Pearl Fractional Ruined my Face - Manitoba, MB

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I am on day 12 and am very unhappy with the...

I am on day 12 and am very unhappy with the results. I'm female, 31, light skinned, do not generally heal well. I had mild-moderate ice pick scars on forehead. I had been obsessing over my face for the past year. Finally got rid of my acne a year ago. I tried 4 chem peels, retin a. Home microdermabrasion. Infact I think my face looked worse. My forhead began to look old and weathered, I saw fat loss it seemed. I had never noticed it quite to that degree b4 hand. So 12 days ago I decided to do pearl laser, and pearl fractional. I researched it b4 hand. Read a few bad reviews, most saying it just didn't improve anything. Saw a couple bad ones. As with anything there's always risks. Seemed rare. I went in talked with a technitian and a plastic surgeon. They both recommended the same thing. I called back, asked a ton of questions. The technitians were not nurses or doctors. But they had been using machine for 5 years. Was told that they had no one in 5 years that had scarred. On hyper or hypo pigmentation, which they were able correct with other procedures. So I went ahead with it. Hurt pretty bad. I looked scary but great at the same time. Everything was so swollen you didn't see any scars. I did the vinegar soaks the first 4 days, maybe once on the 5th. Face peeled off on the forth in the shower, my forhead did not yet. It peeled on the 5th. By the 6th day it was still very red. And started to notice these awful grid marks "holes". I was still swollen, went in for check up, the doc and technitian said I looked like I was healing well. I mentioned my concerns about the holes. They said that happens and will go away. By the 8th day it looked even worse. Holes were more noticeable. Orange peel texture started coming out, with wavy skin. I phoned the clinic, they reassured once again I was healing fine. On day 10 and 11 I started freaking out, was avoiding everyone, depression started to come on, anxiety, fear, u name it. I started researching. And found so many others with this same problem. I am scared. My ppl tell me I will always look beautiful. That helped a bit.

So, all in all I'm wondering if anyone had the holes disappear in time? I am only on day 12, not even two weeks. I'm still in the healing process, so there is still a chance for recovery. Wound healing takes about a full month, and an extra two to settle in, and another year or two for final results. And skin goes through it's shedding process every 28 days. So I'm hoping these factors may save me. While I'm still in the healing process is there anything more I can do to help it? I'm currently taking vit.c, omega fatty acid, vit e, iron and zinc and a multi vit. Eating somewhat decent. Trying not to put makeup on it, I was told I could put make up on on the 7th day. I've read that ppl with oily skin may not have the holes scab and close over. Right now I'm switching between emu oil, polysporin and nothing/just dry. Dabbing any of my own oil away. This morning when I woke up, I saw a good 8 percent improvement on my temples, the grid was almost raised there instead of holes tho. I'm thankful about that, gave me hope for forehead. I may just be seeing things, but I felt like I maybe saw a 2 percent improvement with my forehead. The redness is also fading, maybe that's just why, not my issue tho. I'm looking very closely at the holes, and I see stuff in them, I'm not sure if it's debris, zit stuff, or possibly skin forming. This gave me hope this morning. I will post more pics and such as time goes on. I just pray that I will still heal. What a mistake...

25 days post factional laser resurfacing gone wrong

Well I'm now 25 days post, my forehead looks worse than ever. The grid marks are so apparent, where the laser ended and every laser hole. It's still a tiny bit swollen and gets red still. I wish I could go back in time. All my previous scars look worse, did nothing to improve the saggy/texture issues, saggyness looks worse, and texture is ten times worse with the millions of holes.

Well, I'm trying to do anything to help this along now. Been taking supplements, vit.c, multi, omega 3, zinc, and vit e. Did a few honey masks, been using emu oil and a C peptide occasionally. Gentle cleansers. Changed diet yesterday, going to try and avoid gluten and dairy when I can. It's hard when ur already a vegetarian. And last but not least, I got Psoria Gold in the mail yesterday. So just started using it. I'm going to apply it twice a day, and try to avoid makeup on forhead. I'm able to wear a hat at work, it had been my saviour and security blanket. I will update in another couple weeks to see if there is improvement.

As for mental/emotional stuff. It's been so hard. Trying to keep a brave face and positive attitude. I've told most ppl in my life, no one seems to judge, leaves me free to wear my hat all the time and not get questioned. As for docs. I saw the plastic surgeon on day 16 I believe. Him and technitian both said it looks fine, the holes are normal and will go away at the one month mark or even a bit longer. I don't believe them, I felt the tension. And the doc said "personally, I do t believe in laser resurfacing for acne scarring" my heart sank, I couldn't believe what I just heard, why did he recommend this, why didn't he tell me about these side effects. Only hyper and hypo pigmentation. He just wanted my money. I was supposed to come back for my one mth mark for a comparison, they said to enjoy my summer and to come back in the fall. Clearly they were shooing me out. I wanted to cry. I have supportive and understanding peop in my life. That's made a huge difference. I still really shy away from my new partner. Only person I allow to see me without a hat really. And even so, curtains are usually closed.

I will stay positive, I will stay hopeful. For that's all we have. I will try this better healthy regimen, and hope that time helps in some way. Oh, at my one mth and a half mark, I'm heading back in for a surprise visit to see that doc. And I'm bringing someone with me. It ain't no joke...

One mth mark post pearl fractional

I decided to update early, it is my one mth mark post procedure. I was supposed to go back into office to have a b4 and after comparison. However last time I went in, they shooed me away and said to come back in fall. Surgeon said my scarred laser holes always go away and it sometimes takes a mth or even a bit over a mth. Well I still have the holes. They maybe have improved by 3 percent since day 15. I knew at 7 that something was wrong, doc and technician said I'm fine. I asked if there's anything that can help heal. They said no. There are so many things that we can do or change about our lifestyle that can help us to heal. I only wish I started my regimen after the first week instead of week 2 or 3. Could have made a bigger difference. I added a couple more things to my regimen, I'll update at my two mth mark to see if there was improvement. As for other improvement. My redness and swelling has gone down in past few days. Not sure if it's cuz of the new regimen or just time passing. But all in all, I'll take any improvement.

I have a doc appt in a couple of weeks to see if he would potentially put me on a low dose accutane at my two mth mark if nothing has improved. I doubt he will go for it. Maybe he may know of some good plastic surgeons in the city at least. If not, I may just purchase it online like the others on this site are doing. I'll update at some point how that goes as well. And also only a couple more weeks till I make a surprise visit at the office I went to where they scarred me. I'm interested to see what they'll say this time...

Where to get Accutane online?

Hey there, this is for anyone who may be reading this. I live in canada and am looking for a reputable online pharmacy that ships accutane to canada. I've researched but am coming up with nothing. Or any kind of other process of how to get it in canada. I only have very mild non cystic acne. My reasoning for it is to decrease my pores and reduce my oil to hopefully help with my laser damage but doctors only prescribe for acne sufferers. Please help

Laser damage update along with other skin improvements

Pearl Fractional laser damage to forhead update. So, I'm a few days shy of my two month out mark. Progress is very little. Hard to tell how much progress, as I feel I may just be getting used to what I see in the mirror. Swelling has reduced 98% redness has reduced 94%. Still sensitive to scratches, even just washing, tends to redden easily. Still gets a little itchy from time to time. Couldn't use harsh products even if I wanted to. I feel like the majority of the healing is pretty much complete at this point. All that's left is for it to settle, maybe some last improvements with skin renewal and skin thickening to wait for.

Refresher on my regimen. I started using emu oil around week 2.5. Started psoria gold just under the one mth mark. I'd have to say that these two things combined helped sooth and reduce inflammation. I've been taking supplements which would include vit .c, omega 3, zinc, vit.a, occasional vit.e, and multi vit. I have also been putting on c peptides a good 4 times per week. I have rarely put makeup on forehead. Last thing would b that I cut down my gluten and dairy intake, I found that when I consumed gluten, my skin became more itchy, seemed to b causing inflammation. All that being said, not much improvement had taken place since day 16. Laser holes are only a little less noticeable. One thing I saw a more significant improvement would b with the lines/indents of where the laser ended, have diminished. I'll take what I can get.

New thing I started a few days ago, was upping my water intake significantly. Drinking at least 6-8 bottles per day. Since doing this, I may, and I say may, see a slight improvement in the laser holes on my temples. Now I'm not sure why, I almost feel like my skin is more plump perhaps. Now on a side note, which I'm happy to report, with this extra water intake. I've seem a huge improvement with another unrelated issue I have. It's never been diagnosed, but from what I've researched, it looked like I had syringomas/white bumps underneath my eyes. Had them for as long as I can remember. They got worse the past few years, my eyes looked more hallow which brought them out. The fine lines were showing there as well. Anyways, I've seen a huge improvement with the bumps, fine lines, and a bit with the hollowness. I'm not sure which regimen to credit this too. But it changed as soon as I upped the water. I will continue this for sure, and post pics in the near future. One less thing to worry about as much. I hope I continue to see improvement.

Next week I have my appt with a plastic surgeon. I'm hopefully going to discuss accutane, maybe some derma rolling. Also anything else that may help to improve the situation. I def have fat loss which I have now learned. I still haven't phoned, but there is a doc in my city who has worked with reCell b4. Not sure if he practices with it or not. But I will give them a call. As for my emotional state. I'm not too bad. I do think my laser holes are shallower than some, I feel I do have a chance for repair in some way. I'm dealing with it at the most. I still wear a hat in public everyday, became a comfort thing. I seem to function normally with it. Not thinking much about it. It's been my saviour to say the least. I still have bad days now and again. But I'm not letting it consume me anymore, that's the main thing. Well I'll update again soon with any changes or news.

Follow up appt

So I'm just over two mths out. Had a follow up appt today at the clinic. The technician took after photos finally with this machine thing that does close ups and special photos to pick out different imperfections. I saw the b4 and after. It is worse, there is hard proof. The woman admitted it was worse, she acknowledged that the pin holes from the laser grid were still there. The doc came in. He changed his opinion of how long it will take for the holes to go away. Originally said 1-1.5 mths. Now says 4-6 mths. Again saying, "they ALWAYS go away". Well with no improvement at all in the past 1.5 mths. I can't see why he would think that they would go away still. Anyways, he offered me two free laser genesis treatments to help speed things up he said. I've had this treatment b4 all of this with zero change. Didn't hurt anything or make anything worse, so I'll take it I guess. But they just keep saying to b patient. I told her I've researched online and have found ppl where this issue never goes away. And she says she's never seen that happen, only ppl who have had the C02. Obviously that's a lie. Seeing those b4 and after photos almost made me cry, sure I had skin issues, but not like this. I also asked her, as to what they will do if at 8 mths this still hasn't gone away. She said she can't give me an answer, but they will re asses and go from there. Anyways, I have my appt with another surgeon in the city in a couple of days, so we'll see what he says. Derma rolling sounds interesting, and I still want that prescription for accutane. I'll update in a few days as to what the other doc says.

Dermarolling for laser damage

I am now just over 3.5 mths out from having laser damage. The pin hole burns from the laser damage are still present. I do feel they may have filled in slightly since my last post. It's hard to tell when you're looking at ur face everyday to notice if there is infact any improvement. I say this only because I now feel I'm noticing my initial issues more again so perhaps the pinholes are subsiding making it easier to notice the initial issues. I decided to go ahead with home dermarolling. I've been doing it for two weeks now following a regime I found online. I'm doing the rolling twice per week, but very lightly, so lightly that it doesn't cause any bleeding really. My roller is 1.0 mm but I'm probably rolling at a 0.5 depth applying the topicals to make the absorption easier. The topicals I'm using are a vit.c mix with water that I apply daily wearing under makeup and during the night. I'm also putting infadolan around eyes at night. And when I do the roll, I apply a copper peptide serum right after and let sit for a bit, then I apply infadolan which I wear the rest of the night. I planned on doing a bit of a deeper roll this wknd as I have a few days off. I'm quite nervous to do this. I may do one more test patch tonight just to make sure my skin can handle it. I don't have too much to update at the moment. But since I have started this, it's now been two weeks, I do feel like I've perhaps noticed the slightest difference in these pinholes, maybe a 3 % improvement, but it's seems like it's the most improvement I've seen in the last month and a half. So whether it is due to this new regime or the free laser genesis treatments the clinic gave me, I'm not sure. But I'll keep you guys updated as to any more improvement. I'm also still taking a lot of vitamins which I have mentioned in my previous posts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I hope to see more improvement.

4.5 mths into laser damage

Well, I've seen the slightest bit of improvement. I've been slacking on things a bit lately. It's so time consuming and exhausting trying to find a solution, especially dealing with the stress and depression from it, feeling like you're losing hope after trying something new and no real improvements. My temples have improved the most, u can barely see the laser holes in a close up pic now, they are still present, the camera just has a hard time capturing it now due to improvement, which is a good thing. My forehead is still very unpleasant. Skin of a 65 year old, not a 31 year old, it's so sad. I've changed my lifestyle. Watching peop who are terrible to themselves physically with toxins in all ways, and they have beautiful skin, and I'm doing everything I can with the money I can put towards a solution. Anyways, I started dermarolling as I said in past, been slacking a bit due to not having the time or having commitments the next day. I do think it may help a bit, I'm still going to give it a good try for at least a few mths. I just made myself a new routine with suppliments and topicals. Adding hyaluronic acid orally and topically within a cleanser. Haven't been using a real cleanser really, just been using this handmade organic soap, something light and non irritant. Also been slacking on the water intake again, going to start that back up. But other good news, I have an appt with another surgeon in the city, he's apparently rated quite high in canada, but I don't think he specializes in skin really, an overall cosmetic plastic surgeon. Some reviews showed he was quite thorough in his consults, so we'll see what he says or if he can recommend me elsewhere, that's on Nov.5. And since my doc passed. I've been going to a walkin for my minocyclin prescriptions. I've recently come to the conclusuion that the antibiotic is losing it's strength with me. Body has gotten used to it, so I needed that changed, went to walkin and the doc would not prescribe me anything new, but instead finally referred me to a dermatologist. So that's great news!!! I'm getting my ins I guess finally. I have some pics, u can see some progress. I'll update later on the consults and if there's more progress

Upcoming Results of Possible Healing Methods for Laser Hole Sufferers from Real Self Members

At the end of December I plan on posting a list of methods real self members have used to try and diminish "laser holes" that laser resurfacing machines left them with. So far I've msged 37 members and am very hopeful to get a number of responses.

My goal is to help others, including myself. I felt it would be nice to have all this information about this one issue collected in one spot so we don't have to search ppl one by one on this site asking how and if they've had any repair, it is soo time consuming. Anyway, I hope to hear back from a lot of you soon. Take care and good luck to all.

Compiled responses from real self members regarding healing of laser holes/orange peel texture

So folks, it's the end of December. Like I said, I would post a list of ppls responses regarding anything that may have worked to reduce the appearance of laser holes caused by a bad laser resurfacing job.

I didn't have as many ppl respond as I would have liked. And there's still a couple ppl I'm waiting on to hear back from as they recently had procedures done.

Unfortunately it doesn't sound like anyone has had a complete 100% fix with this issue. But there has been some ppl who had a little bit of success with the reduction of this. It sounds like some ppl saw a difference or improvement per say up to a couple years after their initial procedure. Of course, there were some who saw nothing, actually some have seen degrading of their skin. I do believe the is do to the thinning of the skin, making it more susceptible to sun damage, pollutants, scarring etc. Some saw a little improvement down the line when they worked on their inner selfs mentally/emotionally. Also with a change of diet to a vegetarian/vegan diet. Some also with topical tretinoin "retin a". Some also said they saw an improvement when they discontinued the use of retin a. I've heard many ppl take supplements like vit. C along with their routines and reported some improvement. Manuka Honey was also mentioned by a few for an overall type of healing, also emu oil was mentioned. Tumeric as well with the overall healing, however my personal opinion with that is it's more of a pigment changer than anything. And of course we all have heard about Accutane helping with orange peel texture by a couple members on here. I also was in contact with one member who tried this for a period of a couple mths perhaps and reported no textural changes, but said there were many negative side effects that started affecting them. So I do feel this route should possibly be a last resort, and of course monitored by a professional. I am also waiting on one person who did some peels and a dermabraision, and another who did PRP and dermapen. One thing I also noted from a few was that all they did was a gentle route, mostly just very mild cleansers and gentle moisturizers with no chemicals and such, and these few reported zero improvement. No one reported using the dermaroller for long term and seeing any results. This may still be an option for improvement.

Unfortunately that's all I have to report. Not exactly what we wanted to hear. But at least we know. There is a possibility for some improvement. I think it depends on so many factors, and no one person is the same or will have the same benefits. I personally am not recommending anything on here as I am not a doctor. I am just reporting the findings. So pls be careful with anything you try.

I myself have seen noticeable improvement this past month or so. I will post it in another update within the next day or two. Cheers, and I hope all have had a wonderful Christmas

My own results with the reduction of laser hole damage

Happy New Years all!!! So, I just wanted to update everyone with my own results. Recently I have noticed some improvement with my texture regarding the laser holes. First off, I wanted to explain what these holes are, as I feel some people are getting them confused with enlarged or scarred pores. These holes are the result of both an ablative and non ablative fractional laser device. These holes are literally Burnt into your skin, and for most ppl, these holes heal immediately and pull the skin tighter and it removes old scarred tissue. But for a select few, these holes never close and do not heal over. Even with non ablative, the tissue is burnt under the skin. In turn, you are left with the initial grid pattern that was burned into the skin. The holes are so uniform and unnatural looking. A possible fix could be a fully ablative non fractional resurfacing like the traditional co2 devices. I've been told by 3 docs that this would be the best option. But for myself, just like many others, we are now terrified to have any invasive procedures performed again, as clearly, we did not heal as expected the first time around.

So as for my own improvement, I was put on Birth Control to help with acne, and a very mild tretinoin, only 0.01%. I have been on both just under one month and I see a noticeable improvement, still minor of course, but I'd say a good 5 % improvement so far. BC is supposed to lower androgens which are the cause of the over production of sebum. So far I'd have to say the oiliness has stopped by at the very least 40%. It's like a miracle. Perhaps my pores are closing and pulling everything tighter? I also believe the tretinoin "retin a" is helping. I haven't had the greatest experience with retin a in past. I feel I was prescribed too high of a dose and was instructed to use it too often. Currently I use quite a lower dose, and apply it about 5 nights per week. I'll continue monitoring any improvement and will post pics next update. I have also stopped micro needling for about 6 weeks now, just wasn't sure if I was quite ready for it. I do believe it can help. It also makes me wonder if the improvements I see could also be from this with the new production of collagen. If I continue to see results than I can put it towards the BC and retin a I guess. Any how, I'm happy to see some, even if just a little improvement, I will take it!!! Cheers all, and I hope all of you had wonderful holidays :)

One year post laser resurfacing mistake

Sry all, I've been away from this site for quite some time. Just a little bit of advice, a break is necessary, this site is so beneficial and I do owe a lot to it and all it's members, however if you're not careful it can consume you a bit. I apologize to those who may have msged me with out any response, I don't check my email often. That being said, how am I doing, and have I seen improvement?

I've definitely seen improvement, in no way am I back to how I was originally, but things are slowly coming along. I'd say since about one mth post, till now, I've seen roughly a 40% improvement, give or take a bit. I've seen the most improvement since a bit after 6 mths till now. I started a new routine. I researched many sites, listened to many stories etc, and this is the route I went. I started retin A again, the mildest dose, I went on birth control for acne, it may have helped my pores somewhat. Then I started seeing my old aesthetician, she did a glycolic peel on my problem areas and followed it with a treatment of laser genesis. Look into it, it's not like the other lasers we've done. She's amazing, she did both these treatments together for around $55. I did this monthly for the last 5 mths, and in between sessions, I would do one dermaroller session myself, and I'd dermastamp the worse areas. A little note, I never bled, I did light pressure, just enough to have my following products absorb. Immediately after I would put the 0.5% retin a on, it's one step stronger then my regular one. I'd leave it on for roughly one hour, wash off, then apply a copper peptide serum. I also learned in this time that moisturizers tended to cause my skin to be more oily. I switched to only serums two mths ago. And started applying my vit.c serum every night before bed. I recently started applying a hyaluronic acid serum for under my makeup as well. I also use my weaker retin a about 1-2 times per week, minus the one week after that I would dermarole. I also still take vitamins daily, a multi, vit.c and zinc. Aside from that, that's it. I'd say this new regimen is what has helped the most. I still wear my hat every day, even to work. It's kind of sad, I do feel a lot more confident, but I still feel that fear within that were all known too. My next step to bump it up a bit, is next week I'm doing a TCA peel, only a 12.5% one, they go a little deeper and you get a better peel vs. a glycolic, which I feel is very comparable to retin a. I can also tell the improvement because my original issue is becoming more apparent, what I'm starting to focus on a bit more. My original issue was two things, rolling scars on my forehead, weather being missing tissue or loss of fat. And some ice pick scars and large pores. At the end of July I have an appt to get filler done for the rolling scars, I really hope that helps, in certain light it looks terrible, which is why I opted for the pearl fractional in the first place.

So in conclusion. I have seen an improvement, still not where I'd like it to be. I'm still going to continue the dermarolling once per mth with retin a. I have to take a break possibly for the summer for the treatments with aesthetician, with the tca peel and filler I should just let that heal. I'm hoping by September I'll feel confident enough to finally walk outside without a hat, and feel free!!

On a side note, I'm at a loss for acne, I had everything under control for years, and a week and a half ago I just broke out, I don't recall ever having it this bad, my dermatologist is on vacation for two mths, I'm out of minocyclin, and my birth control doesn't seem to be helping anymore, also, the birth control has left me with zero sex drive, so I'm waiting to see what can be done about this. Not sure what do do in the meantime. Oh and one other thing folks, pls be so careful when trying new vitamins, herbs, whatever it may be. I tried a digestive enzime ph balance pill from gnc, I do think they're a good company. However, I had a pretty severe allergic reaction to the pill. Not anaphylactic, but I woke up at night in a panic, my entire body had a burning sensation from head to toe, I had tomato coloured splotches from head to toe, and the back of my neck and ears started to swell up. It was terrifying. So pls, be cautious with anything new you try. Anyways, good luck to you all, and pls comment, I'll be looking at my email fir a while :)

14 mths post Pearl fractional mistake

Hello all, thought I would do a review and post a picture. So I'm still seeing slight improvement. I changed my routine a bit. I'm now dermarolling and putting a vit.c solution on right after. And always after I wash, I put the solution on. After the dermaroing and stings pretty bad, prob not great to be creating extra inflammation, but it's working. Since my last post I feel I see maybe between 3-5% improvement. It's slow, but there is a difference. It's seems to be helping the over all texture. I can still see the laser holes, but they are a little better. Also, I have something to report. I started using nizoral as a face wash for acne. It's an anti fungal shampoo. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing my acne. So I went on the anti candida diet, lifting sugar and gluten and dairy, and I washed with this shampoo, and I didn't get one zit for a whole week until I ate some cheese pizza. And this is off the birth control and off of the minocyclin. Also, it's helping with my oily skin, apparently it has an anti androgen effect to it. So anyways, hope everyone is doing well, and I'll let you be the judge if there is a difference in texture compared to old photos.

Improvement with laser damage

Alright folks, it's been a while since I've updated. I'd like to post some pics and I'll let you be the judge. I've seen a lot of improvement with my laser damage. I want to state that I was 30 when I first had this procedure and I'm 32 now. I've also seen improvement with just other imperfections as well. My creases between my eyes also became worse, my skin clearly lost collagen and became more lax, I want you to be aware that I did have the furrows before hand but not to this degree. Of course you can see the laser holes which appear to be very large pores and just sandpapery and un uniformed type skin. I also had huge creases/hollows under my eyes, this was not due to laser. And if you have seen in other pics, I do have indentation or rolling scars on forehead due to old acne. As you can see in this new picture I took today. All of these issues appear so much better. I do apologize for the different lighting.

I owe the improvement with tighter skin and furrows to Botox. I owe the improvement with tight skin, laser holes, un uniformed textured skin and rolling scars to dermarolling. I owe the decrease in eye hollows also to dermarolling and stamping. I also use banish acne Vit C serum after I roll. I use own's Vit c powder mixed with water every day. I also do tca peels one every 4 mths or so. I take vitamins, I use gentle cleansers. And I also recently started using manuka honey. The indentation do revert back to a degree so you do have to keep up with the dermarolling, I'm not sure how much is permanent. But having a downtime wknd once every few weeks to do a roll is so much better than hiding yourself from the world every single day. I can now live my life. So there is hope folks, at least to some degree. I wish all of you so much luck. Take care and I hope everybody has a wonderful new year.
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