36 Year Old Mom to 3 Needs Some Work. - Maple Grove, MN

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I'm hoping to stop hiding behind baggy sweaters...

I'm hoping to stop hiding behind baggy sweaters and yoga pants. I've been working my butt off with my trainer, eating healthy and seeing no change. I need some help to get to the point I am wishing for.

I go in for my pre-op tomorrow. I have confidence that Dr. Hogue will work his magic on March 1st.

6 Days PO

I had my tumescent lipo 6 days ago. I'm not gonna lie, the recovery has been much more awful than I imagined (and I had 3-sections). The swelling has been pretty significant since I woke up on the 2nd day. I have no results as of now as I'm still very swollen. I will post some pictures as the results start to file in...

Here are some things I really think it's important to know going into this procedure. The procedure itself isn't terribly. Some discomfort here and there, but really I didn't mind it. I was in for almost 6 hours and had my full abdomen done, parts of my flanks and my inner thighs. They put in 3 liters of tumescent solution and took out 2.5 liters of fat. WAHOO! My stomach was flat as I walked out of there. Amazing. The next day I woke up HUGE. To be expected. I was pretty sore like I had been hit by a car. The compression garments helped a ton.

Today, at day 6, I am still very swollen, tingly and pretty numb in the my legs and abdomen. I didn't wear my garment overnight, but will be wearing one today. It is getting uncomfortable now. The doctor said that after 6 days there really is no reason to wear it beyond comfort. I feel like it helps me feel not so numb.

I will update with some pictures soon, when I am starting to see the swelling go down. No point in showing you the train wreck of a body I have going on.

Day 13

I am still very swollen, it is pretty rock hard to the touch. I am trying to massage the areas but I am very tender. I see no progress yet, I have faith but I am tired of being swollen. How long were other people swollen? The dr was pleased with my progress last week and assures me it is all normal, especially considering how much he took out of my belly. On we go with the healing.
Dr. Roger Hogue

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