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Have lost a lot of weight and my stomach seems to...

Have lost a lot of weight and my stomach seems to be one of the tough spots that won't go away...my friend did Smartlipo on her back, sides stomach, everywhere and loved the results so I decided to do some research...I've been told that Dr. Levine's results are one and only, no one does the procedure like him...so I will be doing upper, lower, sides of stomach...this guy is supposed to be the best of the best for Smartlipo so I know I'm in good hands...I just hope my stomach is washboard after this

tomorrow's the day!

I better have washboard abs after this! I'm too poor for this!

And that's that!

The whole procedure was surreal. It felt like an hour, but it took 3 hours. Incredible. I urinated right away which to me is a great sign. When we were done my mom was there waiting and we couldn't catch a cab so we took the crosstown bus then grabbed a cab. I changed and knocked out. Woke up at 7ish, urinated twice, and the faja was soaked. My sis, who's a physician assistant, spoke to the technician of the clinic and she helped me change the pads, I was dripping anesthetic. I guess now this is what I should be expecting. In the meantime here's some Photos of me and the anesthetic seeping through the second wrap and the Tummy fat. The first one was soaked! Don't know how I had the clear mindedness to capture the Tummy fat!

the day after

woke up good! had coffee and a cheese melt. had an exhilarating shower. the amount of leaking have no word...totally syked about the way my body is going to look. check out these day after pics.

5 lbs down

I lost 5 lbs (I'm assuming this was the enemy) I have been in and out of consciousness (tired, taking lots of naps) but this is normal. Going back to work tomorrow. Very swollen, I'm currently looking into postsurgical lymphatic massages because something's got to give and I don't want to stay lumped up. The massages are $50 a pop, but I found a place that has a package of 10 for $400. My sister just did full body lipo (old fashioned kind) so I'm following her lead to have this process be as smooth as it has already been. My post-op is Thursday morning. Will keep everyone posted!

Weak and doing own massages

Hi everyone,

I've had to take two sick days from work due to much needed rest. I tried to go into work but just couldn't. I even took the compression suit off for the day. My post-op appointment is tomorrow. I've bought arnica cream and YouTubed lymphatic massages, so I just do it on myself. I hate that I've taken sick days but I had no choice, I have to listen to the body. Since my appointment is tomorrow, if he feels I need more days, then he can write a note and I'll send it to my managers. So not all is lost! For your viewing pleasure I'm attaching a photo from a couple of days ago.

Doc Update

Doc called and told me everyone's different. That I simply need to rest and that he'd write a note, so I can rest and return to work on Monday.

Stitches Off, 2 Inches Gone

My stomach was lauded at the clinic. Everyone said that it looks amazing (it better get better!) I'm wondering if I should just go into work tomorrow and save a sick day. Here are some 7 day post-op pics. Thanks everyone for the support

I'm not happy 5 months later

I exercise, I eat right ( i don't even eat meat) and this is what i get?
Dr. Allan A. Levin

He's very helpful so far. I am able to contact him whenever.

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