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Hello Ladies I wanted to introduce myself Ive been...

Hello Ladies I wanted to introduce myself Ive been researching my butt off on this site for a minute in search of a great PS and I think my PS is pretty dope! I get my surgery this Friday with Dr. Sadeh in Manhattan, NY and I'm really in shock that this is finally happening! I will add all of my before pics later but I wanted to touch base so I can document my TT journey! Im excited! Cant wait to share with you all!

En route to my apt

Eeeeeeekkkkk On my way to the office to get my TT I'm also getting lipo of the flanks and muscle repair I'm feeling weird bc I'm not nervous just ready to get this show started! Some thoughts going inside my head right now are how long will the surgery take, how will I get into the car after this and I'm anticipating how much pain I'm gonna have to go through for beauty! Lol ill post an update ASAP were gonna stay at a hotel tonite since I have alot of stairs at my house so be back soon!

Ok I made it out alive!

Im so dramatic I know! But lets just say right after surgery until the day 2 post op was something serious! I felt like crap do you hear me, like I had a mental breakdown on my poor fiance about why did I do this and I should have never done this and so forth! But today and yesterday I started to feel a bit like myself. Ive been getting around ok, my lower back kills when I do to much, but I only go from the bathroom to my kids room to my room so its a walk but no stairs are involved thank God! Lets see I haven't looked at my stomach yet bc my PS advised me to keep my compression band on and I'm due to go in and get my drain taken out on Sun. I'm really happy about that, I've been doing bird baths and cant wait to get into the shower I refuse to get in the shower with these bandages on and this drain its not sanitary and I'm cool on getting an infection (that's the nurse coming out I guess) hmmmn what else oh I still have stretch marks!!!!! Im salty about that yall but yes I do still have them by my belly button from what I can peek and see inside my CG but they are puffy I dont get that why are they puffy when I had them before they were flat, Ive looked on this site and Ive read they should flatten out I hope so I've been wanting to rock a two piece for way to long to let these tiger marks stop me. I've come to the conclusion to work on being flat and accept my stretch marks a personal goal of mines is to get a 2 pack (yes not a 6 pack lol) so Ill be continuing my journey of clean eating and working on that aspect of my tummy tuck journey! Oh and wait till I can get back into the gym!

This Dang Drain!

Yes this dang drain! I'm ready to get it out I'm feeling so much better, I've been getting around good, I stopped using the pain meds about 3 days ago well the Percocet now I'm using Tylenol as needed and I'm still taking the antibiotics. I also take the Valium at night only just to help me get comfortable and sleep but it really doesn't help because I'm sleeping on my recliner and its freaking sucks but I'm trying to look at the bright side and just count weeks post op down today makes a week, 6 more to go until I can hit the gym! Hope everyone is healing well!


Day 1 post op

Day 4 post op

Day 5 post op

I can't complain look where I started!


1 month post op!

I've been doing lymphatic drainage massages as advised by Dr. Sadeh 3 x's per week and I'm loving the results! My stretch marks are still inflamed and swollen but oh well I can't win them all I'm praying that the top ones above my belly button will flatten. Other than that I'm feeling great and focusing on healing!

1 month post op!

A little over 3 months post op

It's been a min but I'm continuing to heal well! Life has totally got in the way but I'm loving my new slim tummy and dealing with the residual stretch marks! I'm continuing to work out and have a goal to lean out even more just in time for my honeymoon in June :-) happy healing all ;-)

6 months post op!

Hey all so Im 6 months post op! Feeling good and looking great I'm so thankful to Dr. Sadeh he changed my life! I bought all new swimsuits for my honeymoon and all are 2 pieces! I have almost 100 days to my wedding so my goal is to get down to my goal weight and have more definition! Wish me luck! My incision is healing nicely and I'm researching places to get my belly button pierced and I'm still swelling intermittently! Hth and happy healing!

Hello 7 months post!

Got a belly piercing after wanting one for years! I'm happy my abs look great I'm never complacent thinking about breast Aug for my 35th Bday (2 yrs) been talking it over with my PS and he's game I'll be doing an in depth review on Dr. Sadeh seperately! Love him and his lovely wife Mikal and his staff!
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