Bumps From Filler - Maple Ridge, BC

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I got this as a group buy deal and it was a very...

I got this as a group buy deal and it was a very great price so I thought I might as well. I have been wanting fuller lips now for some time and a mini lip injection is a more conservative way to try the procedure out and not have large duck lips.

I did my research on this site and other sites reading about the various products available and the pain levels etc. When I finally went for my apt. I was very nervous about the needles. My doctor was great though and went over the procedue and the lip shape we wanted etc. He then put on two different types of topical number on my lips and I couldnt feel a thing. I didn't even feel the needle at all and my lips look instantly different. Immediately after my boyfriend and I noticed three small lumps in my upper lip but believed it was just swelling from where the needle was used. It has now been 4 days and the lumps have not gone away. It is like the product concentrated in the sections where he injected it. I am very happy with my bottom lip but am hoping to get the top lip resolved this week. I will update what my doctor says about the lumps next week!

3 Years and Lips are AMAZING!

Hi everyone! SO I totally forgot I posted this and I have definitely had improvement since this post.

Turns out my upper lip was sooo thin that the bumps were basically small blood clots from the needle. I have had the procedure done again and no problems!

The product used was Radiesse. I would highly recommend it. I have found that it lasts a long time if you don't smoke or drink much apparently and it looks completely natural.

I just started going again in March and by then I had let all my old filler dissolve so I essentially started from square one again.

I have since March gotten 5 1/2 injections or the equivalent of 2.5 full (2.5 ccs). It took awhile to build up my upper lip but I am in love with the look! I can finally wear lipstick and not feel self conscious and I get compliments on them all the time.

I can feel the filler a tiny bit if I squeeze my upper lip but nothing hard and no more lumps. Since the first time my bleeding has gone wayyy down as well. I hardly have the number gel on for very long anymore when I go.

Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think :)

Before and After

So the pictures are a little blurry but I wanted to share the before and afters of my lips!

The bottom pic on both collages is the before, the top the after. Some people are pretty bitter about me getting injections (older women who are very judgemental) and claim they can't see a difference but I definitely can.

I love them so much and will probably go get at least 1 more CC in. Until my Dr. says they look duckish I will keep filling lol!

Addicted but no Duck Lips!

Sooooo I did another 1/2 yesterday! I love the way it looks but I definitely bruised afterwards which hasn't happened in months!

I think it's because he is going deeper due to the amount of filler already present. I asked my doctor if he thought they were getting duck looking and he said they have a rule in his office "No ducks allowed!" I think I'm in good hands!

My mom doesn't know I get them filled and today at lunch she asked about the bruise! "Ummm I'm not sure how it happened!" Yikes!

More Filler! Starting to love Radiesse

I think it is safe to say I'm addicted to this product. Another clinic I went to was offering Juvederm for a cheaper price (200 for a 1/2 cc) but I just think Radiesse is a better filler.

I used Juvederm once and it didn't inject as smooth (got stuck a little with an air bubble in the needle while he was injecting it, so painful!)

Most recent pics below! I would also highly recommend Dr. Allan Strauss if you are in the lowermainland. He is great and patient and listens to you but will never over fill!

He has also been helping me prepare for my B.A in Miami!
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