Ultherapy WORSENED my Skin - Maple Grove, MN

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After reading and hearing so many wonderful...

After reading and hearing so many wonderful reviews of Ultherapy I figured it was a sure way to fight age without undergoing an invasive procedure. I had Ultherapy performed on the upper half of my face February 2014 and my neck and lower half of my face done May, 2014.

I am devastated to say I have had NO positive results. Actually, I believe my skin texture, elasticity, wrinkles, and crevices are worse than before my treatments.

Prior to my treatments I would receive compliments on my skin texture. I decided to go ahead with the Ultherapy to fight a droopy right eyelid, wrinkling, aging, crows feet around my eyes, furrows and wrinkles in the forehead and between the brows, “frowning face” crevices in the cheeks, and age wrinkles around my mouth/lips. The Ultherapy has helped NONE of these. I believe Ultherapy made my skin texture, for lack of a better description “bumpy” and not smooth. The crevices on the side of my nose are much deeper, and the skin around my mouth is now saggy and more wrinkle. I believe my under eye area is also more sunken in.

In addition, the treatments were EXTREMELY painful. There were times I nearly stopped treatments because I could not tolerate the pain. The procedure would at times since shooting pains through my face or scalp. I remember my face being incredibly numb for a couple weeks afterwards, as well.

I would NEVER recommend Ultherapy. Ever.

Attached is a picture of me before the Ultherapy. Yes I'm squinting terribly, but you can see the smooth texture of my skin. In the after pictures you can see how bumpy my skin texture had become. In the 'face after' photo you can see how much more droopy my skin is and the hollowness under my eyes is more pronounced.

I was so, so, so upset and dissatisfied with my results that I was asking Ideal Image for my money back within months of the procedures. After some back-and-forth and lots of pushing, they finally refunded half of my money.
Ideal Image

The technician performing the procedures was very kind and upbeat. She was also very certain that Ultherapy

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