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I had a nose job done may 23, 2013. I told my...

I had a nose job done may 23, 2013. I told my surgeon I didn't want to alter the shape of my Nose just make my bridge slim and the tip of my Nose smaller, and remove the bump on my bridge. He did the total opposite. I now resemble a pig, my tip is so round and raised, and my bridge is so wide, my Nose looks slanted, and my left nostril looks larger and lower then my right I really would like some advice on if this is my final nose or swelling. I'm now two weeks post op, and I hate my Nose. I'm very depressed. I can't eat, I can't sleep, and my social life has taken a turn for the worse. I refuse to go outside because I don't want people to laugh at me. Please can someone give me feed back I'm so depressed and am in need of some great advice. I'm already searching for a surgeon for a revisions. Please help :,-(

3 weeks and 1 day post-op

Ok so its been three weeks and one day, since I had my surgery. I have notice some change in my nose, such as the size of my bridge swelled down. And the uneven nostrils is started to even out and the tip of my nose is slowly starting to drop. But I still have major concerns regarding the size of my nose. I wanted a smaller nose, my doc told me to wait before I judge the size because I'm still in the process of swelling. I'm also concerned about the left side of my face, it seems to be much larger then the right. And when I touch it its hard and dosnt have much feeling in it, could that be swelling even though I can feel the bone? Also it seems as though my right side cave in more as though to much was done one one side then the other could this also be due to my right side has healed faster then my left side?

my nose 3 weeks and 2 days

please repond back

As you can see one side lookes higher then the other and one side looks smaller then the other and one nostril looks like its turned up and the other one is facing down... Please do you think its from swelling? Or something went wrong?

my video update

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my miserable update

so this is my latest update and things have gone from bad to horrible.. I'm torn between if this is my final result or am I going through swelling still. my tip of my nose hasn't dropped back to my old nose like I was told it would do, and I very much so look like ms.piggy from lower angles. my nose isn't even at all one nostril turns up and the other points downwards :,-( and the worst part is one side of my nose caves in.. I don't think this is swelling because on my left side I can feel the bone and on the right side I can push my nose in very far :,-(... and to male matters worst my family hates it they told me I took a diamond and replaced it with a rock :,-( my support team rely in my boyfriend hand and he try to make me feel better but its difficult to even look himI the face afraid that he don't think I'm pretty anymore :,-( help please with some advice!!!


coming along

ok so this is my 3 month update, and I must say that my nose has changed a lot. I'm noticing month by month my nose starts to take on a different look.. in a good way. I'm just a little concerned about my left side bridge bone... it has seemed that it started to push back out to its original size... my doc told me to push on it and hopefully it'll push back in... which dosnt seem logical to me because the bone has already healed. I'm also concerned about my tip of my nose. I know that the tip takes the longest to heal but I'm getting worrisome on the ideological of this is my final look...


Hey everyone sorry its been awhile since I had an update, but my life seemed to pick up after my surgery... I officially hit one year may 23 since I had my rhinoplasty. I must say and this is directed to the women/men who are either deciding to have a rhinoplasty or in the stages after surgery, this is emotional roller coaster. Its by far easy to deal with. I went through so many stages of regret, worry, and depression afyer my surgery, only to kick my self in the butt for all the unnecessary tears. Im in love with my new nose although I seem to have gained weight on my face the results are beautiful. My surgeon didnt give me the tiny nose I wanted but he gave me what would fit my nationality and face... kisses and hugs to him. Although I love my new nose I do have some worries, which are one side seem to have pushed is way back out to the shape of my old nose. My physician explained that this is common affect in the African community when having a rhinoplasty, and my second concern is my cheeks. I know from picture you have seen that I have had the dimple piercing unfortunately they swelled and became infected so I removed them about 3 months ago and my cheeks remain puffy, I really cant determin if its from the surgery of my piercings. I will discuss this with my physician... im absolutely in love but my own decision and greed I think I want to go back and possibly get a smaller nose... ill wait until mid summer to see how my face slims down!! Word of advice during the process stay away from the mirror and hating non supportive ppl, and in the end youll be ok!! O yea and I smoke cigarettes so that slows the healing process greatly!! Leave any comment and ill respond back.... honest opinion ppl!!



happy & healthy

Hey everyone it's been so long since I made an update but I've been a little busy. Well I have to say that I love my nose now and I am really happy. I do recommend to anyone if your not happy with a feature on your body do you research find a good dr. And go for it I had my procedure done at the eye and ear infirmary in Manhatten... I'll post my doc name later I don't want to misspell it. He was amazing and really work well m with me gave me what he knew would fit my face. In October I went and got my nose pierced and at first I was so scared something would go wrong fall off I don't know but I'm 100% normal and everything went well! ????
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