30 Years Old 2 Kids 11 & 6 Years Old - Manhattan, NY

This has been a long journey . It started last...

This has been a long journey . It started last year oct 2016. I was researching doctors when i came across this one doctor that name kept comin up. Dr. Morrison. So i did my little research and followed some of his work. His reviews were amazing. His tt look great. Then i talked to a friend and the tt convo came up. As well as dr.morrisons name again with out me mentioning it . So i basically been stalking this doctor for the last year. I finally got a consultaion with him. Hes exactly what i expected. Hes so confident ! So i put a stamp on my date 5 months ago, cuz that was the closest date avalible. Yes im getting my tt done on october 27th cant wait. Most amazing feeling ever.
Dr. Morrison

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