Multiple Failed Nose Surgeries - Manila, PH

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I have had 5 failed rhinoplasty surgeries all done...

I have had 5 failed rhinoplasty surgeries all done in the Philippines by 3 different surgeons. The 3rd surgeon performed 3 revisions in my nose and alarplasty. It was the biggest mistake that ive ever made. I should have not let him touch my nose at all. He got it all wrong and worst. The silicone implant that he puts on my nose bridge won't stay in place. It is deviated on the left side if my nose creating a shade only on that side giving me the look of a half empty flat nose bridge. He also cut my nosetrils way too small, they are not at all proportioned to my whole face. Im desperate for a revision but NOT with DR JAMES JOAQUINO anymore! He ruined my nose.
Dr James Joaquino is a very bad surgeon. Arrogant, temperamental. As much as possible I dont want to talk about him anymore because each time i think of what he have done to my nose im getting sick, getting highblood pressure and stress. Horrible experience with Dr James Joaquino at Clinica Manila. Never ever again.
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The surgeon was just seem ok at the beginning but, became very arrogant, temperamental gets very irritated and shouted at me when I asked why is my nose bridge implant is still deviated despite having gone through 3rd revision with him. I did not even blame him, i only showed my concern(in a calm way)which was nothing but normal because its my nose my whole face appearance that was at stake. But he refused to acknowledge any of my concern and treated me like a trash. I felt so badly treated and very dissapointed with the outcome of my nose I could not help but shed tears upon leaving his clinic. No compassion with his patients. Very bad surgeon.

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