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Im 27 years old. Ive exercised my whole life but...

Im 27 years old. Ive exercised my whole life but was never really able to get rif of my love handles. Ive been thinking about getting smart lipo for a time now. I finally made the decision to get it done yesterday.

3/7/14 I got to the office around 7:15 am. They took my before pictures. After that they had me changed into a disposable underwear,
Socks and a bathrope. I waited for 20 minutes when the RN came in and gave me 1 vicodin pill, 1 cephalexine and 2 10 mg valiums. Buy this time
I was very high. I walked in the OR. They had me lay down in the table on my right side first. Dr Theodorou said I would feel a little pinch where the local anesthesia would go. I barely felt anything, after that he told me he made an incision and started to infuse the saline with lidocaine. This was the "worst" part of the whole procedure. It bothered more than it caused pain. Once that was done, he followed to vaccum the dissolved losen fat. He first used a thicker caliber and went on to use a thinner one for finishing touches. The vaccum wasnt discomfortable at all, it felt like a deep tissue massage. After my right side was done he continued on to my left and did the same.
He removed about 300/200 cc of fat from each side and a little bit of my lower back

3/7 night and 3/8: i was given vicodin, cephalexine and valium prescriptions. Pain was ok until about 6 pm friday night where I started to feel like i was beaten up. It was like deep muscle pain, almost if I had worked out so hard that I could barely move. I decided to take one pill and the pain was gone. I slept till 4 am that I woke up in pain again and took another pain killer.

Leakage was really bad until early this morning where it seemed to have stoped. It is a good idea to but pads so that u don't stain all of your sheets.

I wear my compression garmer all the time and try to make it as tight as possible. As well as drinking a lot of water

Monday 03.10

It's been 3 days since my surgery. Night time has been ok. Not too much pain except for the first night. I still take pain killers to sleep. I've been wearing my compression garment 24/7 though at times I need to take it off and breathe a little as I start to get some discomfort. I stopped taking pain killers during the day because they made me a little bit dizzy and nauseous.

In respect to how i look, I don't see much of a difference between the before and after but then again it has only been 3 days and I expect to be swollen. Other than that I am doing great, I have a minor constant pain, very similar to a deep muscle pain as if I worked out for 5 hours straight and can't move my abs. I need a little bit of help standing up and laying down.

I'll post some update pictures in the next few days.

Also, my dr removed around 500 cc in total from both of my flanks and lower back are

Will keep you posted

Total cc removed

1 week today

So it's been one week since my procedure. All is good, still quite a lot of swelling as expected. I'm uploading pictures today

Will keep you posted

So far I don't see a difference

2 wks

I went to the doctor yesterday. He removed the stitches and said that Im still pretty swollen. I need to wear the garment for 1 more week. He explained that I still have about 60% of swelling to lose
Let's hope it does go away pretty quickly.
Im doing very well, Im going to the gym almost everyday with almost no pain. I can't run, because it hurts, but I can do almost everything else except, lay down on my back and crunch. I'll upload pictures soon
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