TT One Week Before Christmas! - Manila, PH

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Nervous and excited about TT. Am wondering how...

Nervous and excited about TT. Am wondering how I'll be on Christmas Day!

I'm fit and play lots of tennis. Have been told will have to wait for three months to play.

I live in Manila so more reasonable cost helped me to decide to take the plunge.

Looking forward to not having to suck tummy in all the time!

Period on day of surgery!!!

I'm pretty sure I'll have my period on the day of surgery next week. PS says it's not an issue. Anyone else have the same? Any tips on coping?

Pre op photos

Not quite sure why I'm posting these photos other than to be able to look back and see the difference. Clearly not going to do that on Facebook! Haha!

Public relations

I feel like I need a standard spiel for people I don't know well enough to share TT with but who will notice I'm not my usual energetic self. I live in a small community and don't want to be the subject of gossip. Any stories or tips to share? Is honesty the best policy or can I just vaguely refer to having had surgery and not offer details?

Today's the day!!

I'm just a few hours I'll be on the painful ... I mean flat side! Today what freaks me out us going under which is odd as I hadn't even given that a thought until now. Oh well. Wish me luck!! Feel like I'm at the start of the biggest roller coaster on earth!

Sleepy but happy!

24 hours post op and have spent most of past day drifting in and out. No pain but definitely tender. Had one drain that's already been removed. PS said I had hernia because of very separated muscles. One more dose of morphine to come. Will go home tomorrow! Here's a photo I took when they changed dressing. Yay!

Day three misery

Going home today which is great but have been quite happy drifting in and out of sleep on lots of IV meds. Now it's very sore but they said best to take next dose at home as I'll get sleepy. Had pounding head overnight which I'm thinking could be caffeine withdrawal.

Four weeks post op and finally incision is closed!

Past four weeks have been an ordeal. Not constantly but more on than off. My recovery has been hindered by constant openings in my incision. Must have spat out a dozen stitches and had to be re stitched three times. This week is literally the first time since op that incision has been more or less dry. Feels like a big milestone!

Other than that, I've been pretty happy. When I asked PS about wearing binder, he said I can go without but it might help with swelling. I feel like my muscles are working more without the binder which at this stage must be a good thing. He was right though, since yesterday, I'm totally bloated with a little ridge above incision. Also first day of TOM so double whammy. Still when I just saw pre op photos, I'd still be happy if swelling and bloating didn't go away. Have started walking 5km a day on treadmill which feels great!

Had some insomnia so took melatonin and couple pain killers which helped a lot.

And of course the BEST thing is how clothes look and feel at only four weeks. Can't wait for four months! ;)
Dr Joel Nicdao

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