5'6" 180lbs Mom of 3 Breastfed, Saggy 38b - Mansfield, TX

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In July 2016 I had my first BA consult, I had no...

In July 2016 I had my first BA consult, I had no idea what to expect. I hadn't found this website/app yet and didn't do much research into BA other than I always wanted bigger boobs and looking up the cost, oh and finding "wish boobs" my husband suggested we could see about getting them done since we are done having children. My first consult didn't turn out good I had a feeling I would need a lift but husband and I agreed that I didn't want to be covered in scars. The first PS basically wouldn't do the BA without the lift and wasn't willing to give me the large implants I wanted. So we left very put off on the idea of doing it, but the other ladies in the office kept repeating to get a second opinion. So I found one closer to home that did a free consult (first one was $50). Pretty much loved his demeanor after his first sentence. He wanted to know what I wanted! Not what the majority of women want. Also he listened and asked my husbands opinion which matters a lot to me, he's doing the financing of them and as far as I am concerned he's the only one who will see them nude, so I want him to be happy with them too! So this PS told me yes in fact I could use a lift but I'm right on the border and if I didn't want one I didn't have to, he said he would do the dual plane which pushes the breast tissue a little up and forward and while my nipples would be lower (which is what I wanted, for a more natural look) it would still look ok. We tried on sizers, starting with average size, I laughed telling him that my vs bra looked bigger than those so we finally got up to a size that made me a little bigger than my double padded bras. 600-650cc silicone is what we decided on. He thinks I should get style 45 which what I gather now is high profile, I don't think I like that. Ideally he told me since I breast fed three kids, am overweight, and have broad chest, that I could handle that big of an implant easy. So I think with my wide chest I want moderate plus. This all seems to be happening fast, end of July was my consult with him and end of August is my big day. In a week is my pre-op finalizing size and all. Bloodwork is already done and paperwork is already turned into the surgery center. I do seem to have a heat rash or intertrigo under one breast I hope goes away in the next two weeks I hate for that to interfere with surgery. So here's a summery so far
Style 45 UHP?
Dual plane

Final Pre-Op, payment, meds and such

Had my final preOp before surgery. Didn't feel like I spent much time with PS today, we didn't retry on sizers or do more measurements. I guess he was sure of our initial plans. Until I mentioned I wasn't too fond of the UHP then he looked in my binder and said he's not sure why he picked those cause he prefers the style 20 for my size. So that got changed. He didn't seem fazed or worried about the size which is 650cc. Just calmly reminded me that it is a large implant. Starting to feel rushed now. I know they would have answered all of my questions but of course my mind goes blank when time comes. Thursday is scheduled day and my two boys have their first day of "school" I was hoping to be able to take them and then head to my post op appointment the next Monday but I don't think that will be happening. Paid remaining balance :( hate to spend that kind of money on just me, could have got the kids something cool or paid off something or saved more for something for everyone. Got four different meds, antibiotic, pain relief, Valium and promethazine. Not a fan of taking pain meds or any meds for that matter. Had 3 c-sections and hardly took anything more than Ibprofin. Super nervous/scared more than excited today. 3 more days

Before pictures

Before pictures ???? 38b/c

Surgery Day

Bright and early this morning we arrived at surgery center. Got checked in, iv put in, marked up and just as I was being wheeled into or I was either already asleep (they gave me something in my IV) or forgot everything. Woke up nauseated and vomited clear liquid. I don't vomit easily or even get nauseated easily, I think it was combination empty stomach and awful taste in my mouth from anesthesia, yuck yuck. Had some Sprite, then they got my husband, he helped me dress. Got wheel chaired out and off to the painful ride home. Lots of soreness and it felt like the incisions hurt. At home and taking all my meds on time. Pain and soreness are about a 5. Meds make me very sleepy. Hot pad on your back is a must, can't tell if Ice packs help or not. A little itchy on my arms. Boobs are big I got 650cc silicone hp dual plane. They feel heavy right now, no boob greed or regrets so far. Will try to post good pictures tomorrow

Day of photos

Before and after

Already love them. Very sore and have shooting pain on the left side of breast. Pain meds help a lot. So lucky to have a supportive husband. Took a shower this evening and he washed my hair and body for me and even brushed and blow dried my long hair. Cooked me a grilled salmon dinner yum. Hope swelling subsides soon

Post-op appointment

Today was post op appointment. Ps took a look and was pleased so far with how they are coming along. He said during surgery, surgeons are able to see how everything will eventually turn out and he was very certain mine will turn out just how I want them. Next week steri strips come off. I love them so far and so does hubby. Here's a day four picture still riding high.

1 week with new tatas

One week update, last two days I've been off that strong pain killers during the day since I am home alone with the kids. Still take them and muscle relaxer at night. Going to try to skip the norco/hydrocodone altogether from now on. I still have some pain but nothing I can't handle with Tylenol, ice packs and rest. Was instructed to not lift anything heavier than a milk jug. And I can feel why. Swelling is finally going down and I can raise my arms up enough to put my hair in a pony tail. I've included some pictures til next week. Still love the size do still wish they were a little bigger lol :)

2nd post op appt.

Saw PS today he took off tape, scars are so small considering how big of an implant is in there. Free to do most things just no pectoral weight lifting(I wouldn't anyway he he) starting vitamin e when I go buy it. Hope everyone is healing good. Or getting in preparations as needed.

2 week pics

Not much change yet

Almost 1 month

Just a quick picture update all is well, other than the vitamin E sure does make my skin oily ????

6 week check-up

Went to my 6 week check-up and he says all is good, scars are kinda dark but I have a darker/Olivish skin, not worried since my big csection scar is pretty light it may just take time. Free to wear underwire or anything else and also can lift weights or exercise how I wish.

Tshirt picture

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