30 Years Old 2 Kids 11 & 6 Years Old - Manhattan, NY

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This has been a long journey . It started last...

This has been a long journey . It started last year oct 2016. I was researching doctors when i came across this one doctor that name kept comin up. Dr. Morrison. So i did my little research and followed some of his work. His reviews were amazing. His tt look great. Then i talked to a friend and the tt convo came up. As well as dr.morrisons name again with out me mentioning it . So i basically been stalking this doctor for the last year. I finally got a consultaion with him. Hes exactly what i expected. Hes so confident ! So i put a stamp on my date 5 months ago, cuz that was the closest date avalible. Yes im getting my tt done on october 27th cant wait. Most amazing feeling ever.

excited !

Offically 7 more days away cant wait. I dont think i processed this yet. Way over due ,just so ready to see my new body.


Omg .... im so ready to be able to look dwn and see my (YOU KNOW WHAT)!

less than 24 hrs

I feel like im not going to sleep im so anxious. Only thing im worried about is when do u grt ur meds . I feel like they should of gave me my pain meds before my surgery, so that when i go home i will have them . Not sure about how that works. Well hope all goes great tommorow , see yall on the flat side. If god permets!


Hey girls i went in for surgery at 8:30am . After all the waitng i was the second one to go in. At around 12:50pm ,i went in i beleive i came out at around 5pm. It wasnt that bad after i woke up. I was in pain but they gave me somemore pain meds through my Ive. After so i got to my room at 7:00 ish and i feel ok was super groggie for the first 3 hours after i got to my room. But it wears off slowly. As for walking i have yet to walk. I havent use the bathroom not even to pee. Im so scared to walk. And by the way water u can forget about having a drink till at least 2-3 hours after ur surgery so that helps to not even have to use the restroom for a while. And when i did drink it i vomited. For the most part everthing went well. Ill update u girls when i find the courage to go to the restroom.


So i finally went to the restoom to do number 1 of course. Omg i coudnt even sit dwm. I had to stand up hunched over. Any sugesstions on when its that time,how to get closer to toilet.

day 2

So today i walked about 2miles it really wasnt that bad. I feel way better then yesterday. As long as i dont miss a dose on my meds . Im also taking arnica which helps with the pain from brusies. I have to go in on monday to see doctor. Hopefully everthing looks good. Will post pic as soon as i can take off my faja. I was told not to even open it till i see morrison on monday. Ill keep u ladies posted. Tyl


Hey girls, so it been one week since my surgery. Im still carrying around these drains. I feel fine tho walking around with some discomfort,but not unbarable. Cookin ,cleaning taking care of kids. As normal cant really bend down or stand up straight yet. Im slightly standing straight if i stand for to long i have to laen aganist something for a min or so. Hope by this time next week ill be drainless and walking straight again. Will post pics soon as i can take off my faji.

picture update

5 months

So it's been 5 months everything is still going good. Still a bit swollen under belly button as well numb. When in to see morrision for a follow up. Have small dog ears which is normal from doctor trying to keep cut as short as possible. He said he would fix it . He gave me a date for may so it could be a little over 6 months. Its free of charge. So everthing still looks great.
Dr. Morrison

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