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First I would like to thank Realself for allowing...

First I would like to thank Realself for allowing us to post and comment on our personal, unique, nerve wracking experiences, than to all those wonderful professional Doctors that are not offer us just part of their time answering to all our questions and concern but offering us precious information for which they went some years to colleges just to educate us and prepare us for the surgeries. Not last I want to thank YOU ..... yes to You men and women that wrote review after review allowing us to invade your comfort zone, exposing yourself in the weakest way and moments in our life. Realself becomes my reality for the last few months. I return here on a daily basis reading, laughing, crying and getting exciting for everyone of you.

About me, not much. I'm 42 5'3" and about 144 pounds. My only son is 21 :)) I was half way in a process of saving for a facelift when by chance I came across with Lesley5005 review about a TT at learning hospital in NY. I was so impress with her result and even more surprised that her procedure vas done fore a fraction of price someone else will expect to pay for. Than I met Amanda 1313, livlov365, isaary, lovethyself, wonj, cani, potery granny, cheweb, chazzypink, just to name some of the girls of which stories just stuck in my heart . There it is no way I will ever have the courage to do a tummy tuck without reading tons of reviews and tons of answers from doctors and get the amount of information that I was able to accumulate during my daily visits on here. I would like to return the favor and share with you all my journey. I 'll have my first appointment next week at NYEE Until than good luck to all having to come their TT and happy healing to all they got it.

Today I wrote down the question that I'm hoping to...

Today I wrote down the question that I'm hoping to get responded on my visits for TT . The doc who will give me the most detailed answers will get my money :)).
So here it goes :
1) what should I avoid to take prior the day of surgery?
2) what will I need on the day of surgery?
3) how long the procedure takes?
4) where will I be taken right after the surgery ?
5) what type of lipo is he preferred ( tumescent or ultrasonic) ?
6) what can I take to lessen the pain?
7) will I be given a muscle relaxer?
8) how to prevent infection?
9) what are the signs of an infection ?
10) what changes or effects should I report or stop taken the medication ?
11) in case of an emergency what email/ph nr should I contact?
12) what should I take to avoid extreme constipation?
13) when to start massaging my belly?
14) should I go for a professional massage or can I give myself one?
15) what is your recommendation regarding scar therapy?
16) how long it will take for me to see the final result?

I hope he won't throw me out his office :)))))

Hi girls, first I have to say that I officially ...

Hi girls, first I have to say that I officially drove my bf crazy. When it is coming to arguing I am an undiscovered talent. So I end up going by my self after hearing over and over that I don't need this. Any way to make it easy for you If you decide to go to NYEE just go straight to elevator up to 9 fl, turn left and here it is room 901 cosmetic surgery. Lovely Juliana will give you the forms to fill them out and if you have exactly $75 you can pay her avoiding a trip downstairs to the cashier. The PS is calling you right the way. I met today a young and charming doc. His name is George Xipoleas. We've spent roughly 40 min between my questions (most left with no answer) , jocks and pics taken for eternity. I really wish I could say "YES" this it is my chosen doc but no :( something was not the way I wanted. I'm I a queen drama? Of I hope not. So , after consulting a list posted on the wall in front of his desk he informed me that my TT will be $4500 including the one night stay in hospital. I don't really know at this point if I can do this.

Eh well, I went to sleep early last night and now...

Eh well, I went to sleep early last night and now I'm up since 2:30 am. But I remembered to add : pics will be taken for free, yes no extra charge for pics. If you need any fillers (restilane, perlane etc) will be $600 , 4 areas of lipo $3800 and ear lobe repair just $307. And one more think The $4500 that I should pay does not include the back or upper stomach lipo . I said ok but I'll look awful with no lipo of flanks , he answer that extra lipo will jeopardize the result of TT by not having enough blood circulating in that area?

Hi guys, I just found some interesting hints &...

Hi guys, I just found some interesting hints & tips to promote faster tummy tuck recovery and wanted to share with you :

You must make sure you don't stretch or strain the abs as this triggers fluid accumulation thereby delaying the tummy tuck recovery.
You will need to remain in a sitting position the first two to four days and even when you lie down or stand up, your knees must remain bent at all times. If you straighten up, you could rip out your stitches.
It is important to get out of bed early and often after your surgery (with assistance) to prevent postoperative problems.
It is important to walk bent over at the hips for 5-7 days after surgery to reduce tension on the suture lines.
To speed up recovery and improve the quality of the scar, you should sleep with your hips in a flexed position and your head elevated on 2 pillows.
A light diet is best for the day of surgery. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups and jell-o. You can start with a soft regular diet the next day. Stay on a bland diet for 2-3 days to reduce gas. Avoid carbonated drinks.
A compression garment is put on at the end of the operation. This must be worn at all times for four weeks. An extra garment will be issued at the first follow-up visit so that one garment may be cleaned while one is being worn. You may only remove the garment to shower until directed otherwise.
Excessive and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 3 to 6weeks after the procedure. Keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute during that time and do not lift more than 10 lbs.
Do not drive for 7-10 days and do not drive while taking narcotic pain medication. Do not take aspirin or products containing aspirin or motrin for 3 weeks after surgery.
In addition, to prevent or relieve abdominal discomfort or indigestion after surgery, you should drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day) and drink plenty of warm liquids (tea or coffee). Similarly, prune juice helps with constipation. If severely constipated, use Milk of Magnesia, or stool softeners.
Direct sun is to be avoided as all incisions will be extremely sensitive during the healing phase. When going out, even on cloudy days, use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater for at least 1 year that has both UVA and UVB protection.
Walk at least 30 minutes a day as walking helps blood circulation in the whole body.

If you might wonder what vitamins are good in the...

If you might wonder what vitamins are good in the process of healing, here it is a list that i found in livestrong.com and wanted to share with you.


Dietary protein provides the structural materials that your body needs for tissue growth and wound repair. A lack of protein may slow your recovery and delay the healing of your surgical incisions. As you're recovering from your tummy tuck, include fish, poultry, eggs and egg whites, lean red meat, beans and low-fat or nonfat dairy products in your diet each day. The recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, for protein is 46g for women and 56g for men. A 3 oz. piece of fish or chicken has about 21g of protein, which would fulfill almost half of your daily requirement.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, which occurs in milk, eggs and cod liver oil, supports your body's natural immunity, which may reduce your risk of a post-surgical infection. This fat-soluble vitamin also contributes to tissue development and skin integrity. Beta-carotene, a plant-based pigment that converts into vitamin A during digestion, occurs in orange, red, yellow or dark green fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, yams, squash, broccoli or kale. Eating a variety of deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables will help you meet the RDA of 2,333 IU, or international units, of vitamin A for women over 19 and 3,000 IU for men over 19.

Vitamin C

As you recover from your tummy tuck, preventing infections in your incisions is essential for creating healthy scars. Found in many fruits and vegetables, vitamin C promotes healthy incision repair and helps your body resist infectious micro-organisms. During the wound-healing process, vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of new tissues. Citrus fruits, potatoes, leafy green vegetables, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C. The RDA of vitamin C is 75mg for women and 90mg for men.

Vitamin K

Abundant in dark green, leafy vegetables, olive and canola oil, vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that contributes to blood clot formation. Bacteria in your digestive tract also produce a certain amount of vitamin K. A lack of vitamin K in your diet may result in easy bruising. The ASPS says that increasing your intake of foods that are rich in vitamin K may reduce bruising around your incisions after cosmetic surgery. The adequate intake of vitamin K is 90mcg for women over 19 and 120mcg for men over 19.


Zinc plays vital roles in protein production, cellular growth and immunity, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements. To ensure proper wound healing and minimize scars, eat foods rich in this essential mineral before and after your tummy tuck. Chicken, fish, pork, lean beef, milk products, dried beans, oatmeal and nuts provide zinc. The RDA of zinc is 8mg for women over 19 and 11mg for men over 19.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA....

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Guys it is just happened to find in tuckthattumy a little info regarding giving a round shape to your BB after TT. It is there anybody on here to share her experience with this method? So it is what allegedly some women are doing but just after and just after your BB it is completely healed.

?Start by going to the toy store and buying a bag of standard-sized, glass children's marbles.
?If you think that standard-sized marbles may be too large at first, also buy a bag of Chinese Checkers marbles. They are usually smaller than standard marbles.
?Prepare the marbles by washing them very well with hot water and an antibacterial soap. The marbles must be very clean.
?You may or may not wish to clean out your navel first. You don't want to cause irritation or cause an abrasion or other type of broken skin issue. The incision around your navel must have healed before you attempt this.
?Start by placing either a small or standard-sized marble within your dry navel.
?Tape the marble into your navel to hold it in place.
?Keep the marble in for about 20 minutes at first and gauge your tolerance that evening. Is your navel sore? Is it painful? Know your body and know what you can handle.
?Do this once or twice a day and increase your time for up to 4 hours a day, each day.
?Always clean your navel thoroughly and gently after each session.
?Be sure not to overstretch your belly button. You don't want an overly large navel. Stretching your navel is easy, but reducing it is quite a different story!

1 Notify the doctor if your drain tubes are...


Notify the doctor if your drain tubes are not working properly. The drain bulb should have suction. When the drain bulb becomes full, empty it. Your nurse will show you exactly how to do this. Expect to have the drain tubes removed about one to two weeks after surgery.


Bathe the day after surgery, if desired. You may remove the abdominal binder and the dressings. Avoid rubbing the incision site and thoroughly rinse all soap from the area.


Change your dressings two to three times daily. When you remove the old dressings, moisten a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide and gently cleanse the area around the incision.


Apply antibiotic ointment to the incision area and apply fresh dressings. Replace your abdominal binder, which will help hold the dressings in place.


Wear the abdominal binder and dressings constantly for three weeks, with the exception of bathing. Wear them for 12 hours daily on the fourth week

Hello my sweet friends :-] I have good news. I...

Hello my sweet friends :-] I have good news. I have a PS . Thanks to my lovely livluv as you already know, I went today to Lennox. I don't want to write too much tonight as I have still mixed feelings. It's hard to explain now. I met Dr Chu, he was listening to my concerns and expectation, quietly,sometimes he'll write down sometimes i could sense a hidden smile in the corner of his mouth, and did not want to talk much at this time . He examined me and he could not feel anything wrong with my muscle, most likely he will do just a mini.. However bcuz I liked the doctor I decided to start by taking pics which were as isaary said 175. He did not wanted to talk too much this time. I'm going back next Wednesday on the 8. Most likely I'm going to have my surgery at Lenox maybe on the 22- or 23 Aug.i really don't know what can i say now, I'm exhausted bcuz was raining and i have had to go to my work place to replace the phone .......uffff. I know you might have questions so please feel free do do so. I



As promised,here I am with final decision. After a...

As promised,here I am with final decision. After a good sleep last night I woke up with the same question in my mind that I went to bed : " will you get this TT done" ? To make my job easier I took a piece of paper divided in two columns. One for the pro, one for the cons. Analyzing the two I was able to say, I'll do it. The most important I had pretty good feelings about Dr Chu. I don't like the hospital way to grab every penny possible from us. Don't get me wrong, I know the surgery somewhere else cost is double but still....
So you go to the 3rd floor, fill up papers, pay the $50 and get to see the doctor. He sounds like a well trained PS. Question? Feel free to ask :-]

Hello everyone :-]. I have had mixed feelings from...

Hello everyone :-]. I have had mixed feelings from my last app but today I know what I was bothered by. The visit was little rushed and confusing. The nurse there kept telling me that I should go home and think more about it. Almost making me to change my mind. She sound like doubting the process, the PS ? I asked her if she think I should choose different doc, then she assures me that he's good, this being his second residency but....... After but.... nothing . They're looking at me like.... are you sure you want to do this?
No I don't want. I just spend 50 bucs on app and show the resident my flanks.
Of course I want this , I took day off from work . The good think I get chance to see my PS one more time next week and I will make sure it is the right choice for my surgery and budget. I like his little fine hands and the fact that he don't rush you. I was the rushed one. Meanwhile I calm down bcuz my manager gave me green light on taking extra days in September which was an extra stress for me . So dr Chu explained to me that my stomach won't be flat flat since he can't lipo my upper abdomen (i heard that b4) and my hipps will have little buldge on top of my scar. I am ok with that. He also felt my muscles and told me there is no separation. I went back home and did the contraction of abbs and he's right there is no gap. Maybe bcuz i only have one pregnancy? He said on the 15 will leave for a wedding and return on 18 . I could have my surgery Monday the 20th but i want him to be concentrate on the job so i think i should go with 21 :-] . Tuesday :-]. That's it. Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I found this video a while ago and today I...

I found this video a while ago and today I remembered about it and wanted to share with you guys. BTW I love her :))


First and most would like to thank you all, my...

First and most would like to thank you all, my sweet friends for the support and encouragement . Just waking up and found your messages made my day. Here I am still at hospital waiting for Victoria to read me al the instructions . So far so good. Less tension than last time here. I am planing to have it this month but it is really up to them now . He will call me to tell me if he found an atende to supervise the surgery . I'm as excited as scared. I don't know exactly if Dr Chu is a fellow or a residend.

THANK YOU to all of you my sweet online friends...

THANK YOU to all of you my sweet online friends for all your support and encouragement. I am really upset and I asked GOD to show me if it is the time for me to do this. I need a miracle. Today I could not even talk anymore on the phone. With every call I made my voice was disappearing and I felt like an invisible hand try to strangle me. I need to cry. I can't. If I can sleep good tonight and try one more time ? One of you sent me an idea . That can be my last chance this year. If not I'll think it was not meant to be. I NEED A MIRACLE. I'll try to manifest. You guys are awesome. I told my friend and she said she she will ask tomorrow at her hospital too, even she's so against it. I didn't tell yet my bf bcuz I don't want to see that smile on his face. He thinks I'm gorgeous and all i need is him. He even hates my make-up. I'm sorry I'm not in a good mood tonight but you all know how much i want to tuck my tummy. Good night and please stay sweet . It sweetened my bad days here.

Good morning everybody. I love to believe that I'm...

Good morning everybody. I love to believe that I'm still getting my tt this month. I did my pre op tests except the cxr witch I'll get it done this Monday. I was told last visit that I'll be contacted by a nurse to arrange the hotel reservation. So far no call. With all the reticence at the hospital I don't even know what is normal and what it is not. I hate this wired feeling of uncertainty. i wish i would have a date so i could know to prepare. Yesterday I asked myself why am I doing the tests for? I feel like this surgery is just a dream or a wish. The hospital staff is giving me the impression that this is not real. Its exactly like in a dream where you try to run but you stay still and you struggle, and you struggle. My friends told me it is not normal for her to answer to absolutely all my questions with " i can't tell you that" unless she really doesn't like and help me. It is fine bcuz we are humans and we do have feelings. I can not get mad bcuz she doesn't like me . She doesn't have too. So if they will call me next week at least I'll have my tests done if not, I'll do it next year.

I should change me name from zizi to sweetdrama

I should change me name from zizi to sweetdrama

If you are getting the surgery here are some...

If you are getting the surgery here are some Helpful Tips and Suggestions For After Your Surgery

Have a Caretaker. Have your significant other, parent or good friend there to take care of you for the first 48 to 72 hours. Although a week is even better.
Communication with your caregiver. Use your cellphone, a whistle on hand, a walkie-talkie or an intercom system so that you may alert your caregiver in case of need.
Be observant. Watch for suspicious swelling and discolorations that could be a hematoma. Know the difference between a hematoma and a bruise.
Take your antibiotics on time. Taking your antibiotics on time decreases your chances of an infection. Also, remember that some antibiotics decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. be careful.
Take your pain medications on time. There is simply no reason to feel discomfort. Studies have proven that lack of pain and stress can significantly decrease healing time.
Make a time chart for when to take your medications. Some are taken 1 every four hours, some are taken four a day. Don't confuse the instructions.
Take your temperature regularly. An elevated temperature could mean an infection.
Be diligent with your icing (as instructed), especially in the first 48 hours. Do not place ice or extremely cold compresses directly on skin for long periods of time.
No lifting anything which weighs over 5 pounds for at least two weeks, heavier objects for even longer.
No bending over. This is important. position your treatment area below your heart increases blood pressure on the wounds and can cause hemorrhaging.
No lifting your arms over your head. This can cause hemorrhaging by stretching the treatment area which is healing and your incisions.
Get plenty of rest. Sleep gives your body more time and energy to direct towards healing.
Proper elevation is imperative. In addition to sleeping elevated on several pillows, placing pillows along side of you as well as one under your knees will keep you from rolling over in your sleep.
Eat regularly. Your body needs energy and proper nutrition to heal itself. If you are feeling nauseated from your medication, try taking them with low sodium crackers or Vanilla Wafers.
Drink plenty of fluids. Your body needs to be properly hydrated to help flush out the residual anesthesia and pain medications. Medications can be binding and lack of hydration only exacerbates the problem.
You may be constipated. Mild stool softeners like Colace are really effective but ask your surgeon. Some patients recommend Daikon (root vegetable) to help with constipation which is brought on by pain medications.
You will be bloated for a while, try not to let it get you down.
Improve circulation: Occasionally and carefully get up and walk around when you are able to, but don't over do it. Movement helps with fluid and blood circulation to hinder clot formation in the legs and also helps with constipation. You can also perform mild exercises in bed or while sitting that improve leg circulation. This is done by pointing your toed towards your knees for several seconds, alternating with pointing your toes away from. Do this several times. Also try making circles with your toes pointed by using the range of motion of your ankles. This causes muscle contractions which in turn increases blood flood.
Smoking. If you quit smoking, please do not start again. Smoking decreases vascularity and can result in wound closure problems and necrosis (death) of skin cells and tissue.
Hygiene. Keep moist towelettes or baby wipes near the bed so that you can freshen up without much effort in the first day or two.
Photo documentation. Taking day by day progress photos is always interesting to look back and helpful to others if you plan on documenting your experience.
Write or type in your journal daily because you will forget later due to the amnesiac properties of the anesthesia.
Stay Away From Aspirin or Alcohol. Make sure you don't take any aspirin containing products or drink alcohol for at least 2 weeks (or however long your surgeon advises) after your surgery.
Communication with your friends Have someone post to or email your online friends after your surgery or they are going to be worry about you.
Support. Have your friends stop by or when you are up to it. Perhaps get out and breathe some fresh air. The change of scenery will do you well. Just don't overdo it.
Keep your emotions in check. Remember that you are healing and not to judge your outcome prematurely.
Be sure to go to your post-operative appointments. These are very important.
Avoid accidental bumps. Be careful around your significant other, children and pets so that your treatment area isn't accidentally bumped. Remind them to be careful.
Alleviate back pain. Sleeping elevated can cause lower back pains. You may wish to try a heating pad, hot water bottles, or a large tube sock filled with raw rice which has been heated in the microwave. No sleeping on any heat sources!
Showering. You may wish to place a plastic lawn chair or medical shower chair in your shower in the event that you get dizzy. After you exit the shower, ascertain there is bathmat and place a towel on the closed toilet seat to sit down to dry yourself.
Menstrual Cycle. If you are expecting your period and it does not arrive, do not automatically think you are pregnant. Medications, trauma and anesthesia can alter your menstrual cycle. However, remember than antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of oral birth control and to use another method of protection just in case.
Depression. It is possible that you may experience mild feelings of depression starting a few days to a few weeks after your surgery.. This can be very normal so keep positive. Your body has been put through a lot and it is a matter of time before everything goes back to normal.
Relax and don't stress.

I just received a phone call from hospital and...

I just received a phone call from hospital and spoke with Dr Cho. He told me that he just wrote me an email to explain that he can only do the surgery on the 25 September. Too late for me. I told him on first August that it is impossible for me to get days off next month. Maybe a week yes but not more than that. So 20 days latter and about $500 I'm really wondering "why" ? Couldn't he tell me from the beginning he doesn't want to operate me? Couldn't he save me from spending money and dreaming of a flat belly? Why? Even if I will agree to be operated on the 25 next month he is leaving by the end of Sept so he won't be there for my follow-up app. I told him I don't like to be checked by other fellow other than him. He said I should trust the next one bcuz he knows him personally and he's good. What? So he want to cut me and let another to deal with me in case of complications. I am sooooooo disappointed.

Good morning to all my sweet friends here. I am...

Good morning to all my sweet friends here. I am writing today just to express my gratitude for your support and kind thoughts that made me feel a lot better . Every each of you are so dear to me and it is a privilege to have you as friends here. Pocahontas you make me cry . I can't believe how sweet you are. We could have tons of fun despite the fact that I had pain. Same here if you ever come to NY, i'l be your best friend and guide here.
I was expecting my surgery date like a child expecting his first bicycle. I might go back to the plan to have this procedure in my country, Romania, where we have really good doctors and the prices are half or less than what I will pay here. Plus I will have chance to revisit some of the places that I miss it already (dracula castel, Peles, Pelisor, curtea de Arges....) And with the rest of the money I can fix my entire mouth with portelain on zirconia .This was my plan this morning while drinking my coffee. If this wish will ever become reality I will post pics and detailed review and I promise it will be fun to read. Thank you again to each of you for kindness and I wish to all that have had or will have TT smooth recovery and beautiful result. I love you all.
Dr Chu

BEST PO ADVICE: Stay positive and relaxed, and let nature run its course. Remember: Your body is a self-healing system. It knows how to repair itself. All you have to do is give it the proper nutrition, relaxation and good circulation.

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