Horrible Experience and Sad Results Equal Waste of $ Manhattan, NY

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So, after looking t numerous doctors for a tummy...

So, after looking t numerous doctors for a tummy tuck I finally zoomed in on one. Dr. Eric Sadeh located in Manhattan NY. I went for the consultation in Summer of 2014. I met with him at his Queens office. The meeting was brief because he was downstairs in a temp office because his office was getting work done on it. We spoke about the women n his webpage and how they all looked puled in and tight with a short scar. I specifically told him that the 2 women on his website is what I wanted to look like. He stated it is possible because of the special technique that he uses when make the incision. I stated yes, hat sounds good. He then had me ay down on the bed and looked at my stomach and sad majority of my fat would be gone and majority of my front stretch marks would be gone. I said tat sounds good as well. I then told him I also wanted to get my breast done as well, but it would be based on the cost. He stated that mikail “his (wife” aka coordinator) would call me I reguards to the price. So, I waited for her to call. She the calls me provides me of a price if I recall around the 17,00 mark. I said woe that’s a lot I for sure can’t do the breast I want to do the tummy tuck. She stated well let me work on the price for that and I will get back to you. She the got back to me and told me 7200 for the tummy tuck. I felt that was steep to me considering I was going to be paying cash. I then decided to wait and maybe see more doctors and get other quotes etc. Time flew by I reached back out to mikail maybe 6 months later and asked advised her that I wanted to get the surgery y her husband for sure. I also asked her did she know anything about acre credit she said yes they are etc. I said I will see if I can get approved for the loan and I would reach back out to her. So I got approved but for only 5000.00 I did not have the remaining 2200.00 to do the surgery. I said well maybe I will wait. I then let time fly y. I called mikail in November ad said I’m ready to my surgery would you be able to work on price with me?? She stated well you called at a good time we have special of 5999.99 for tummy I said great. I will use the 5000 with care credit and the other 999.99 with credit. So she took all my payment info and says great you are all paid. This is where the communication ended. She says, you will get an email with info about the surgery and you will get a prescription and we will book your date etc.… no call back. I then call no answer but she TEXT back. She says sorry I have a baby and I am getting all kinds of emails, calls and text coming through etc. I say ok, no biggie when is my date for surgery? Where you able to book me for December 21,2015 she says I’m trying we have another major case that day as well ‘she getting a mommy makeover’ as if my money and my tummy tuck is less important. I say well I am coming from long island to Manhattan and I don’t want to get stuck in traffic after surgery can I please go in early on that day? She finally sets me up. Meanwhile I never got any f the emails or text about anything. Just the congrats your all paid. 3 days before surgery I paid for my mom flight to come to NY and take care of me at this point I had no idea as to what time my appointment was and what I should bring etc. and then I call and nobody has a clue as to who I am, just all un organized. I then say well I will just cancel and go else where they finally get a nurse on the phone and she was so nice. She helped ease my nerves and said that she will get everything together for me and call me back. Then al of a sudden mikail calls and says I have a child and he was hard to have etc. telling me about her child etc. when business is business. So she finally gives me a time I said where is the prescription that I was surprise to have filled before surgery? She lies and say it was mailed out last week guess what, until this day I never got it…. She says dont worry your mom can fill the prescription while you’re in surgery you will be ok. She then tells me my surgery time. So fast forward I bring my blood work results to surgery and at this point nobody requested them Dr. Sadeh didn’t even know I got my own blood work done at my own doctor. So the day of surgery Dr. Sadeh comes and we come and we re early about 45 min early he says are your ready etc. and fil out this paperwork etc. So he says don’t worry you are going to be fine etc. I go in the room he takes photos and do 1,2,3 markings nothing above and beyond just quick markings. I say to him that my flanks are the main issue because they hang over and the bulge under leggings and skirts. He says yes I’m doing lipo on flanks and lower and upper abdomen. I then go in and the aniesthesiologist was not the friendlies more so like just lay down and the the needle. The nurse Diane held my hand and said you will be fine. I the wake up and was shaking profoundly they had to give me some warm blankets and I would not wake up. They had to give me some smelling salt to wake up. I finally get up and I was forced to leave I kept hearing the nurse say. ebony you got to get up and get ready, numerous times. While leaving barely awake I banged my leg on the way out it was black and blue for a week as per my mom. I get home and everything is going well. Mikhail called once and said I’m happy your doing well talk to you soon. Not even a call from the doctor himself. Would have been comforting to hear from the man that did the surgery not a coordinator, since this is a private office. I called mikail no answer 3 days after surgery so I I text and advised her that, I kept getting diarrhea and dehydrated because of the pills that were given to me for infection. I text her and say the pills are not good she says no need to take them anymore discontinue after 3 days of that. I then never heard from anyone from the office after that. I go in for a follow up and was seen by Dr. Sade He finally takes off the garment that has made cuts into my skin in numerous different spots and says you look great. He then removes a few stitches He then takes off the tape and bothers some stitches and wraps me back up. He says you can use some massages for the tissue, see you in 30 days. 2 weeks later my son who is two elbowed me a little bit in my stomach and it really hurt, I then texted mikail and asked does she think I’m ok or should I get checked out. She says your ok you will be fine, don’t do anything take a Tylenol. I then show up for my one-month appointment in the office and meet with the nurse and not the doctor and explain some of my concerns about my stomach and a lump I had on the incision line etc. Sadeh says that I’m still swollen contuse massages and I will be fine. I then take her word and I leave. On my way home I then went to aggressively grab something in my car under my chair while driving and when I got back up I felt a burn that was so bad I couldn’t move I was in shock. It burned all the way home. I get home and text mikail and no response. The whole day, until night it got worst to the point I said let me go to urgent care. Mikail text back (Dr. Sadeh has nothing to do with this, if you feel uncomfortable than go) I immediately felt that was rude because I never did anything to this lady. I said what do you mean? She says its noting to do with the plastic surgery, I said well I didn’t have these issues before surgery. All I was looking for was a comforting answer not an attitude. I texted back, well have a blessed night as well. Just to keep things positive on my end because I was upset by her response. Especially when this is my first major surgery in my life. And I trusted her husband with my life. Even if it had nothing to do with him, that was response was unacceptable. I then go to the hospital the doctor asked for my plastic surgeons number I gave the number and they called him., he says that if anything worst happens call him until then he will see me on my next appointment. Mikail text me saying “see I told you it was nothing you are worried about nothing”. She says if you want email the results to Dr sadeh. I can then, follow up with him on my set appointment in January. The next day I texted her saying is there a way I could speak to the doctor because honestly I feel me texting you I am not comfortable because you are not a doctor and I want to speak to him. She the text me back saying "all I have done is be nice to you and don’t text me anymore". No problem you should not be doing business through text anyway. I said also you asked for my review. I have a review and I’m not sure if you or your husband will like it.I get to the appointment at his queens office at 1;03pm I come in, Dr sadeh sees me and says hi ebony have a seat relax. I then sit down, he goes into his office with an employee and stays I there for 15 min. the nurse comes over and says does he know your here? I say yes, she goes in the office and cracks the door ad says ebony is here? He says for any reason? She says she was scheduled… he says I will be there in second. She takes me in the room. She says what happened? I say I am not happy with a lot of things, especially not being able to speak to the doctor instead having issues with his wife. Dr. Sadeh comes in n=and he comes in LOUD AND LAUGHING…. HE SAYS… SO WHAT, WHAT IS IT... YOU JUST KEEP CALLING. ITS LIKJE EVEY TIME YOU TWIST OR TURN YOU CALL, WHAT ITS LIKE YOU JUST BE DRIVING AND SAY LET ME CALL OR TEXT. I said well first of all, that’s rude to come in that way especially considering you were so nice when I met you and now I don’t even know who you are? He says well you come barging in 3 hours late! I said I’m sorry my appointment was 1pm I was 3 minutes late. he says no mikail said its 10am I said well this the issues. Its unprofessional to do business through TEXT. He says h its my wife’s fault now all this. I said well I pay for customer service and I’m sure not getting it. He says well what’s the issue? I said numerous. Bulging skin, loose skin, flanks, sagging stomach over incision line and the bump that’s on the incision line that the hospital said it was a seroma. He basically says you look great; the hospital does not know what they are talking about. He says the upper ab you could have used a bit more lipo and the flanks are still a bit swollen, and the bum is scar tissue massage it. He says you look good. I was really on fire because of his attitude and the way he handled this. I didn’t say anything. H e then say in sarcastic voice sorry we don’t have customer service here I will get you a real appointment today. Then he says he has been telling his wife for 7 years that she needs to stop texting to do business. Well why not change it at this point if you see its been 7. He then says well put on your clothes, I have to go I have an important meeting. I will see you soon and walked out quickly. I then put on m clothes left and was so upset as to what happened. I left things alone. I continued my massages the next week and a half and brought another compression garment. I told the massage therapist to massage the bump since he says its scar tissue. I have so far paid 200 in compression garments and 400 in massages and my stomach has yet to change. I have recently seen another doctor that noticed my belly button is not even centered. He also stated that either A Dr. sadeh could have removed more fat and skin, but he says some doctors don’t because of there own reasons. He says that I would be great candidate for a revision. I then emailed Dr sadeh my whole view point on from beginning to end and expressed I am not happy. Mainly because this is my 3 rd. time telling him that he has never mentioned once that we can fix things or tweak things etc. he did not accept no responsiblty just saying wait for 6 months. I did not get a response, I decided to call and speak to the office finally and tell the I’m upset, I can never get the doctor on the phone and I feel I have a botched surgery. I finally get a response back and it basically says IM HARRASING THEM!

Nasty Emails from the doctor ...

So I emailed a long email stating my issues and this is the response from
Him ..

My emails sent ..

I was not nasty just looking for a kind doctor and a more comforting response..

My main issue..

Is lack of compassion and the backing of his work. Even if this was the best he could do, the least he could do is stand behind it and say, I apologize that you don't like the results as of now etc etc .. However these are the options this is stay we can and can't do .. But I will make sure your happy. Instead I get this!

My review is to to be negative..

My review is what this site is for " to state in your opinion, was it worth it and why" and this is what I have stated. Now on the other hand I am a child of God and I will spread the word good or bad and it's nothing to do with being positive. It's about stating facts and showing facts to back up my feelings as to why I displayed this I formation. Now if you choose to follow through with something or you feel I'm negative that is your personal opinion, howlers the whole point is to get what you paid for and for it to be done to the sugeons best ability. Good luck with everyone on this site. *Real people and facts people lurking around*. I will be doing a follow up to this on YOUTUE as well for my YouTube users. Be well and stay blessed.

2 months post op.

Flanks are completely different and nothing is changing. Flat in the AM and supper swollen by afternoon. Of course belly button is destroyed,

2 opinion consultation .....#correctthismess

I just returned from a consultation with Dr. Leland Dean. Upon entering it was so quiet, clean and professional. I filled out papers and spoke with the nurse who took me in. She asked a few questions and then gave me a gown. Dr.Dean came in and was very welcoming and listened to me. He told me to put on a robe and he will see me in a sec. Upon entering he told me to sit down in this electric chair to check my diastatis to see if it was separated. He had me do 2 crunches as he let the chair back. He stated that it seems as if my stitches are still in tact but he does not know how I was stitched. Meaning, he stitches patients vertically and horizontally to get that snatched look lol. So that went well. He asks me to stand, he immediately said my belly button is " OFF CENTERED". He then stated that I have a lot of skin on the lower abdomen that could have been removed and he also stated that those are " BURN " marks on my stomach from the garment. Because he deals with burns in plastic surgery as well. He explained that I had a standard tummy tuck and standard techniques were used. He stated that j would need a " REVISION" to get what he calls magic. He did states that it's best to wait the bare minimum of 6 months before i even consider a revision. Let alone a revision from the " doctor" that did this to me. Dr. Dean also showed me pictures of women that were way bigger than me that he made smaller than me post tummy tuck. That was a wow factor. Ladies and gents please, I beg you please be carful when picking a doctor.

Reviews I wish k has saw about Dr Eric Sadeh

I found these reviews on Yelp..

Certified mail.. Request for medical records

Let's see if I get a response, I mailed the request and emailed a request.

You tell me if. Tummy tuck with lipo was done..

2.5 months post. Everyone is still asking,, did you get the tummy tuck? Smh. Now ladies and gent, if someone ask you this AFTER a tummy tuck.. Then I'm sorry you need to get a REVISION! I might believe that God with help me get a real tummy tuck from a REAL doctor.

CALLED 212) 375-3138 and Dr. Sadeh wife answers Mikail..

The call picks up with a baby in the back ground...i said ..hello, i have emailed, called and certified mailed a request for my medical records and have yet to get them..guess what she says?? CAN YOU FAX...SMFH TO 646-661-4416 .. see what i mean. what do I have to go through this? And now i see he lowed his TUMMY TUCK FEE TO 5900 vs 5999.00 well guess what nobody wants your tummy tuck! even if it was 000.00----RANT! OVER THIS!

Can't and don't trust anyone especially ...

Not doctors, not the Internet and especially reviews! I'm only posting my rant online because I was able to back up facts and I'm a real person with a real review. This is to help me and help others save themselves from situations like mines.

all this loose skin..

I feel like the skin is not even a part of my body because it's numb and I can feel it lifted off my actual body.. ( if it makes sense)

Pain..."Eric Sadeh" Scheduled for an ultrasound.

Flap above belly button and lots of pain. Thank you again Dr. Eric Sadeh


So the last 2 weeks I have been having lots of pain and stomach being extended. I was told this is the possible cause. I have shown my stomach and someone else that has had this as well. Just another thing to add towards this botched tummy tuck.


Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Nice incision line and nice nurse Diane.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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