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I went to the Doctor because I'm 34 and wanted to...

I went to the Doctor because I'm 34 and wanted to start "maintaining" what I have to avoid any drastic procedure in the future.
I was thinking to do Juvederm in my frown line between the eyes. Also I asked her what I could do for my little chin.
Because I'm trying to conceive I didn't want to do Botox because it's a toxin.
The Doctor told me my frown line was ok and didn't need anything. But she said you need to get some filler on your cheekbones so it will look like you have less puffy eyes and it will create a nice volume. She said also that it would help my body to make collagen. In addition she told me it was good for the chin because it would create the "piece" of chin I was missing.
I read and signed the agreeement which was pretty scary - but I thought it's like the side effect of some pills, it can be pretty scary.
At that time, I had not read any review about Radiesse nor read anything about it.
I said yes on a impulse without researching nor thinking about it. My big big mistake and I wish that the Doctor had told me "you should think about it", "do you research".
I had never realized through the appointment that this filler was that long lasting and could make some long long lasting bad side effect nor that people could get some severe bruising for days.
I did 3 seringes of Radiesse on my cheeckbones and chin on wednedsay of August 15th 2012 and went home perfectly fine. No bruises and no swelling. I am actually really happy with the result.
Then I checked on internet to see reviews on how long it would last and came accross tons of horrific reviews especially the ones with delayed allergies (months after).
Then my nightmare started. Needless to say that now I live in the fear. It totally cured me for the rest of my life to try again fillers or whatever to keep young. I can not describe the constant stress I'm going through.
It has been only 3 days so the product is not even dissolving yet (I don't feel anything hard though, it's like I had nothing - my sister said it looks great especially on the chin).
However I wake up at night really scared, thinking all day long about it on what could happen to me in months if I happen to be ones of the unlucky ones.
I'm now thinking I shouldn't try to conceive anymore in case I have an allergy that would need to be cured with steroids or whatever. I'm totally freaked out and can't stop thinking about all the bad reviews. Only for that fear I wish I had never done this.
I wrote an email to the Doctor, she tried to reassured but it doesn't really help me. Now I can only cross my finger and pray and wait.
The advise I can give you: make sure you read everything about Radiesse (or anything else) before you do it. Making a decision when you know what can happen is much better than finding out after. I guess i was not the good candidate to do this, I think it's way too risky.
I'm supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out but I'm afraid that with the anesthesie there could be a bad reaction. What do you think?
Is anyone feeling the same as me after a procedure? How do you deal with it?
Thank you for your help.

After almost a month after the injection, I can...

After almost a month after the injection, I can say I'm happy about the result but still concern about the evolution.

The result is very natural, nobody could see I had something done. The fact that the filler was injected on the very top of my check bone make my eyes less puffy. For that, I can say the Doctor had really spotted the right place.

For the chin, I'm happy about the result as well but I have to say it's a little bit hurtful and 3 small lumps appeared on the right side.
However thanks god, it can not be seen because it's deep enough under the skin. I'm wondering if it's going to disappear and hope it's not going become visible.

Because of the side effects I would not do it anymore because I consider it's too risky. That's why after all I say it's not worth it. I consider myself lucky with the small lumps but I'm also crossing fingers hoping it will not get worth. The pain is sustainable and on and off. However, the result, on the surface is really good.

I read more articles about fillers, it seems like hyaluronic acid has less side effects but the downside is that it last less long. For me the fact that it's less risky, is above all a better option even if it's last longer.

I spoke with a friend who works for a competitor of Radiesse (so she know everything about the fillers) and she told me that the bad side effects are very rare and occurs mostly on people who have gotten injected fillers many times.

My conclusion also after reading many reviews is that if the filler is injected near a bone or too deep in the skin lumps may appear, which is actually my case on the chin.

Hope this review will be helpful.
Lynn Wojton

It's too early to give a proper review. I can't know if the Doctor hit the right spot as the product is not dissolving yet. I gave average because I wish the Doctor had told me to do some research and to think this over.

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