46 Year Old Mom GOING FOR IT!!

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I am 46, within 10lbs of goal weight and done...

I am 46, within 10lbs of goal weight and done having kids. Despite regular exercise, I have this loose extra bulge of skin that I want gone! I have some muscle separation, so I've decided (after my consul with doctor) to have a full TT with flank lipo. I'm going to keep you posted along my journey! Hope my story helps!

46 Year Old Mom Going For It!!!

Well ladies, I'm 24 hours out- can you say nervous?? :) I know I'm nervous as I've been waaay too chatty... thankfully no one has told me to ' zip it' yet. Had pre op pics yesterday. Getting naked for photographer?? Now THAT was scary..I felt like a naughty D list actress haha... anyway would love to hear about your nerves pre surgery. Here are last two before pics... talk to you again on the flat side!!

46 Year Old Mom Going For It!!

36 hours post op- first off, thank you for all of the well wishes..you ladies helped me through this tremendously! Thank God for pain meds!!!! I am pretty sore when they wear off and my back is pretty sore from the flank lipo. But I did take a peek down there and WOW, the bulge is gone!!!! I'll post more pics tomorrow. They are on my other phone and it takes me so long to get up! I'm patiently (trying) waiting for the hardcore pain to subside

46 Year Old Mom Going For It!

Ok it's Monday morning and I'm home with my new best friend the recliner. Healing well though I am surprised that most of my discomfort is in my BACK, not my incision. Any thoughts on how to deal and when that gets better would be very helpful. Here are two updated pics. These were taken 72 hours post op. Please note that the line from my belly button to hip scar is MOSTLY DRIED BLOOD and surgical glue. I will have a scar there, but only about a centimeter or so. And yes, I had a drainless TT. They are definitely an option and my surgeon is a rock star!!!

46 Year Old Mom Going For It!!!

Well I'm at 2 weeks tomorrow! I'm so happy with my results so far. I had a drainless procedure so it was nice not having to deal with that part of the equation. My back hurt a lot in the beginning-- that was worse than the actual hip scar!! That really started to get better around day 10 PO. Other than that it's a bit better each day and swelling hasn't been too big an issue. I still have to wear a compression garment-12 hours on then 12 off. I don't have photos today, but promise will post some later this week. (Too tired now!)

46 Year Old Mom Going For It!!!!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long....I've been busy recovering! I am SO HAPPY I had it done!! My stomach looks so incredibly better, at almost 5 weeks PO. OK-my words of wisdom? Diet, diet diet played a major role in my lack of any post op complications (i.e. seroma, excessive bruising, necrosis, crazy swelling) I went mostly vegan from the week before right up till now. I juice every day as well. I think if you eat a lot of dairy, processed foods etc it can slow down the process. Oh, and I had a drainless procedure which I highly recommend as well. No headache from drains
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At 8 days pre op, I certainly can't completely review my doctor... But based on my consultation I'm encouraged that I'm a good candidate for this AND I will get a great result.....now off to bikini shop :)

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