Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction Oct 18th.... Can't Believe It's Finally Happening! - Manitoba, MB

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Wow, what a great site! A little about me... Im...

Wow, what a great site! A little about me... Im 36, married with four beautiful kiddos (ages 4-13yrs old). I have had a total of four pregnancies with two sets of twins (my own as well, I was a surrogate mom for a friend and I had twins for her). Every time I got preg I gained major amounts of weight, plus carrying twins twice, has left my tummy looking TERRIBLE and soo stretched!!! After my surro twins I swore I would get a tummy tuck and now here I am 2.5 weeks away!!! I've always had big breasts and so I'm also having a breast reduction. My surgery date is oct 18th and I'm getting quite nervous but more excited! Since January I have lost almost 80 lbs and have soo much loose skin!! This is my one last step. I'm 5'7, 163lbs. I'm obsessed with exercising so I know I'll find it hard to stay in and do nothing ???? especially when my husband is running around doing everything!!!! I will add pictures soon!!! :)

4 more sleeps!!!

Yay..., can't believe there is only 4 more sleeps till surgery!!!! Feeling all kinds of emotions.... Excited, nervous, guilt at thinking of how much my hubby will have to do alone with our four kids. But he's so supportive and is 100 percent on board with me doing this. I went for my pre op on Friday. I'll be staying one night in the hospital for sure, possibly two. The nurse mentioned they take about a pop can sized amount from each breast for the reduction. I'm a DD right now so will probably be close to a B... Can NOT wait to finally get rid if this back pain!!!! I've always been envious if small breasted women.... Especially when exercising!! I so crossfit 4-5 times a week as well as run on my off days and it will be so nice not to have to double up on sports bras!!!!

My kids are all prepared and hopefully we've somewhat warned them enough about how out of commission I will be when I get home. My 13 year old has already said she'll handle all the housework! I assured her she'd have lots of help!!!! My sister is coming in from out of town for a week to help. What a God send!!!!!

I am very nervous about no exercise for a while! I've been working extra hard at crossfit lately so I'm in the best shape possible going into surgery, in hopes I won't have as much 'catch up' when I get back into it. The dr said no sit-ups for 6 weeks and other activities possibly a bit sooner. I'll sure miss my 6am class and the energy I get from my workouts!! I keep reminding myself that 6 weeks will fly by and then I'll have the rest of my life to work out hard and build back the muscles :)

I really am just wanting this week to fly by and be done with the surgery!!! Can't wait!! I'll update with pictures hopefully today :) must say I sure won't like taking then though!!!!

2dpo OUCH

Hi everyone! I'm on the flat side now! I had my surgery on Friday and now am 2dpo. I know many of you ladies talked about the pain but still I don't think I was prepared for this! Ouch!!! The dr said my muscles were about 6 inches apart!!!! That's where it hurts the most, and then the incision. I'm still in the hospital because I fainted the first night when they tried to get me out of bed. I've been in a huge amount of pain until yesterday when I got up again! After I was up and moving around I started feeling much better (along with percocets ;)

I def need to stay ahead on the pain meds!!! My breasts are just a tiny bit tender, nothing at all like the tummy!! I did take before pics but didn't have a chance to post them!

Hoping to go home today! I really hope to say soon that this was all worth the pain!!

Before photos- yikes!

Ok... I'm finally doing this... Almost 5dpo posting my before pictures. Not a pretty sight that's for sure! I still have bandages all over my breasts and haven't yet taken any after pics, but will update as soon as I do because I LOVE looking at all your before and afters! :)

A few more before pics

5dpo- feeling much better!

I'm just a few hours short of 5dpo!!! Wow what a difference a few days makes :) I forgot to add in my original review- I am 36 years old, 5'7 and 160 lbs. I am feeling so so much better than those first two days!! Being home has cleared my lungs ( I had a slightly collapsed right lung from being intubated and was so congested in my chest that I was coughing non stop, which caused SEVERE pain!) and I'm walking almost upright! I still don't have much of an appetite, but I did have my first BM just yesterday at 4dpo, I'm pretty much only eating protein, fruits and veg and some nuts, which is pretty much what my diet consisted of before surgery, however much much less now because I'm not working out anymore. I'm sleeping a LOT and still take my pain meds, however just 1 pill every four hours instead of 2. My breasts really font hurt much at all, I just have bandages on them, no bra. My abs and incision get painful a bit when I've been walking around too much, but otherwise I'm quite comfortable! I'm wearing a nine inch CG recommended by my dr, as well as compression stockings that the hospital gave me. I'm So So itchy under the CG and stockings!!! I wonder if it's from the meds?? My sister is here, helping my hubby with our four kids, as well as being Cinderella for me :) she's amazing!! She washed my hair yesterday and helped me have a sponge bath which felt sooo good!!!

Anyone about to have this done... Please know for me, the first two days were so so hard, but after getting through those, once you can get up and move around a bit, it gets significantly better!!!! My swelling is definitely going up every day, which I expect. I have two drains from the TT scar, the right is draining a lot, the left, not so much. My post op appointment is this Friday and I'm really hoping all this dressing on my breasts can come off.... They still feel HUGE- huge but perky :) my nipples no longer point to the floor!! Yay :)

6 dpo pictures

Ok.... Here it is.... First post of a post op picture! Definitely not the prettiest!!! Still have the drainage tubes and quite swollen! Hopefully today I get all the bandages off my breasts abs then I can see them too!! I have my first post op today!! I'm praying they take these drains out!! Can not wait to shower!!!

13dpo... Almost two weeks since surgery!

Wow, can't believe it's almost been two weeks!! Feeling pretty good... My belly button is slightly infected. Dr wasn't concerned... I saw him today and he said to apply polysporin and watch it. I like how everything looks except to below my belly button... I still have a bit of a tummy! My dr said it's just a bit of swelling but I don't think so... I'm really not too swollen. It is definitely better than I was... Especially upper abs!! He said my ab muscles were 6 inches apart!! I actually have a waste line!! And my breasts are soo much smaller and perkier!! Yesterday I had my first emotional day... Mainly from my lack of being able to workout and be active and also dwelling on having hone through all of this pain just to still have a tummy!! My TT cost was soooo cheap though, because the BR was paid for my insurance, that I feel like I shouldn't make a big dal out of it!! My dr is such a nice guy and assured me that if 'the ridge' is still there in a few months, there are some options to get rid of it... He didn't go into specifics though. I'm crossing everything that it goes on its own!!!


Wow almost 4 weeks post op!! I'm feeling ok ... Although my breast incisions are starting to feel more noticeable, especially with sleeping in my bed. I was getting quite discouraged with my lower tummy because I really questioned if it was just swelling or still fat in that area. Today was the first day where it seemed like it must have been at least a bit of swelling because my tummy totally looked smaller! When I was at my ps's two weeks ago he had said if it doesn't go away then their are other options we could look at, I'm not sure whet that means but I plan to this Thur at my appt. I didn't get any lipo, which I had totally thought I needed but my ps disagreed with me. Slowly... Very slowly my energy is coming back to me :) today I went for a 3.5 mile walk because it was a beautiful day!! (Only -5c). I can't wait to start running and crossfit again but for now I'm learning that patience is a virtue!!!

Thought I should post a few new pictures!
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