a couple of ours after I get up in the morning, how long does this last? It's hard to go through 2 surgeries to feel like a blimp by afternoon . I am so happy that I have an awesome surgeon .
It's been 3 months since my journey began I just want to feel comfortable not so swollen...
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