43 Year Old Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

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Finally after 2 years of getting up the courage,...

Finally after 2 years of getting up the courage, when I was at my GP's office I asked for a referral for a BR. As long as I can remember I have had a substantial chest - I was a C cup in grade 7, and after having children they only seemed to grow and grow! Don't really know the true size, as I just purchase the bras that fit, and the size ranges from 38 D to 44 E (why do bra manufacturers do this to us women?!). When I work out I need to wear 2 sports bras and really strap the girls in. My gym wife says one of these days she is going to get a black eye from me at bootcamp if I'm not careful!
I was talking with a close friend about having the reduction, and said my only concern was the chest "melting" into my stomach (I have definition in my body curves and all), and she emphatically said "LIPO and TT Baby"! I never would have thought about asking but, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.
In early September I went for my referral, and again mustered up the courage to ask the plastic surgeon if I was a suitable candidate for a TT. He asked my height: 5'11" weight 250 lbs, and asked if I had recently lost weight -close to 45 lbs in the past 2 years by exercise and small changes to my diet. I work out 5-6 times a week, have successfully gone from a size 20/22 to a comfortable 16. No matter what I seem to do I can not lose the "shelf", "over hang" from 2 c-sections. Was I surprised when the PS responded absolutely! Wow! I have no expectations of ever being a size 10 in my life, however it would be so nice to wear 1 sports bra to work out, and lose the kangaroo pouch. Because of my previous back problems (2 herniated discs twice in 6 years), insurance would pay for the BR but I have to pay for the TT. Since I was paying for the TT I was able to get my surgery scheduled for October 2015, and have both procedures done at the same time. This all sounded great until I started to do the math, and found this site. I have a multi-family vacation planned over Christmas break down south. 10 weeks to heal did not make me overly confident in being able to make the trip the success we want and need it to be. I was also concerned if anything went sideways/wrong for me health wise on my trip my travel insurance would be null and void, essentially making it useless to me. Insurance companies would likely deem it all pre-existing conditions because of the surgery. So I have postponed until January 2016 which is fine, our prairie winters are notorious for being cold, snowy and miserable. I will have no problem hibernating inside and emerging in the spring like a butterfly!
I have told only a handful of people and now you fine ladies. I fear the judgement of a few family members going into surgery, and truthfully don't want the arguments or the possibility of saying something I may regret. My husband, kids (2 boys 19 & 16), Mom, good friend (aka my gym wife), sister-in-law & trainer all know about the BR and TT. I have only told my sister about the BR. The first group have been sworn to secrecy and know if would leak out, I will be beyond devastated and upset. I only told my sister about the BR as the TT will be seen as an extravagance, and will judgemental about it. Has anyone else taken a similar approach? I figure after the procedure, when people come to visit, it will be a scenario of whats done is done, and I will be too knocked out to really care what they have to say.
I have some concerns about the procedures, primarily the TT, the internet and google are wonderful tools, but sometimes they can be too much. I wonder sometimes if ignorance truly is bliss? I have read about complications. After my first C-section and ending back in the hospital for close to 6 weeks with a major infection could this happen to me again? I have cautioned the PS I would like to be on antibiotics for 2 days before the procedure, and have a round of them while I am healing. The prospect of pain doesn't worry me as much as the possibility of infection.
I have no pictures to post at this time (need to gather the courage all you ladies have had to take and post). Well ladies this is my story in a nutshell. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. I know I have enjoyed reading your stories! Welcome to my journey to a new me.

Counting Down 4 days

I had the pre-op,
I've been fitted for my compression gear,
lost an additional 15 pounds,
picked up all my prescriptions,
rented a lift chair,
and have driven my husband nuts with my planning.
I have made sure I am keeping my routine as same as possible by working out 2 hours a day 7 days a week, and trying desperately to eat well. Everyone who needs to know about my surgery knows. I think all my boxes are checked off! I just need to post my before pictures!!
January 22 is days away, I am anxious, nervous, excited & apprehensive.

Tomorrows the day January 22 2016

Well the day has come, and I figured if I have found the courage to have the surgery, I had better find the courage to post the before pictures like all you wonderfully brave people have. Looking forward to having the girls sit higher, and smaller. Really looking forward to losing the "shelf" although, I wear it as a badge of honour from the birth of my 2 wonderful boys soon to be 17 & 20. Right now I find myself playing the 24 hour game, and it started at 5:00 am this morning... In 24 hours I will be driving to the clinic....In 24 hours I will be in surgery.... In 24 hours... It's a mad-merry-go round. I have been replaying my conversations with my ps, and will be reaffirming tomorrow mornings what will be done. Has anyone else had the feeling of memory loss? I also have mind blowing thoughts of the bandages & binders coming off, and I still look the same or have little to no change. Its a circus right now!! Ready to get this show on the road!!!

Bruised, Battered, Swollen and enjoying it!!

Here I am almost 7 days post op. I am sleeping in a medical lift/reclining chair - it helps to keep the legs bent if you put a pillow underneath your knees. Over the weekend, I hibernated in this chair, took my pain killers on time and in some cases as recommended by my recovery nurse ahead of time if the pain was creeping up early. The most challenging time I had was bathrooming, I was up every hour or two to pee, and had not purchased the seat riser. Thankfully I have strong legs, and could lower myself without having to engage my core. My wonderful husband saw the struggle it presented. He went out, and bought this life saving piece of equipment first thing Saturday morning. If you are having any abdominal surgery done don't be a hero, buy the seat riser. I had the breast drains removed on Monday 01/25/2016, and they came out with no problem at all. My husband drove me to the appointment and stayed by my side making sure he got all the information in case I missed something. By the time I got home from the appointment I was done for the day. I crawled into the chair and slept the rest of the day. I have been taking it easy, walking in the house when I can, I rest when I'm tired, I listen to my body. I think listening to my body is one of the main reasons I am able to stand straight (for short periods) without feeling the pulling related by many.
Looking forward to Feb 1, 2016 and the removal of my lower drains, this will mean I can have a honest to goodness shower!!
I'm still pretty swollen, so I can't say if I am 100% satisfied, however I got what I asked for: smaller breasts, and the rolls are gone.
Remember to be kind to your bodies, and listen to it!
Let people help you when you need it,
It's okay to say no to visitors, and even more okay to fall asleep should they come anyway!


It's been one week and I am feeling pretty good. I am walking straight, but still have problems getting up & down from a seated position. I'm happy I've had this done, and realize I need to wait until all the bandages and drains come off before I get critical, but I almost feel the ps took too much from my breasts. And I feel they may be uneven in size.
TT drains come out on Monday and I can't wait!!
Happy weekend everyone :)

No more drains!

Went to the clinic this morning with hopes of my stomach drains being removed, and they were!! This made my day because now I can shower and go about my day easier.
Included in my cost of surgery was laser treatment surgery 4 one hour sessions, yes I took advantage of the first one this morning, I was more excited to learn I can start wearing my own sports bra rather than the own from surgery which I am sure would stand up on its own if given the opportunity!! No underwire bras for 4 more weeks. Things are progressing really well. No big work outs for another 5-8 weeks, I hope it goes fast, because i find myself missing my gym family!
This surgery ranks in one of the top 5 things I have ever done in my short life!!
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