48 Yr Old Tummy Tuck, B/a, Lipo - Mansfield, TX

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I am very excited about my procedure on 10-22-2015...

I am very excited about my procedure on 10-22-2015. Hypo-thyroid has reek havoc on my body with up and down weight. I have gotten a lift/ recliner to help with process but now wishing I rented hospital bed. I really love this site and reading the stories of those that have gone before me. I'm not nervous about procedure , just the healing. I see many different healing processes and pray mine is the simpler one. I will get before photos and keep all updated of progress.

3 days to go

I am feeling the nerves and want this to be over so i can sleep.

Call from O/R nurse today

It was very surreal getting the confirmation call today. My first thought " this is really happening". Why am I so emotional about it? It's the one thing I've been wanting for over 20 years. My nurse Angela quickly set me to calm sharing her own experience at this very clinic with her procedure. She assured that she is part of many procedures such as mine and I am in excellent hands. That did help a lot, however it's still the unknown for me. 2days to go. If I don't get on here tomorrow (night before surgery) I will post as soon as I can. Promise pics to follow

2:00 a.m morning of procedure

I am not nervousness, I just can't sleep. I have a peace about this and just want to put this behind me. It's this unknown grounds I am going to be going through that is causing me some anxiety. Though after my morning shower I did bid a farewell to my fat friend and saying hello to the new me. It is so hard for me to imagine a leaner and toner me, when all I have been looking at for past 20 years is flabby loose skin. I will most likely take a few days off from posting but maybe not. No one may ever read this but I feel better getting it out to my R/S family that knows what I'm going through.

?48yr Old with 2 Children 6 Grandchilren Tummy Tuck, Lipo, B/A

Had my procedure and was shocked i was in no pain. The gas from surgery was aweful and was dreading first bm. I am 5 days post and had bm, it didnt hurt, thank God. Worst part for me is not being able to do things for myself but im finding as time goes on im enjoying it. My wonderful husband has been my lifesaver.

4:00 am

I am experiencing abdominal swelling to the point it feels my skin is going to rip open. Very uncomfortable, is this normal or should i call ps?

7day post op

Today wasnst too good for me. Ran a low grade fever and havent had an appetite since surgery. Called ps and they suggested protein drinks, so hubby went to get me some. I have slept all day. I dont know if its the seelling or gas but pain is excruciating that i have now began to pop pain pills like pez candies, i did manage to get in shower and if anyone has a suggestion to get markings off im open to those suggestions. I am enjoying what im seeing but cant wait to get over hump. Heres some 7 day post photos

Hello r/s flat family

13 days post and decided to step on scale. I am 5'9 and on oct 21st (day before makeover), i weighed 194. I took photo 11- 4 and im still crying i cant believe it i havent seen this number in 5 years. Im hypo-thyroid and could loose if i statved myself. Im so excited.

Nearly 3 wks post op

I wanted to try on a little black dress that I've never been able to wear when i put it on and I cried. I then realized that there is actually a zipper to help put it on and I didn't even have to unzip it to put it. Every ache and pain that I've been going through for the last three weeks is all worth the way I felt when i looked in mirror.

Dec 1st another surgery

My business is so stressful and takes so much of my time that the stress has taken its toll. I swear the 3 yrs of this contract has aged terribly. I have decided with my same amazing surgeon to do CO2 laser resurfacing, getting eye lids and something else, i cant remember. I will not have to go under so thats a plus. New body and now a refresh face to go with it. Im very excited. I will post pics

Wish this pain would stop

Anyone else have a certain spot thst hurts? Im 4 wks post and my left lower pelvic side still hurts. Pain level goes from 1-20 at times. I was sleeping in my bed but went back to my chair so i wouldnt move so much. I need to be more active for 2 days ive limited my activitiy.

Finally pain free

I had an are on my left lower abs that was causing me pain, i still feel it but its just dicomfort. Dr. Thinks from the stretch that i may have pulled something. Taking it easy and off my feet fotr past 1.5 weeks has helped the healing. Im so in-love with my new body and now believe i have become poison to everyone around me. They all want plastic surgery of one thing or another now. Its either poison or trend setter, i will take trend setter.

Down 22 lbs

I just weighed myself and started this journey at 194 and now im 172. Praise God!!! Hypothyroid has not allowed me weight loss. My ps put me on metabolic therapy and its amazing how quick the lbs are coming off. Im 5"9 and was very tired of hear " well , your tall, you can pull it off " NOT THE POINT.

Feeling blessed with my new body

I look amazing in my clothes, no hang over and I don't have to wear shirts too big to hide flabby gut. I love my results so far and keep hearing " just wait" your results will get better. I can't imagine, this look is even beyond what I thought it was going to be. I went out in field to help my husband to complete inspections and feel swollen. No pain just part of over activity.

6 weeks post, im in love with me

My dr sees some revisions but all i see is perfect. My before photos i was too ashamed to show my body, looks as if im over that. Hello world, i am woman hear me roar.

Scar reveal

I love mr ps work, hes an artist.

What a Beautiful Scar

Im 2 months post of tummy tuck, breast aug, lipo in thighs, flanks, under arms. Dr wants me to keep wearing the tape to keep scar from raising . I took it off today to see and wow. When redness goes away you will hardly see this pencil thin beauty. I m so in love with my new belly and also 25lbs down. I havent seen the 160's in over 15 yrs.

Almost 3 month post op

Hello ladies! Its been a little while but i want to give up date. Went to dr yesterday he is so excited about my results as i am. I couldnt have asked for anything better and i recieved the best. No complications, no need for scar therapy. His words my body heals itself better than creams. Im down 22 lbs and holding since surgery. I look and feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. thorton for giving me my life back. Im working out like i use to when modeling and to watch a more beautiful body transform from the hard work, brings tears to my eyes. Here photos.

Full length photo

Here one i will post in one month of body transfermation from working out.

Co2 laser resurfacing

January 26th had my face done. I had a mommy make-over oct 22nd and my face didnt match my youthful looking body. Had my eyelids, therma-tight, co2. Im 2 weeks post

Mommy makeover with 550cc BA. I cant believe its...

Mommy makeover with 550cc BA. I cant believe its been almost a year! I would recommend this to anyone needing a change in your life. I am down 42lbs since surgery and look better at almost 50 than i did in my 30, 40's. I am truley blessed. I am 48 soon to be 49 with 6 granbabies and feel like im in my 30's. My husband cant keep his eyes off me????
Dr Michael Thornton

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