35 Yrs Old, 4 Kids. Flat at last!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! Manhattan, NY

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Hey my fellow Real Selfers! I'm a 35 yrs old, 5ft...

Hey my fellow Real Selfers! I'm a 35 yrs old, 5ft 10inches, 195 lbs stay at home mom of 4 children, all born via csection. I have classic c section scar that goes through my belly button, and I hate it!! Everyday when I look in the mirror, that scar is all I see.. I also haven't been able to get rid of my mommy tummy, no matter how much I exercise... For the last 5 months, I've been stalking this site for Info and reviews. You ladies are the best! Thx so much for sharing your experiences. So now, I've got a consultation for a tummy tuck scheduled for the 18th of Feb at NYEE. The reason I've chosen NYEE is because their pricing, and also because of the results that I've seen....

this mommy tummy needs to go :((

Quote from Montefiore

Had a Breast Reduction done last month. I went today for my 4 wk post op. My ps did a great job!! My breast look the way they did when I was in high school. I asked her secretary how much a tummy tuck would cost me. It's $2900 for the hospital (Montefiore Medical, Bronx), and between $5000 and $6500 for the surgeon, depending on how much work the surgeon needs to do). Too bad :(. I really love my ps, but I can't afford having it done there :(

breast reduction

Here are some pics from my BR done at Montefiore Medical, Bronx.

Dr Curran

So, I just came from my consult at NYEE with Dr.Curran! Omg, I wanted to give him a big Ole kiss, a hug, and never let go. He was very kind, sweet, yet professional and very knowledgeable.. I am Sold!! He's doing my surgery come hell or high water. As many of our already know, the consult was free and the total cost of a tt is $4500. This also includes a night in the hospital. I don't have a date yet, but I was assured that I would be hearing from him within the next 24 hrs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm super excited... lol.

Recovery Items?

Hey ladies! Did most of you use compression garments? Those of you who have, which one do you recommend? Crotchless? Zippered? What brands are the best? Also, what items are a must have in your opinions? Im trying to purchase my necessities just on case I get a short notice surgical date.

More yucky tummy pics.

Jacobi consult

Forgot to mention... I also had a consult at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx. That experience was horrible! Consulation was $195. Fine, no biggie. But what turned me completely off, is that they can't really tell you who will perform your surgery before hand. Whoever is available on the day of your surgery, will perform it. When I asked the Resident to give me the names of all their ps surgeons, he told me that there were about 10 of them and he couldn't bother giving me that list. Apparently, it was too time consuming, at least that's what I felt. So there wouldn't be any way of me doing my research on the difft surgeons, which is a big no no for me... But that wasn't my only issue. I asked him if he performed muscle repair, because I exercise about 3 x weekly, and would love to finally show some abdominal definition. This fool told me that in my case it wouldn't sense, cause I have too much fat in my upper abdomen and my abb muscles would never show... WTF??? The nerve of this fool. Mind you, this idiot was at least 3 inches shorter then I am, and had approximately 70 lbs on me... The nerve. He also didnt offer any lipo. The total cost would be $4700. They accept all forms of payment, except for personal checks.

I've got a ps date!!!

March 13th it is!!!! Less then 2 weeks away!!! Woo Hoo!!! Although I'm a little disappointed that he won't perform lipo on my tummy, only my flanks. Apparently, the attending he works with isn't comfortable with the lipo procedure.

3 days left!

Only 3 days left and I'm getting restless. I'm starting to wonder if I've made the right decision. I'm scared sh!tless. What am I doing??!! It's weird. I'm second guessing myself, but yet I'm sure that I wanna do this. Ughhhh, God help me :(

Tomorrow!! Yikes!!!

Tomorrow is my big day. Anxiety is kicking my a$$. I feel the mother of all panick attacks coming on.. sigh.

Day of treatment

Day of treatment. 
Got up at 4 am.  Didn't sleep a wink! Smh. 
My weight this am, 196lbs.. sigh.. Even though I had planned to lose weight, I didn't lose an ounce.  As a matter of fact, I had to struggle not to gain weight because I constantly ate out in the past 3 weeks. I feel bloated and super fat :(
My measurements morning of surgery, waist 34 1/2 inches. Hips, 42 inches.  Anyway, emotionally, I'm a wreck.  I don't even want to go in. I don't know what that's all about. I've waited for this for so long.  Took the train and got off at the wrong stop.  Turned back around and didn't know which way to go.  I've been to NYEE a few times already..I ended up having to take a cab.. Did I mention that I was a wreck? 
So, I got here at 6:45. Surgery is at 9.  Waited 1 hour until my paperwork was done on the main floor.  From there I was directed to my room on the 7th floor.  The rooms aren't private and I pray for the person sleeping on the other bed cause I snore like a beast!
Dr Curran came and marked me.  Then the anesthesiologist came in to go over some things with me.  
Walked to the operating room and there was very soothing music playing.   Started my IV and that's it.. lights out! Lol. 
I don't remember being in the recovery room.  Just remember waking up in the room I'd spend the night in.. Dr Curran came in and told me that about 3 lbs was taken off, and that my surgery was very smooth. I'm very tired and have been sleeping most the day away.  Well,  that's it for now.  I'm dozing off as I'm writing this, so, night night everyone! !!

Wtf??!!! Day 1.

I cant believe so many of you have done this procedure!!!!! It hurts like a ! $@%%!! And I consider myself a tough cookie. Dr Curran came in to discharge me and he's opened my binder up a bit. Here are some pics.

Drama is my middle name.

I finally got home around 3. Less than 2 hrs later, I was in the er. While using the bathroom at home, I fainted. All I remember is feeling light headed and nauseous, and waking up with my son and husband standing over me. According to my husband, I was out for close to 7 minutes. Don't know how true that is. This man of mine has a habit of over exaggerating and stretching the truth a bit.. Anyway, I've done a few scans and xrays of my lungs cause my heart rate is elevated. I still feel woozy! I'll keep you guys posted!

Feeling a tad bit better!

Ok ladies,  recovery is not easy at all.  And even though I did my research and was ready for this procedure, I underestimated it, BIG TIME!
I was released from the hospital the following morning. The mds, and I personally think that I passed out because of all the pain I was in... My pain management is a bit under control now because I've increased the amount of pain meds.  Instead of taking 1 perc per 4 hrs, I now take 2 per 6 hrs.  Which is great for me, cause now I finally get some sleep.   My scar seems to be just fine.   As I expected, I do ooze a bit of this pinkish discharge from my drainage site (the part that exits my body), but since I've repositioned my binder and the gauze pads, the drainage has been minimal. Because of my big Ole booty, my binder kept on flipping up from the back and partially from the sides, exposing my exiting drain tubes.  In order for me to avoid this, I've now put on a girdle.  One that's not too tight, but not loose either. 
What I didn't expect is to be this itchy.. omg, I'm itchy all over. I don't want to take benadryl because I'm on so many meds already, and I don't want to od.  I'm taking, percocet, valium (for my muscle spasms), colase,  antibiotics, and antacids( cause strangely enough, I've developed heart burn.   I NEVER have heartburn unless I'm pregnant!! )
I'm very swollen, I can definitely tell and feel it.  My incision and lipo sites barely hurt to be honest.  It's the muscle repair that's kicking my a$$. Pain and burning more toward the middle of my abdomen. . Sigh. I can almost hear my grandma telling me,  "Wie mooi wil zijn moet pijn lijden" which is a Dutch saying for, Those who want to be beautiful,  must suffer pain.  Basically, no gain, no pain. Anyway, I'm posting a few pics.  Same angle, sorry.  I don't have anyone that can help me take pics, so until i can move myself around a little better, this is all you guys are getting :(

Feeling the blues.

I have to be honest with you ladies, I feel a bit bummed. I'm very unhappy right now.. i keep on asking why I did this to myself. The pain is ridiculous. When I take pics, my tummy looks great.. But when I look down at it, it looks weird to me.. like it isn't my tummy.. i don't understand why I'm feeling this way, and I didn't expect that either. I've been told by friends who have seen my new tummy, that my mds, Dr Curran and Dr Vasile both did a great job. When I compare side by side pics, its evident that they did an excellent job. But why do I feel so emotional, and so unhappy :(

Feeling much better!!!

Feeling better today and the pain isn't as intense as it has been for the last few days... i walk around a bit more, but I do get exhausted pretty quickly. I still have my drains in, but there isn't much discharge collecting (less then 20cc ) What has completely taken me by surprise is that since yesterday, I've been walking about 90% straight. Is that normal? It makes me think that maybe I wasn't pulled tight enough... I'll find out on Friday, at my first post op appt. I know I worry too much, but I just can't help it...i opened my binder and showed my hubby today. He actually admitted that it looked good... i couldn't believe it!!! Lol. He was totally against me having surgery and I had to sneak behind his back and have it done. He thought I was having fibroids removed. Horrible of me, I know. But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. He found out the truth when I ended up in the er, and I had to come clean to the mds there....Anyway, till tomorrow yall..


Sorry to gross some of you guys out, but where the heck is my poop? I've done everything, colase, dulcolax, herbal organic teas, suppositories! !! And Nothing!!!!! And it's day 6!!!!!

Drains are out!!!!!

I'm exactly 7 days past my surgery and went for my first post op appt. My drains were taken out! Weird feeling, but not painful at all!!! I was told that the drainage holes will close within the next 72 hrs. I feel a whole lot better without the drains in. I also changed garments... I am now in a design veronique high torso brief with straps. My surgeon recommended it. I'm still walking a bit hunched, but not much at all. Still using pain meds, cause i feel like i still need it. Also had my first bm late last night. You would think that after not having a bm for almost a week, I'd clog the toilet... Nope! It was barely visible. But I'll take it.. it's a start.

Healing Well

Had a rough start but I seem to be healing well.. I asked my BFF to come and get me cause I'm getting antsy just sitting at home... I'm still having some discomfort. My pubic area is very sensitive and not in a good way.. I wonder what the heck they did to it? Lol Anyway, there isn't much to report. So ttyguys later. Xoxo

Had to share!

My 3 yr old told me he had his tummy done too... He actually tucked his sisters bracelet in his pants and insisted I put gauze pads on his tummy.. Kids, I tell you... lol


So 2 days ago, I asked my BFF to come and get me. I was feeling okay and I was tired of being in my house. As I was getting ready, I started coughing. All hell broke lose!!! My first reaction was to grab a pillow and hit the floor. I didn't know what to do with myself. It was sooooo painful! I stayed on the floor in a fetal position for a good 10 minutes. I drank some water, took some God awful tasting Buckleys, and crawled my a$$ in bed...
Anyway, I still cough from time to time, but I have a bottle of water handy and also some cough drops.(There's no way I'm drinking that Buckleys again, it's NASTY!!) I'm completely off pain meds and the swelling has gone down some, but not much. The area that concerns me, is right underneath my breast. It's a bit bulky, and I really don't like that. I'm sure it's early, so I'll just watch and see what happens.

Doing Great!

Hey guys. I've been missing for a few, but only because I really don't have anything to update. I'm healing great. I don't know if it's because I push myself so hard. I Have 4 Kids and I don't have any help. All if my family lives abroad. So it's just me and my hubby.
Anyway, I'm driving, cleaning , cooking, basically everything. I went out Sat night, and I did swell up. Even my toes looked like sausages.. lol. If I've been sitting around, and I finally do get up, I do feel burning on each side of my hips. But that's about it. I'm in bed right now. I'll take pics tomorrow and post. Love yall xoxo


Here are my 17 day post op pics!

Hit update too soon.

I wanted to tell you ladies. I bought a design veronique cg and had it delivered 3 days prior to my tt. I tried it on and said to myself that I should've ordered a medium instead of a large because it wasn't compressing a damn thing. It was kinda loose. After my first post op appt I was instructed to change from my binder to my cg... Do you know that it didn't fit at all!!!!!!! That damn thing wouldn't even zip up!!!!!!! I went to Walmart and bought an inexpensive cg in an xl! But can you imagine... from a medium to an xl! This swelling is no joke!!!! And I've heard that this isn't even the worst of it! I only take my cg off when I'm about to shower. After my shower, I'm back to square 1. Significant increase in swelling, all in a 15 min break. And here I thought I'd be ready for the summer.


So now I've got this hot new body and I'm not allowed to have sex for 6 whole God Forsaken weeks.... That's worse then when youve given birth ... I'm telling you, 1 more week, and it's going down.. I hope I don't pop a stitch. Lol. We'll keep it plain and simple and to the point #focused. Tmi, I know, tmi.

More pics.

Had my daughter take pics.


I've read a ton of reviews where it says that some of you guys lose your appetite, and get full easily.. Not this hungry hungry hippo. My appetite was a 100% back the day after surgery. Why couldn't I be one of the lucky ones. Sigh. I can't wait to hit the gym again. I asked my Md if I can just use the treadmill, and he said no. Not until at least 6 wks post op. Bummer!

4 wks 1 day post op

Guys, I'm healing just fine. My weight is finally going down again. Thank Goodness. Issues: My cg. No matter which one I get, it fits my wait fine, but it's always digging into my groin area, which hurts like hell. I'm often feeling some pain behind my belly button. Don't know what that's about. I'm also in bed with a fever right now, but since I'm 4 wks post op, I don't want to call my md. I think it's too late for an infection. I'm probably just coming down with something... Uhmmmm, what else is there to report. Oh, even though I was advised to wait 6, wks to you know, get down and dirty, I could not wait any longer. Week 3 on the dot, it was a wrap for me lol. And boy was it fun to be treated as a delicate creature instead of being thrown around like I'm Mrs Cavewoman. Slow and Steady wins the race . Lol. Anyway, that's about it!!!! Happy Healing Yall!!!

I'm bringing sexy back!

So, I'm almost 7 wks post op. Last week I was more swollen then I'd ever been, but thank goodness, it's getting better. For now, lol. Ladies, how come I never read about what this surgery does to your self esteem??!!!! OMG, You can't touch me! I'm in love with myself!!!!!! Lol. I walk around like I'm hot shit! !! Lol. My husband keeps on giving me the side eye...lol. OMG, thank God for plastic surgeons. And thank God for my Dr Curran. He is God's gift to the world. That's right, I said. His hands were given God's personal touch. Lol. I had my 6 wk check up last week and he told me that I didn't have to go back to him anymore. I honestly felt a little nudge in my heart. Let me not lie, it was a big Ole poke. I had to swallow hard. I'm gonna miss him. The man is very good at what he does. He's going back to Ireland at the end of June, but if I ever need a face lift (like in another 50 yrs, lol), I would have zero problems traveling wayyyy over there.
Anyway, like I said, I'm healing just great. No spitting stitches or anything. I do have a bulky top (right under my breasts) which I'm not too crazy about, but it's not that bad. I have no physical restrictions. And Ive even started going back to the gym this past Monday. Ive gone from size 14pre op to a size 9 post op. And im still swollen. I couldnt be happier. Some nosy people at my kids their school have actually come up to me and asked if i had my butt done. I guess with a smaller waist everything else looks bigger. Lol. Here r some pics

When will I stop decreasing in size following a tt???

I've already gone from a size 14pre op to a size 9 post op. Went shopping last weekend and bought 2 pair of Columbiana Jeans, costing me $120 each. No returns... When I tried them on in the store, they fit perfect! I'm now putting 1 on to head out and it's at least 1 size too big. Wtf???!!!!!! My question to you tt vets is, when is it safe to start shopping? When will I stop decreasing in size? I have nothing to wear and I'm tired of wearing yoga pants!!!!!! You can't wear yoga pants everywhere!!!!!! I wanna dress up, and go out at night, but nothing fits!!!!!!

9 weeks Pics!

Hey guys. It's been awhile, I know. Healing is going okay. Swelling, as you already know, is a bitch! I was told by Dr Curran that I could ditch my cg, and I honestly couldn't wait. However, since I swell so much, I've started using it again. I've actually bought a new one, a Columbian faja ( with hooks, instead of a zipper) and for me, it works better then the design veronique.
I only massaged myself for about 2 weeks, and payed the price. I became very tight, could barely move, the swelling became worse and my lipo sites burned like hell. It got so bad that I had to start sleeping on my back again. So ladies, no matter how well your recovery is going, don't forget to massage!!!
I'm living life without any limitations at this point. I'm back in the gym and I'm back being tossed, punched and kicked around in my jujitsu class. Here are some pics. Hope you guys are all healing well. Those who have any doubts about a tt, just go for it. It's worth every penny and worth all the pain and suffering. Lol.


After gym today. Sitting in my car. I can't help but love my new self! Cant say it enough. Thank God for plastic surgeons!

3 month pics!

Not much to update. I'm doing well. After 3 months, I still swell. I do hate that part. Anyway, Here are some pics.

Doing just Great!!!!

Took the pic of the right yesterday. The ones on the left are pre op. What a difference!!!! Look at my boobs!!!!!! Lol. I'm about 5 months post op and now I'm starting to itch!!! This late??? Wtf?

"Slam Dunk"

I couldn't have chosen a better surgeon. I can't say it enough, thank you Dr Curran!
Ireland Plastic Surgeon

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